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What in the World...

What in the world is going on with the world and us (people) in these times?

- looking at my Twitter feed today and more - response to Elon Musk's tweet, covid 19 - is just the internet is just the internet...people are amazing people are so smart (I mean, the brains of people, all the different personalities, strengths, weaknesses, etc. - were all in this together, I think it is a bit of a dehumanizing liberal world order kind of thing going's quite nasty how we are treating each other, and all this kind of stuff in this "postmodern" or "post-neoliberal" world - at least online.

It's sad.

"Battle your self" - Fight against your ego (nafs), your tyranny, your narcissism, your lack of understanding (from the other's point of view) and empathy, your weakness (to fit in and be liked and to go along with - weakness and not wanting to be judged or "throwed rocks at from others"), your bad manners and etiquette, your bad character...


Start with the videos that in reality are at the end of my watch history timeline:

They CAN'T hide this anymore, it's all starting to unravel | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 263K views "Germany is now showing a spike in excess deaths. What is behind this? Doctors are calling for an investigation but will we get one? Separately, a new study from the Cleveland Clinic shows...


Books at the library I want to check out and then some news headlines from the George Galloway show - "War of the Worlds" - (good book as well).


the prophet Salallahu Alaihi Wassalam said verily there

0:02 will come upon people a time when

0:04 truthful people would be deemed liars

0:06 and

0:08 they would also deem Liars to be

0:10 truthful that a trustworthy person would

0:14 be deemed treacherous and a treacherous

0:16 person would be deemed trustworthy and

0:19 the prophet Salallahu Alaihi Wassalam said that a man

0:21 would swear an oath even if he had not

0:25 been asked to swear an oath and then he

0:28 said that the most felicitous people or

0:30 the people of the most joy in the world

0:34 would be

0:36 which is an Arabic idiom for the lowest

0:39 of the low and he said they would

0:41 neither believe in Allah nor his prophet

0:43 and so this is an indication of a

0:46 certain time that would come but there's

0:48 another Hadith which is related a very

0:52 similar thing where the Prophet

0:54 Salallahu Alaihi Wassalam said that beneath

0:58 in one narration

1:01 that before the actual hour comes you

1:04 would have years of deception


the prophet

16:54 saws said seeking knowledge is incumbent

16:56 upon every Muslim man and woman so we're

16:59 people of literacy

17:01 we are people of literacy so I just want

17:05 to really warn everybody because there's

17:07 a great statement of Imam al-ghazali

17:10 mentions

17:12 who was one of the great Scholars of

17:15 Central Asia he was from Samarkand and


he said all of the world's tribulations

17:20 come from three things all of them he

17:23 said the first is

17:25 I would translate as a newscaster

17:28 somebody who's transmitting news and

17:31 then the second he said is

17:34 which is a consumer a news consumer

17:37 somebody who's consuming news and the

17:39 third one he said is

17:41 a news hound and he said said none of

17:44 them are free of blame so all of the

17:47 world's tribulations come from these

17:49 three things and so I want to just close

17:53 this with something that from a great

17:56 philosopher who over 200 years ago saw

18:00 what was happening with the media

18:01 because news Believe It or Not we've

18:03 always had news but newspapers and what

18:05 we call Modern media are actually

18:07 relatively new things and so this

18:10 philosopher said that it says Daily

18:12 Press but I'm going to slightly change

18:14 some of the wording to make it relevant

18:16 for us today because it was said over

18:17 200 years ago he said that media is the

18:20 evil principle of the modern world and

18:23 time will only serve to disclose this

18:25 fact with greater and greater Clarity

18:28 the capacity of the media for

18:31 degeneration is sophistically without

18:34 limit since it can always seek lower and

18:36 lower in its choice of consumers at last

18:40 it will stir up all the drags of

18:42 humanity which which no state or

18:44 government can control

18:46 and then he said suppose someone

18:48 invented an instrument a convenient

18:51 little talking tube I'm not making this

18:54 up over 200 years ago suppose someone

18:57 invented an instrument a convenient

18:59 little talking tube which say could be

19:01 heard over the whole world I wonder if

19:04 the police would not forbid it fearing

19:06 that the whole country would become

19:08 mentally deranged if it were used on the

19:11 whole the evil in the media consists in

19:13 it's being calculated to make if

19:15 possible the passing moment a thousand

19:18 or ten thousand times more inflated and

19:21 important than it really is

19:24 but all moral elevation consists first

19:27 and foremost in being weaned from the

19:29 momentary I mean think about this what

19:32 does Allah say

19:33 [Music]

