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Weekly Update

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Watch this in light of the "Gamestonk!" news that has been going on recently:

I very much agree with Krystal here in that corruption and ethics in government (public servants), goes both (and all) ways. Even if Yanet Yelen is a good person and does a good job and is still impartial after having received this money, what about when a different person comes in? The whole point of the word...ETHICS. Corruption. Is not hard concepts to understand. TRUST. Does this not give Fox News etc., more ammo to be used now and in later times and election cycles? Of course it does. It makes people mad. Even a gift of 5,000 dollars is a lot of money to us poor folk. My deployment rest and relaxation trip I took to Peurto Rico, staying 15 nights (16 days) cost me about ~$2500 not including the flight (paid for). Drinking every day (I no longer drink or do any intoxicating drugs as it against my religion) and doing and seeing things every day (went snorkeling, museums, a concert festival, casino a bit, the beach and stayed at like 7 different hotels, etc.). Crazy.

A related earlier video from The Hill, about a week earlier. Relatable but mostly about free speech etc.

I lost all my money in stocks the past couple of years while Trump was in office and maybe I'm just mad about that but I lost my so-called "faith" in the stock market. I believe it is bullcrap. I believe there should be no options trading, and after investing there should be a grace period of 10 days before selling a stock. I believe it de-values real labor. Devalues innovation and capitalism itself as smart people can just go play the stock market and make big money instead of doing real actual work. Its fine and I know it's just my views and opinion. I'm glad some have made great money on this "Gamestonk" event. Kind of funny how much money was lost by these hedge funders. I pretty much have no money left.

This week, I've been struggling a bit more with depression and not doing well for myself. I feel like I may have lost opportunity possibly and feel lost. What direction to go with my life? There's a lot of affiliate internet marketing stuff, like offers and people wanting me to do learn these programs and all this. I feel trapped a bit because of my own ethics knowing that I believe in real work and it's not fair to the millions of people struggling in America and in the World who do real work and don't have an opportunity or the knowledge or access to knowledge like others do. A lot of it is just companies trying to sell you their product and their system though of course. I definitely don't know all, only The Most High knows all and what's in our hearts and what's good. We definitely have enough in this world to provide basic needs for all Americans and eventually, all people on the Earth I believe, but there are limits! and a balance to keep and respects to be paid (to nature and the balance of our home planet).

Respect for ourselves, honor, is something I learned a bit this week I suppose. Feeling that within ourselves is very important. Would I feel good doing the work of marketing some stuff for some online thing/business? Maybe. It's not all bad. I just promoted and have been promoting The Hill's videos on Youtube. It's free for anybody to watch but The Hill has to make the videos and should get paid a fair amount for viewership and ads from people watching on Youtube. Nothing wrong if I got a tiny portion of that BUT, would I feel great about promoting and doing that a bunch? Making a ton of money and hardly working. No, I don't think so. I could be doing so many other things, real work. Some T.V. watching and videos are fine, some consumption is fine, etc. but not too much. It's an easy life we have in 1st world countries mostly, kind of too easy but at the same time has it's own challenges or negatives if you will. Very much dog eat dog kind of societal mentality and racing for money when there is much more to life than just that. We have much, material possessions are just material. It would be nice if everyone of us could have a more balanced life with more forgiveness from employer's and more time off. The "4th Industrial Revolution" is coming and that is also why I feel like my tax bracket would be much better for everyone than just raising the min. wage. Small business and more rural areas need help the most. People need at least some employment I believe anyway though - I think, especially us men, are wired a bit to work and provide, gives us more happiness and feelings of self-worth (I saw that in an online article somewhere as well, I believe it to be true). Am glad Biden is acting on Climate. I need to post a couple of Youtube videos I made. Am just learning some video editing (not going to advertise the software but it's pretty sweet) and need to continue doing that. Worked sub-teaching all this week for Math, was fine and good. I like teaching and math. Need to continue to work on my math skills and learning programming and data science. Get a better job where I can hopefully do good work for the environment. I hate applying for jobs and I feel I have so much to work on and improve and also feel I'm supposed to be here, where I am today. Just have to keep at things and doing good.

Will post the videos possibly today; I know I'm not the best talker and don't have the best voice and pronunciation and talk pretty quietly but yeah...Getting better at editing, learning it....

I made a FB political page and started to add to that and get it started as well last week. I'm going to add pictures to that since it seems easier. I have a lot of great phone screenshots that are a great reflection of society some being bad, a lot of them good, and just a lot of good and cool information including nice poems, and cool quotes as well.

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