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Where is my country?

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Got around to watching:

From the comments:

Rashad Ibn 1 month ago (edited) This was an interesting session that definitely highlighted some salient points about the CIA. I enjoy Chris Hedges and have almost read all of his books. However I think it would be unwise to take everything at face value about the CIA kind of stumbling into mismanagement, assassinations, and lack of oversight since 9/11. The predecessor to the CIA, the OSS founded in 1942, under Roosevelt was the same criminal, entity. It allowed drugs to be sold into poor African American neighborhoods to fund the secret war against communism in Europe. There is no evidence to suggest this has ended. This is about institutionalizing plunder, murder, exploitation, and sin in secrecy, and will not end just because you close the door of the CIA. I hope that Chris could one day interview someone like Doug Valentine, I think personally his CIA knowledge is more holistic and comprehensive. The Real News Network 1 month ago Thanks for the feedback, Rashad! Rashad Ibn 1 month ago @The Real News Network Thanks for having the interview, love your work! Bisquick 1 month ago

EXACTLY this Rashad. Reminded of Michael Parenti, an excerpt from his piece Mystery: How Wealth Creates Poverty which I think can be easily extrapolated in its direct and plain language to illuminate your more than apt contention (highly recommend anyone interested in this angle to check out the full piece which fleshes all this out far more, merely trying to condense the point I think Rashad is getting at):

In their perpetual confusion, some liberal critics conclude that foreign aid and IMF and World Bank structural adjustments “do not work”; the end result is less self-sufficiency and more poverty for the recipient nations, they point out. Why then do the rich member states continue to fund the IMF and World Bank? Are their leaders just less intelligent than the critics who keep pointing out to them that their policies are having the opposite effect?

No, it is the critics who are stupid not the western leaders and investors who own so much of the world and enjoy such immense wealth and success. They pursue their aid and foreign loan programs because such programs do work. The question is, work for whom? Cui bono? The purpose behind their investments, loans, and aid programs is not to uplift the masses in other countries. That is certainly not the business they are in. T

he purpose is to serve the interests of global capital accumulation, to take over the lands and local economies of Third World peoples, monopolize their markets, depress their wages, indenture their labor with enormous debts, privatize their public service sector, and prevent these nations from emerging as trade competitors by not allowing them a normal development.In these respects, investments, foreign loans, and structural adjustments work very well indeed.The real mystery is: why do some people find such an analysis to be so improbable, a “conspiratorial” imagining? Why are they skeptical that U.S. rulers knowingly and deliberately pursue such ruthless policies (suppress wages, rollback environmental protections, eliminate the public sector, cut human services) in the Third World?

These rulers are pursuing much the same policies right here in our own country!Isn’t it time that liberal critics stop thinking that the people who own so much of the world---and want to own it all---are “incompetent” or “misguided” or “failing to see the unintended consequences of their policies”? You are not being very smart when you think your enemies are not as smart as you. They know where their interests lie, and so should we.

Conversely, William Casey, demonic arcon CIA Director under Reagan, also comes to mind, in his hubris unambiguously describing the intended efficacy of Operation Mockingbird,

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

Surely he's giving two big thumbs up in hell, which at this point is probably hard to distinguish from the world he helped create for us...ubiquitously inundated via a technologically mediated digital spectacle that effectively keeps us systemically paralyzed in an individually insulated social miasma of reaction, tragedy, and farce... But uh...pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will...or something lol...

Actually, if anyone's interested, I'm recalling Parenti's lecture on Conspiracy and Class Power gets at the CIA angle far more directly and I think is also a great breakdown of the social gaslighting and correspondingly cultivated ideological lacunas/compartmentalization that constantly erode our confidence/imagination to act/organize effectively toward any sort of collective escape velocity by reinforcing a broader historical understanding and continuity which necessarily breaks down and overrides any artificially imposed mental barriers through a concrete existential "dasein" communion with the larger scope of history and by extension each other, ie anchoring of our unique experience situated within this particular time/space to a broader class consciousness - in the same sort of guiding world spirit principle of universal justice Chris so eloquently speaks to, but rooted from a more marxist perspective of dialectical/historical materialism, if that made any sense lol...:

youtu (dot) be/t21UZxRYYA4 "The ultimate hidden truth of the world is that it is something we make and could just as easily make differently." - the late great David Graeber - Socialism or [continued] barbarism.

the411onyourfuture 3 weeks ago

Dulles did get Kennedy because he fired him after the Bay of Pigs. I'm a Navy radioman vet that was stationed at Naval Communications Station Binh Thuy. The CIA was running poppy flying in Cessna bird dogs down to the air base in Can Tho and going up river in PBR's with South Vietnamese military to Chau Doc.