19:35 what are they asking about

19:39 the vast news

19:41 the day of judgment that's the real news

19:44 that we are going to be taken to account

19:47 for our lives for everything we do and

19:50 that's the real news and once you

19:53 realize that news once that text message

19:55 comes to you

19:57 if you really take it seriously you'll

19:59 start preparing and really think about

20:01 it so if you actually look at the name

20:04 of our prophet salallahu he is what is a

20:08 Nabi there's two ways of saying that

20:11 with Hamza or with the ya with the Hamza

20:14 it's from news so the prophets are the

20:18 news Bringers they bring the news and

20:22 the news is either Glad Tidings if you

20:26 believe or it's a warning if you don't

20:30 believe that's the real news that's the

20:32 news that we should be tuned into it's

20:35 not CNN it's not MSNBC it's not Fox News

20:39 it's divine news because that's the real

20:43 news

20:44 and then he says and I'm going to

20:45 substitute because he was Christian I'm

20:47 going to substitute Islam for

20:48 Christianity here if Christianity is

20:50 really to be proclaimed I would say if

20:52 Islam is really to be proclaimed it will

20:55 become apparent that the media which

20:58 will if possible make it impossible

21:00 there has never been a power so

21:02 diametrically opposed to Islam as the

21:05 media day in and day out the media does

21:09 nothing but delude the masses with the

21:11 Supreme Axiom of this lie that numbers

21:14 are decisive Islam on the other hand is

21:18 based on the thought that the truth lies

21:21 in the single individual because you're

21:23 all going to be raised up as individuals

21:25 each one of us is to be called by our

21:27 name and our mother's name

21:29 every single one of us we are not judged

21:31 collectively we're judged as individuals

21:34 and this whole collectivization that's

21:36 happened in the modern era where

21:37 everybody talks about groups as if

21:40 there's some real group out there called

21:43 this people or that people where where

21:46 are they there's only individuals that's

21:48 all there is and that's in the end how

21:51 we're going to be raised up as

21:52 individuals

21:54 on that note I will say may Allah

21:58 forgive me if I've said anything wrong

22:00 bless all of you inshallah may we take

22:04 these things to heart and may Allah

22:07 inshallah Elevate us and free us of the

22:11 the worst Tendencies of ourselves

22:13 inshallah Barak Allah

------------------ I understand I am a news hound (a truth seeker...a person interested in and learning about...a lot of things (economics, this war in Ukraine and these geopolotical times, etc...)


Beautiful ~3 minute video:

The Concept of Beauty And Seduction In Islam | Muslema Purmul Noble Lessons 126K views

When we mention beauty in Islam, many may have heard the saying of our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. that mentions, “God is beautiful, and He loves beauty.” (Sahih Muslim) Verily, every...

