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From the mainstream news (MSM) perspective-

Things don't add up. Things don't make sense.

From the broken campaign promises of Presidents and Governments of the West around the world in cases such as when it comes to action to curb greenhouse gas emissions...To inside of China (why wouldn't normal Chinese people be sickened and mad if the Uyghur people were actually treated that badly?) and in the war in Ukraine (Why aren't there all kinds of civilian deaths and mass destruction if what the picture the media paints is true:?)...

...Where are we headed? And how are we supposed to get there - when..._______.

Warning some adult language and heavy content:

Shock and awe...



Sad Mad.

Still remaining...

Hopeful for the future.



We should be building up our country with infrastructure to power a decentralized grid and implementing a carbon tax if we're serious about the climate.

We should give people power to vote on issues at multiple levels and for that to have a real effect and for freedom of speech and democracy. It could very well work...

Made me think of these verses in the Holy Quran...and trying to look up the root (in Arabic) of the word "ape" in my "Quran focused English learning Arabic" language dictionary...

It also says, (somewhere) only the most wretched will go to the hellfire... Allah (God - SWT) knows all and is the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Surah 33 Al-Ahzab - The Enemy Alliance - revealed during "the Battle of the Trench" in 3 A.H./627 C.E.

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