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We Live In a Very Secular Society

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Good vid politically:

Here are some good videos even if they have some cursing and secular kind of images - the message and content are what matters most.

I do get tired of the....."do this and be like this, and eat this and that" - is like, we're not robots and the planet is hurting and people are as well and us people in first world countries have it so good but yet...actually a lot of it, is unhealthy ("it's a trap!") and we live unhealthy lives and are vain and are constantly unhappy and wanting this and that, so easy to fall into traps, etc. that are bad for people/us, etc. It's all just so vain and competitive and lonely feeling...but that's negative and doesn't lead to good outcomes for self - at least for me. "Just do good and your best" is good advice. Not to worry about the future and feeling like...if I do do good and did this and that, and got a job somewhere, it is kind of vain, competitive and lonely -> away from family and friends and everyone you ever knew, for money, but that's how things are I guess...Doing good at least gives a person choice and more liberty, opportunities...

Again sorry for some of the imagery...and the computer robot voice I feel like is actually very fitting. So much of these kinds of videos and things now (FB after covid for example and all this advertising etc. and positive and uplifting type messaging - but, hey...).

I really like this video, explains I feel, the message of the Quran a bit on gender equality.


Bunch of super interesting reading:

Love learning about Islamic Economics (and economics) and thinking about how best to build economics and government within capitalism and at this point in history. Been doing a decent amount of it but haven't been posting about it.

A ton of "Islamic Studies" and have learned so much about history, society/sociology (entirely different view and way of looking at the world and things/subjects), psychology, "metaphysics", etc. It's truly been a huge change and is my support system and "everything" but anyway...

Us Westerners, who don't know and haven't studied, truly are "brainwashed" about Islam and is getting better I suppose in that area in the U.S. but anyway...remember, "Don't judge lest you be judged". Love > hate or anger. One humanity. Respect, dignity and kindness! One earth! One love. Am still learning and like it's hard to pass and break through barriers....


Petition to end wars for oil:

Nice (free (can audit)) course on the circular economy: I'm just going through it real fast and adding to my knowledge (repetition is good and key) and copying/pasting into a word document. I do this on other EdX courses - learning some python programming. Got a bunch of books on humble bundle read (?) bundle. Bought a python course on - seems really good so far.


AOC seems like she's becoming quite a bit different: Ocasio-Cortez defends attendance of Met Gala amid GOP uproar ( - I like her and Bernie still but just wish the overall politics in our country could grow up so to speak and stick to what they campaign for. Incremental change is better than none and things are complicated. I do believe one can vote yes on things while still pushing for more...but to actually push and use your power and voice and not copout or backdown when push comes to shove is better in my opinion (I'm not anybody though).

Need to watch:

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