One time a NSA boss asked me in the radio shack does the CIA and DIA share info. I told him that's your job. He just wanted to see if I was going to talk. My response pissed him off he goes I beg your pardon then I said you heard me don't play that white boy sh*t with me and you're excused. He left hot because he thought this black man was going to punk out.

After serving 4 years in the Navy in Intelligence with a secret clearance I worked another 14.5 years in the Department of Defense in “supply chain management.” I directly supplied every U.S. military base in the world and our navy ships by FEDEX overnight shipping. I worked a mandatory 2 hours overtime every day.

Our foreign policy is indirectly operated by Wall Street. Or what is called as “The Military Industrial Complex.” What’s even worse the World bankers use our FED and the IRS and the U.S. Treasury as a “Kitty” to control World Policy.

In other words, the U.S. dollar is blood money. Furthermore, the Global elite use the CIA and Israel’s Mossad and Britain’s MI6 as secret operatives to ensure World dominance.

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) created by the late David Rockefeller is directing the reigns on any President. The CFR always has representatives in the State Department unchosen by the President. This dude was a goody two shoe.

---------------------------- Woah 0000-------------

This is interesting:

Seems like almost like some bot-like A.I.-assisted video coming from Macron or Macron's camp. First Post - is nearly there "first post" and has all the tags or keywords and a big catchy title. Is it true, who knows...?

Things appear to be moving though in Europe.

Greetings my dear truth seekers. Poland accuses Germany of selfishness because Berlin wants to

0:25 help its industry to buy gas in the face of the biggest energy crisis since the Second World War.

0:31 Warsaw is very unhappy with Germany's attempts to save its industry, as this

0:35 will not allow the European Union to raise enough money for Poland to buy expensive gas.

0:40 In principle, the discontent of the Poles can be understood.

0:44 Germany makes it clear that all that matters to it is to save only its industry, and Berlin

0:49 will try to save its factories this winter only by taking gas from neighboring countries. Simply put,

0:55 the EU has a serious problem now. This winter, in the European Union everyone will be for himself.

1:03 The other day, Berlin announced its plan to allocate an exorbitant amount of 200

1:07 billion euros to support German industry, which is being hit hard by high gas prices,

1:11 and to abandon the gas tax, which was supposed to be introduced on October 1. Against the background

1:18 of the energy crisis, factories in Germany are reducing production volumes or closing.

1:23 And attempts to support German enterprises in such difficult days on the part of the German

1:28 authorities seem natural and logical. However, Poland does not think so. Polish Prime Minister

1:35 Mateusz Morawiecki accused Germany of selfishness. The Prime Minister of Poland said that “The energy

1:42 policy of the European Union should not be implemented under the dictation of Germany.

1:47 According to him, Germany constantly tells everyone in Europe how to behave and what to do.

1:53 Mateusz Morawiecki claims that today Berlin, using the powerful force of its economy, its capital,

1:58 wants to allocate huge funds, specifically 200 billion euros, to help only German industry.

2:04 The Prime Minister of Poland also added that the Polish government is doing everything to

2:09 help Polish households with the prices of gas and electricity and that Warsaw will make every effort

2:14 to fight for the preservation of Polish industry. The Polish prime minister is confident that

2:20 Germany's actions to support its gas importers are destructive for the entire European Union.