0:01 and you should feel beautiful in your

0:03 hijab but you should not feel sexy

0:07 and that's a different concept

0:09 that's a different concept altogether

0:11 and that's ugly and that's seductive and

0:14 that's harmful seduction as a concept is

0:16 something where the person who is

0:18 seeking to do it is seeking to control

0:19 someone else's Behavior

0:21 it's not Goodwill Good Will comes from a

0:23 desire to give and let people be good

0:25 and to be in a good State and it's

0:28 consideration it's what it's wanting

0:30 them to be safe it's wanting them to be

0:31 protected that's good will seduction is

0:34 I want this person to be affected by me

0:37 in a way where I can control you know

0:40 that interaction as an example I like to

0:43 use sometimes with young people is in

0:44 the movie Lord of the Rings

0:46 what does

0:48 the elf queen was it lady galadria what

0:52 does the elf queen say when they put the

0:54 ring of power when Frodo puts the ring

0:56 of power in her hand

0:58 what did she say

0:59 essentially the ring represents the

1:01 voice of shaitaan right there what is

1:03 what is what is her sisters what is our

1:05 enemy telling us

1:07 what is our enemy tempting us with

1:08 tempting us with

1:11 I want all men to look at me and despair

1:16 that is the voice of shaytan

1:19 it's seduction and it's it comes from

1:21 needing to have power over other people

1:23 and it is not even like a more I mean a

1:26 a more benign intention would be that a

1:29 sister just wants to get married and

1:30 have a spouse that's a benign intention

1:32 but this is I don't even care about you

1:34 but I want you to be desperate for me

1:37 that is evil that is that is that is

1:39 quintessentially evil

1:41 um and that's you know a society that's

1:43 again the Western Society really

1:46 promotes the culture of Seduction

1:49 and it promotes the seducers you know

1:52 that so and so can be this you know

1:54 they're so powerful because they can do

1:56 this this female actress or that male

1:58 actor and we are the opposite we have a

2:01 completely different Paradigm and the

2:02 prophet Muhammad he said that every

2:04 religion has a distinct characteristic

2:06 and the distinct characteristic of Islam

2:08 is Haya

2:10 so again Hayek coming from Goodwill from

2:13 actually not wanting to harm creation

2:15 from wanting that creation to be at

2:17 peace with it with its brother and its

2:19 sister and that doesn't mean that if a

2:21 person again because everything has to

2:23 be this is like a very you know thick

2:25 topic if if someone is not intending to

2:28 be seductive and someone else is

2:29 attracted to them that's not your fault

2:31 and in Islam being beautiful is not a

2:33 wrong intention so uh

2:36 that Allah is beautiful and he loves

2:39 beauty beauty is a very important

2:40 spiritual Concept in Islam and a man or

2:43 a woman can in can and should feel like

2:45 before they leave the house they should

2:46 look presentable they should have a

2:48 beautiful appearance there's nothing

2:49 that is wrong with this concept but they

2:52 should never intend seduction because

2:54 seduction is harm


Just a bunch of videos (very good ones or I think they are mostly) now...

--Did I post this yet?: CIA and NATO are waging sabotage attacks inside Russia Multipolarista 15K views

The CIA is using the intelligence agencies of a European NATO ally to launch sabotage attacks inside Russian territory, according to a report by journalist Jack Murphy. Sources and more informatio...


Banksters: The Untouchable Bank (Global Finance Scandal Documentary) | Real Stories Real Stories 323K views

From the director of ‘Goldman Sachs: The Bank that Rules the World’ comes a major new investigation into corruption at one of the world’s top financial institutions – HSBC. If HSBC...

--Great one, especially like much of it near the end: Vladimir Pozner: How the United States Created Vladimir Putin YaleUniversity • 9M views

On September 27, 2018, Yale's Program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, and the Poynter Fellowship for Journalism hosted Vladimir Pozner, the acclaimed Russian-American journalist...

--Hmm, is interesting, I'm not going to assume ill-intent or anything on Lex Friedman's part, I just think it is quite interesting how so many big names are actually Jewish people(s) here in America: A MASSIVE % of LEX FRIDMAN'S Guests Have This in Common | Media Representation Series Leather Apron Club 47K views

Support the Channel: Examine the data yourself:


--Andrew Tate got arrested...I didn't like his conduct towards Greta, I think that was wrong and little (arrogant, yes, mean, a bit) and I'm not 100% sure about his innocence, but it is not surprising in the least that he is now arrested and I hope the best for him (the real success is with God), I'm leaning towards it was a set-up but maybe before converting to Islam and him being very new to the religion, it is very more probably to mess up and sin at the start, especially if one is still ignorant or not very knowledgeable or hasn't accepted something in their own mind and coming to understanding...(why something is deemed haram/IS haram)...:

Pretty good video covering it all, um, I don't waste too much of my time on this, you shouldn't either, it really doesn't concern us much, it's just celebrity kind of news but it is real, I mean, this man is locked up now, but yes, it is somewhat more entertainment - we are not going to be able to change the situation - spend your time well - : DJ Akademiks Reacts to Andrew Tate & Tristan Tate getting Arrested in Bucharest on Thursday!

King Akademiks 140K views


Why Corporate America Hates Unions Second Thought 220K views

If you'd like to help make a difference this year, consider donating to one of the high-impact charities verified by GiveWell! Visit and select "YouTube" and enter "Second...

