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Updated: May 16, 2021

More, and true Democracy please. Also - what? The Gov. spent 1/2 billion dollars on security for the inauguration? really? That's NUTS. Why couldn't they just send a few reservists battalions from D.C. for security? We/they still have the highest levels of intelligence and the Secret Service etc.? Right? What? 1/2 a billion.....c'mon man!

Find ways forward without social security.

Would be nice to give states more autonomy and freedom from Federal Government. And yes, I know, taxes are a big deal. Why in my opinion, we need to clean up government in the first place and restore true democracy and more true competition in some parts. True progress and innovation but also have the good foundation and basic levels of support. I still don't believe in Universal Health Care but maybe it is the easiest way forward for affordable health care. I doubt I would ever get elected in national level politics because I feel the rich would be so against me, but I don't know. I understand people wanting to keep their money and that having low or lower taxes is good for American business probably but how fair is the overall system, especially on small businesses? Where is the empathy, the kindness towards each other here in this fragmented, divided, stressed out, drugged out (no offense to anyone or my country), etc. Country?

I want to leave kind of and just move somewhere else. I feel left behind and everything stacked against me. No hope. No motivation. No light at the end of the tunnel. I don't care about money much. I have pretty much everything I need except society lacks ways for me and my ideal, that I believe would be good living. Like the ability to work but not be overworked, and do to meaningful work. To be respected a bit and given some confidence that I can do the right thing's on my or our off times. To travel without emitting tons of fossil fuel and to go backpacking or whatever and not fear someone is going to kill you or something. Etc. Society sucks here! It feels like that anyway, but at the same time, we are the richest and "best" etc. etc. country in the world? Okay.

But anyway, it's still not bad. I just think we can do better. I know is arrogant of me and possibly disrespectful - but is our current ways and recent past - disrespectful to the WWII veterans, to the great presidents we use to have, etc. etc.?? I don't think they would think the state of the country is all that good and the direction is as good as it could be. Its a rough time now though for sure with Covid-19 and the economic inequality, the society, etc. Is not all bad though, we still have some of the top companies in the world, the top entertainment industry and music, arts, colleges, etc. etc. It's just very rough at the bottom and unmotivating, especially in the current environment.

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