2:25 Warsaw has officially declared that Poland will never allow Polish industry to be in a worse

2:30 position than the industry of Germany, Austria, or other countries of the European Union. In part,

2:36 Poland's dissatisfaction can be understood because over the past twenty years, the European Union,

2:42 with the very active support of Germany, France, and other countries of Western Europe,

2:46 has been reducing direct and indirect subsidies to both state-owned enterprises and the private

2:51 sector in countries of Eastern Europe. That is why many industries in countries of Eastern

2:56 Europe could not function normally. However, on the other hand, it is Poland that is the largest

3:02 recipient of grants and European assistance in terms of infrastructure and equalization funds.

3:07 And it is Germany, as the main donor, that helps the Polish economy through these funds.

3:13 As for Germany, you need to understand that the gas crisis actually hit it harder than

3:17 France or Austria. The current crisis hits the EU countries in different ways.

3:23 For example, France and Austria are in a better position than other countries in Western or

3:28 Central Europe because these countries have a more diversified generation structure.

3:33 France is dominated by nuclear energy, while Austria has a relatively high share of hydropower.

3:39 Therefore, the crisis will affect these countries less than, for example, Germany, which is quite

3:45 seriously dependent on gas imports. Therefore, I fully understand Germany's desire to help its

3:51 industry, since it is the German industry that is the locomotive of the entire European Union.

3:56 On the other hand, assistance for the German industry in the form of 200 billion euros can

4:01 significantly worsen the situation of enterprises in neighboring countries, including Poland,

4:06 since thanks to subsidies, German enterprises will be able to pay more for energy resources,

4:10 respectively, they will be able to physically receive more gas.

4:14 This means that some other factories from neighboring European countries will be

4:18 left without energy and will not be able to work normally. In Poland, they are well aware of this,

4:24 and therefore Warsaw entered into an open battle against Germany for energy resources.

4:30 Poland is now making every effort to ensure that Germany does not draw part of the energy

4:34 resources from its neighbors to itself. Warsaw plans to deprive Germany of Norwegian gas.

4:41 Germany and Poland have already entered the battle for uncontracted volumes of Norwegian gas.

4:47 It is worth noting another important fact. Poland communicates so sharply and rudely only with

4:53 Germany. France, for example, does not cause such a nervous reaction from the Polish authorities.

5:00 Although Paris is also actively helping only its real sector of the economy by limiting

5:05 electricity prices. In the past few months, Poland has stepped up its conflict with Germany.

5:11 Warsaw suddenly started demanding war reparations from Germany and started accusing Berlin of

5:16 misappropriating energy resources. It is obvious that Europe found itself in such a difficult

5:22 situation for the first time since the Second World War. And everything that is happening

5:27 indicates that the much-lauded ''European Unity'' has ceased to exist and that European countries

5:32 have begun to think only about their own skin by taking resources from their neighbors.

LOL - up is down down is up; the world is upside down -

all right Alexandra let's talk about the

0:01 situation with regards to oil and OPEC

0:04 plus and a two million Barrel a day

0:07 production cut

0:10 this is after Biden went to Saudi Arabia

0:13 and he was talking about Saudi Arabia

0:15 actually increasing capacity by a

0:17 million increasing production by a

0:19 million million barrels a day the Saudis

0:21 said uh uh we were talking about

0:23 increasing capacity in 2027 by about a

0:27 million barrels a day nothing to do with

0:30 production but uh you know Biden thought

0:32 that he had uh he had everything squared

0:35 away he didn't he doesn't the U.S is

0:39 flipping out they are saying that this

0:41 is some sort of collusion between MBS

0:43 and Putin and Saudi Arabia's siding with

0:46 Russia and Saudi Arabia is going to pay

0:48 a very heavy price for this betrayal

0:51 meanwhile Biden is looking at Venezuela

0:54 to try and help out and Biden is now

0:56 going to re-tap he had a little bit of a

0:59 pause like about a week's pause but now

1:01 he's going to re-tap into America's

1:04 strategic petroleum reserves which are

1:06 already at a 40-year low retired [ __ ]

