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What (a) Democracy and The Times We Live In

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

Longer in-depth Islamic video and lots of Islamic videos to start:


DW Documentary: - Who is Salman Rushie -

----------Islamic videos and some of my opinion on the topic of Salman Rushdie

I don't really agree much with Dr. Shabbir but is just my opinion, he makes some good points.

Now this - -> is Great. Wish Christians or anybody really, would/should listen to this - :

Timestamps: (to be contd...)00:00 - Introduction00:15 - Background of Dr. Osman Latif00:54 - Dr. Craig's Criticism of Islam01:34 - Background of the Book03:07 - Difference between Christianity & Islam05:19 - Responding to the Christian claims06:14 - Different Beliefs in Christianity09:10 - Various forms of Salvation in Christianity12:47 - Concept of Sin & Salvation in Islam16:05 - The Adamic Conundrum20:13 - God's Love in Christianity vs Islam25:22 - Response to the Christian claim of Trinity in the Qur'an28:08 - Conversation b/w Allah ﷻ & Jesus pbuh30:13 - Mary's status: Catholics vs Protestants32:20 - Mary in the Qur'an33:27 - Islamic Salvation not comprising the Holiness of God36:32 - Previous nations not following God's Scriptures38:48 - God not being unconditionally loving in Christianity40:06 - Issues with God being unconditionally loving 40:41 - Faith, Deeds & God's Mercy in Islam43:52 - God despising Sinners44:17 - God's nature in Islam vs Christianity45:08 - Conditions for God's Love in Christianity45:55 - Missionaries misrepresenting Islam & Judaism

The controversial Sheikh Imran Hosein:


Warning - cursing in the next three videos (a LOT in the Jimmy Dore video right below):

Haven't watched but even the titles are telling enough:

The Duran is excellent (and they don't curse, or atleast not much at all):

Q & A: 'The Enemy Within' strategy The Duran • 91K views Q & A: 'The Enemy Within' strategy Follow Robert Barnes at: *****LOCALS COMMUNITY***** 1 MONTH FREE TRIAL: https://theduran.locals....

This Is Shameful Russell Brand 453K views After Joe Biden decried Republican loyalty to Donald Trump as “semi-fascism” I talk to Max Blumenthal from The Grayzone about the shifting policies of the Democrat and Republican parties,...

Cursing but very good (watch it) :

Sad...Help the Rohingya people! but of course we don't, we too busy spending all of our money on weapons and war that disrupt the world (for our benefit that is) instead of actually helping people who need it with our vast resources and military spending!

The U.N. is full of crap as well ->


Allah Akbar:



Anti-religious secular liberalist ideology/beliefs - trying to spread over the whole world...

DAJJAL & HIS SYSTEM - Shaykh Hasan Ali Animated Islamic Video Two opinions exist about the emergence of Dajjal among the scholars of our time. Some of them say, Dajjal is alive and waiting...

Peace be upon all my fellow brothers and sisters in Islam (Shia and Sunni!) - Much Love. Assalam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.


End of The Saudi Regime? What Did the Prophet (saw) Say? Part 2 Shiekh Omar Baloch • 10K views Please watch: "khilafah: Blessing of Unity of the ummah & the Dangers of a Divided Ummah ,Who Should Lead ? Part 1" --~-- Saudi Arabia’s King...


Is not as the video title seems so much, as there are multiple Nation-States and Presidents in action - a good little short video.

Pics I like etc. (interesting, etc.)

[S12 E31] The Deepening Fragility of US Power In this week’s show, Prof. Wolff presents updates on successful unionization at Trader Joe’s, lottery tickets as disguised regressive taxation,...

Haven't watched all:

acTVism Munich 4.8K views

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