You're wasting decades. Do these instead (for bodyweight mastery).

Lee Weiland - Pacific Rim Athletics • 31K views


--Like a commentator (on YT) noted, I don't think Europe is waging a war on refugees but tell that to some of these people...this guy seems like a really nice guy, is a tragedy that so much suffering is abound still etc...this is another failing of the United Nations - this is inhumane treatment of people.

-- People are struggling in some countries right now, - it is the economic system - the Federal Reserve and policies and the U.S. deception (empire, imperialism - hiding this empire and how things really work and hiding history) and wanting to promote and hang on to Western neo-liberal capitalism that enslaves and extracts from the poor (countries that is, but also, yes, labor and people here in the U.S. as well - keeps them poor, keeps them reliant, keeps them in debt -) (obviously is turning to nationalism now - setting the stage for the world to be subject to "great power conflict", instead of a socialism that is national developmental and good for world trade and development ("helping thy neighbor" ("love thy neighbor") - our fellow brothers and sisters):

-- On "socialism" : Am not saying it is more or less "moral", one can believe what they want, that's freedom, - extends to freedom of speech is freedom of thought and freedom of religion. One can be very morally strong and good and be very libertarian or other as well I would say - it is complicated, not everyone is too educated on these issues, especially with our educational upbringings in the West (don't know about all the other countries in the world and their education about the issue either - I don't know nor does anyone know everything). But yes, most normal people I think, especially if in America or the West actually aren't super left or right according to a standard political spectrum test and in reality...I think most people, have decent and moral understanding of right and wrong though and alot are or become unengaged with the whole political "clownshoe" as some might call it and just like living their lives, working etc. and not being taxed to death...that is fine and alright as well;

-Um, the MORAL argument against redistribution NOT the economic or civilizational or societal one - is really the only one that seems to make any sense and hold any weight from my perspective, from what I know and understand personally anyway, (that is, against the throngs of increasing socialism (socialist policies and practices; - such as (even) common, taken-for-granted, public sanitation systems and public education, social security systems, etc.) within the nation-state domestic policies. Why? might one ask? - Because of the sanctity of the individual and to not have so much or much state interference - but I believe, yes, I believe in capitalism to an extent within socialism, with the state acting on the behalf of and for the protection of unto/for the individual - to protect them from the capitalists and those who would and do seek to use the individual for their own gain (keeping people locked into a reality where there are very few options for them except to accept whatever is given to them via society and work), against a system that is injust where the poor remain poor and the rich remain rich (is that capitalism? or do we have true capitalism? or do we have socialism for the rich and bailouts to corporations and banks etc. ruling over all - creating perpetual cycles and whatnot (wars, etc.) and now ruling over the media etc. as well...- As Steve Keen points out in his book, we don't even have economic sciences anymore, we have economic dogma -basically - )

Good book and audiobook started listening to on Scribd:

- And no, I am not claiming this to be like Sharia Law (what I put forth politically economically)

- Sharia I believe is actually quite, maybe more like anarchist communism or maybe is more like just very free capitalism (all with very low taxes, but is very different kind of capitalsm mixed with some socialism (especially centered around natural resources - one can argue, natural resources are the key drivers, the resources used in production that when combined with work produce the value-added component of a good for sell and trade in the market...actually Steve Keen in his book I'm reading, notes that this component is left out by Adam Smith and the better "real" definition existed before Adam Smith's work and he just slightly modified it - I do believe in figuring in all components of nature and pollution into economics - as that IS REALITY - we don't have an unlimited supply of anything really on the earth (though atmospheric nitrogen really isn't much of a problem (:smiley face:) )- but I don't understand and know how to protect the individual from capitalist exploitation and enterprise without the government nor and especially how to protect against monopolies without government intervention - other than the possibility of late-stage socialism with so much decentralization and an upright media base, upright government, peaceful conditions set up on the world stage, etc...Also my understanding is that it is in the Quran, the highest level of law within Islamic law, to not be an oppressor.