1:11 Red Alert low uh

1:14 not looking good

1:16 for Biden Saudi Arabia has uh has

1:20 definitely sent the collective West a

1:23 message though

1:24 I think Saudi Arabia was just acting out

1:26 in its best interest given also

1:29 everything that the collective West has

1:30 tried to do to OPEC and to oil into gas

1:33 into energy they've been trying to

1:35 control energy and the price of oil and

1:38 the price of gas and Saudi Arabia is

1:40 just saying

1:41 no we're not going to put up with this

1:43 we're going to do what's in our best

1:44 interest and

1:45 we're not going to let you guys walk all

1:47 over us that's and you can see it in

1:49 that exchange between the Reuters

1:50 reporter and the Saudi energy Minister I

1:52 think that exchange had a lot of meaning

1:55 a lot of hidden meeting there you know

1:57 we're we're a sovereign country we're

1:58 not going to let you guys uh roll all

2:01 over us or control us anyway uh

2:03 incredible developments that have taken

2:05 place and actually I think I was reading

2:06 an article Alexander I forgot what it

2:08 was about I forgot what it was about I

2:09 forgot what it exactly was saying but it

2:12 was from Bloomberg and it was something

2:13 along the lines of

2:15 um

2:17 so oh yeah I know what it is Saudi

2:19 Arabia has said a ramco aramco has said

2:22 that they're going to actually sell oil

2:24 to the West at 20 cents more

2:28 while they're going to leave the price

2:29 of oil exported to Asia at its current

2:32 price levels kind of like a cherry a

2:35 cherry on top of the uh of the uh I'm

2:39 gonna use a bad word of the you know

2:41 what cake

2:43 everything that's happening incredible

2:46 yeah I I think you're completing right

2:48 now let's talk about this Russian

2:49 collusion between Saudi Arabia you know

2:51 the Democrats are obsessed with the

2:53 topic of Russian collusion everybody

2:55 colludes with the Russians who does what

2:57 the Democrats in the United States don't

3:00 like so Trump was in collusion with the

3:03 Russians except he wasn't the Saudis are

3:05 in collusion with the Russians what are

3:07 they in collusion with the Russians well

3:09 they did agree a production cup with the

3:13 Russians but then everybody all the

3:16 other members of OPEC and by the way

3:18 just just for those who don't know

3:19 Venezuela is a member of OPEC too one of

3:22 these countries have agreed a production

3:25 cup why have they agreed a production

3:28 cup what is OPEC OPEC is an oil

3:33 producers cartel I mean that's what it

3:36 is and what is the purpose of a cartel

3:38 it is to control the price of oil oil

3:42 producers cartel wants to control the

3:45 price of oil

3:47 what have Western governments been

3:50 trying to do

3:52 throughout the summer

3:54 they've been trying to control the price

3:57 of oil they've been trying to put push

4:00 oil prices down and they've done it with

4:05 all kinds of ways they've tried to uh um

4:08 well the Saudis believe engineer

4:11 recessions in their own countries which

4:13 will bring down the price of all that's

4:15 one thing well I think the other thing

4:17 and the Saudi we've been saying this on

4:19 so many programs this idea of a price

4:22 cap on Russian oil

4:25 enforced through the oil industry

4:30 for an oil producers cartel like OPEC is

4:34 anathema it means that the price of oil

4:37 will no longer be decided in discussions

4:41 between Riyadh and uh Abu Dhabi and uh

4:47 um you know Caracas and Tehran and

4:49 indeed even Moscow the oil producers

4:51 it's going to be decided by a consumer's

4:55 cartel by the G7 countries which will be

5:00 able to control the price of oil through

5:02 using the insurance industry now there

5:05 is no conceivable way that the Saudis

5:07 would allow a thing like that to happen

5:10 so they've retaliated they've said in

5:13 this kind of situation

5:15 oil prices are already lagging Energy

5:19 prices General Edge energy crisis

5:22 they've been lagging the rising food

5:24 prices we're not going to go along with

5:27 these crazy plans that you have if

5:31 you're going to go down this route we're

5:33 going to cut production why is the uh

5:35 the Biden White House then just just not

5:40 engaging with OPEC you're absolutely

5:43 correct because see the trouble is they

5:44 can't engage they can't just engage with

5:47 OPEC if they're going to stabilize oil

5:51 prices which is something by the way

5:52 which OPEC has been telling them right

5:55 from the first day of this whole crisis

5:57 if they're going to engage with OPEC

6:00 they have to engage with Russia they

6:03 have to restore smooth functioning to

6:08 the oil Market the global oil Market

6:10 what is happening is because of this

6:13 sanctions war that the West has

6:15 described launched against Russia

6:19 they are destabilizing they are actually

6:21 Vulcanizing the global oil Market

6:24 they're just dividing it up into

6:26 segments so exactly as aramco said oil

6:32 the price of oil in Asia is now going to

6:36 be less than the price of oil in the

6:39 west because Asia is importing oil from

6:43 wherever it's produced from Russia from

6:45 the Gulf from Africa from wherever

6:49 whereas oil in the west is going to be

6:52 more expensive because the West is

6:54 refusing to import oil from the country

6:57 Wishes the second biggest producer so it

7:02 it it's it's it's illogical they're bad

7:05 the West is driving it's idiotic

7:11 go ahead you were saying it now

7:14 what makes it particularly idiotic and

7:16 what I was going to say was this

7:18 um before the sanctions were imposed I

7:22 can remember that I remember you

7:23 remember tracking all the discussions

7:24 that were taking place about the

7:26 sanctions the oil industry I'm talking

7:28 about the Western oil companies you know

7:31 Exxon Mobil or Texaco all of them

7:34 they're all consulted and they were told

7:37 don't do this thing it'd be a huge

7:40 mistake at oil markets at the moment are

7:44 very tight you mustn't impose sanctions

7:49 against Russian oil because if you do

7:52 you will create major oil shortages and

7:56 imbalances and structural problems in

7:58 the world oil market and of course you

8:01 will

8:02 annoy the soundies and enrage OPEC they

8:07 went ahead and did it anyway because

8:08 they imagined

8:10 that you know the Russian economy was

8:13 this house of cards that you know if

8:15 they blew strongly enough it would just

8:17 all come tumbling down and it hasn't and

8:21 because they you were talking about the

8:24 Biden Administration you know they have

8:26 this enormous sense of entitlement the

8:29 Democrats in the US have an enormous

8:31 sense of entitlement they assume that

8:33 Saudi Arabia's job is to increase

8:36 production to get them out of their

8:37 problems even as the Democrats Janet

8:41 Yellen come up with hair brain schemes

8:44 to

8:45 lower the oil price through using the

8:49 insurance the European insurance

8:50 industry and of course again

8:53 complete complete disregard of Saudi

8:56 interests Saudi concerns and of course

9:00 the Saudis as you absolutely right you

9:02 say say well you know we don't have any

9:05 we we you know you may have your your

9:07 sense of entitlement but we have our

9:10 national interests

9:12 from our point of view from Saudi

9:15 Arabia's point of view maintaining

9:19 stability as they would call it which in

9:21 this moment in time means a high oil

9:23 price is essential for us

9:26 and that's what we're going to do

9:30 I mean this whole Affair so

9:33 so ironic but so

9:36 so Justified you know it's almost Poetic

9:39 Justice in a way because here you have

9:40 Saudi Arabia

9:42 who everyone thought was

9:44 the uh the the the puppet poodle of the

9:48 United States its only goal everyone

9:50 would always think oh the only goal of

9:52 Saudi Arabia is to prop up the USD

9:54 that's the only reason uh for their

9:56 existence is to be a client state of the

9:58 US and they're the ones that are now

10:01 acting out in their best interest

10:03 they're acting as a 100 Sovereign Nation

10:09 and they're siding with Russia the

10:11 Eternal enemy of uh of the uh Collective

10:15 West at this point in time you can't you

10:17 can't get a a bigger enemy than Russia

10:19 for for the uh Collective West well at

10:22 the same time you have Saudi Arabia

10:26 showing what sovereignty means and and

10:28 how you go about looking after your

10:30 country's best interests MBs is doing

10:33 this well you have a bunch of poodle lap

10:36 dog

10:37 uh just empty suits in the European

10:40 Union going along with the destruction

10:42 of their own country at the behest of