- So is a balance for the individual political man (or woman), (especially if) residing in a country where the majority or not Muslims - but we have democracy in our country and one should still stand up for one's beliefs, impart those beliefs and understanding at times, put forth those beliefs and be truthful to them (not deceive people, not follow deceptive practices other politicians might follow just to get elected, of course) and not following up on one's word and promises - this is basic morality anyone can understand (that it is very wrong - maybe it should be illegal? public fraud?) and publically see (- the whole world can see it - anything if spread widely enough nowdays with the internet can become global) - and it doesn't make sense to me, as just a new Muslim, why the Muslim Ummah as a whole has all these problems etc. (fitnas - some are obviously not their fault - especially for the normal working and poor people of the and throughout the world - but I know; And it was Prophesized by our Prophet S.A.W. and Allah S.W.T. knows best - ) - but we have the best examples in the world, the best book, and all these laws that keep us on the straight path and not wasting our time and our lives with things that don't matter (and even sayings for us not to be so scared and fear death and prosecution (many examples of and by early Ullama, may Allah be pleased with them) so much), etc.

Europe's war on refugees | The Chris Hedges Report The Real News Network 31K views

In their book, 'Map of Hope and Sorrow,' co-authors Helen Benedict and Eyad Awwadawnan trace the stories of five refugees trapped in Greece's brutal refugee camps. Helen Benedict is a novelist...


Speaking of which, now is a good time to insert what I wrote on Sunday, Jan. 1st, 2023 and earlier:

12/30: After "A Massive % of Lex Friedman's guest have this in common" -

- Is not all about money that people and normal working people care about - is about respect and to a lesser extent, honor. Good Q to ask people - Aren't you tired of being disrespected - that is disregarded in the society?

- That is a lot of the problem that people are so disillusioned w/the system - the politics in this country - they don't realize the right-wing uses this disillusionment to their advantage - continually (is key) - while doing nothing to fundamentally or significantly change anything (to any significant or impactful degree - same with the Democratic Party (as well though) - is all "politics" (in a reductionist (?) nationally isolate/focuse(ed) sense of the word).

- Political ideologues - "words are used as weapons" that distract from the details - (within) the issues - the commonalities actually between people (populism...) - views regarding issues and creating bigger divides in the minds of people, but not actually exisiting (such big divides) in reality.

Watching now actually, good time to insert:

Ralph welcome to how to fix democracy

0:40 the graph does American democracy really

0:44 need to be fixed

0:45 oh it's deteriorating by the year not

0:49 that it ever was

0:50 you know shall we say acceptable but the

0:54 concentration of power in a few hands

0:56 and in many ways they deal with the mass

0:59 of the people it has been overwhelming

1:02 in the last 30 years so what's happened

1:06 in those 30 years you you sort of you

1:10 exploded in American life in the mid

1:12 1960s with your weather you're still

1:15 important book unsafe at any speed since

1:18 1965 which is more than 50 years how was

1:21 American democracy quote-unquote

1:23 degenerated because of plutocrats and

1:26 their oligarchs in Washington have

1:29 learned how to block the gates to

1:31 democratic achievement for example

1:34 they've taken over Congress more than

1:36 ever

1:36 and we could never have achieved what we

1:39 did in the sixty and 70s if we had the

1:42 Congress that occurs now which is

1:44 indentured to Wall Street to big money

1:46 to gerrymandering predictable elections

1:51 for the most case safe districts lack of

1:54 competition didn't you have plutocrats

1:56 in the 1960s you had very wealthy

1:59 Americans the kind of people who may

2:01 have owned the car companies or the

2:03 banks back then there weren't as

2:05 organized they didn't have political

2:07 action committees when I took on GM they

2:09 didn't even have a lobbying office in

2:11 Washington DC now they're much more

2:15 organized (True - it started I have learned anyway, in the 70's, late 60s in response to the environmental movement - sometimes called the anti-environmental movement and anti-science movement - has connections even with people paid by tobbacco companies against science saying smoking was bad (some of these actors even then went on to work for fossil fuel companies in anti-climate change propaganda))

and it teaches us a lesson

2:16 when we beat them they come back even

2:19 stronger if we don't become more

2:21 organized democracy is all about civic

2:24 organization it's not just public

2:26 opinion that's important as a brooding

2:29 omnipresence signaling to the lawmakers