10:45 Another Empty suit sitting at the White

10:48 House who doesn't know what day of the

10:50 week it is and that the whole thing is

10:52 just it's it's beyond crazy it is beyond

10:57 nuts and everyone is going along with

10:59 this in the collective West everyone is

11:02 going along with this the this is not

11:04 even the blind leading the blind this is

11:07 like this is far worse than that and

11:10 Saudi Arabia is actually showing how

11:12 sovereignty is done to all of us

11:15 Europeans supposedly Us free Sovereign

11:18 European nations yes this is upside down

11:21 world if you told me it's going to

11:24 happen 10 years ago I would have been

11:25 like what are you talking about yes I

11:28 mean what did shows what he does show is

11:30 is the extent to which the world the

11:32 world has changed because I agreed 10

11:34 years ago the Saudis would not have

11:36 dared act against the US in this kind of

11:39 fashion but they've looked at the US now

11:41 they've seen what happened what has gone

11:43 in the U.S they've seen the Biden

11:44 Administration they've met Biden they

11:47 earned as you correctly say they say you

11:49 know we've got other options we got

11:51 China we can we which is a powerful

11:53 country and it's friend we got Russia

11:55 which is a powerful country which is our

11:58 friend we've stabilized the Middle East

12:00 to a great extent so now you know at the

12:03 end of the day we are going to pursue

12:04 our own interests so we have a new uh

12:07 leader in MBS who is not you know the

12:10 decrepit figure of the you know the

12:12 previous Saudi monarchs were who just

12:15 couldn't even conceive of any kind of

12:18 situation where they didn't do America's

12:20 bidding so you know the world has

12:22 changed you have leaders in Saudi Arabia

12:26 as I was extraordinary to say this I

12:27 agree and you know I'm almost swallowing

12:29 my tongue as I say that but you do and

12:33 of course you have poodles in Europe and

12:36 you know the Europe which Once Upon a

12:38 Time was led by leaders like you know

12:40 Napoleon Lou the 14th de Gaulle in

12:44 France Winston Churchill William Pitt in

12:47 Britain well we won't Touch Too Much on

12:50 who has led Germany in the past but

12:52 anyway Europe which had you know an

12:55 outstanding extraordinary statesmanship

12:57 powerful leaders Once Upon a Time

12:59 and you know if uh Biden of all people

13:03 tells them you know when impose more

13:06 sanctions on yourself in order to annoy

13:09 booty well they'll say yes and you know

13:12 tell us more that we can do because you

13:15 know if if it means we're going to close

13:17 down even more of our factories well

13:19 that's that's fine with us

13:22 okay final question uh how does this uh

13:25 play out who's going to feel the pain

13:26 first obviously Europe is going to feel

13:28 that I imagine first when is the US

13:30 going to start feeling the pain is there

13:32 a way out yeah well this is a good

13:33 question well this is a good question I

13:36 mean I mean Europeans get to feel the

13:38 pain it's going to feel the pain almost

13:39 immediately and I mean I I can one can

13:42 sense this we're already in Britain by

13:44 the way that's now talk about uh

13:46 three-hour blackouts on particular days

13:50 you know this is now apparently being

13:53 planned and rehearsed how that would

13:55 work so you can see you could see where

13:58 we're going in Europe but it is going to

14:00 have an effect on the US because

14:02 um if oil prices are high in the west

14:05 they're going to be higher in the United

14:06 States that's not going to work well for

14:09 the Democrats presumably in the midterms

14:11 if all prices are now going to start

14:13 Rising again it's all very well for

14:15 Biden to deplete the Strategic service

14:18 he's been doing but there comes a point

14:20 where that becomes extremely dangerous

14:22 and there's a finite a finite amount in

14:25 those reserves anyway

14:27 so I think it could have a political

14:30 effect over the next couple of weeks and

14:33 there could be a a bigger knock-on

14:35 effect in the U.S later because of

14:38 course the US is very very sensitive to

14:41 oil price movements politically and

14:43 economically now I will say this there's

14:45 been talk about the U.S restricting oil

14:49 exports to try and keep the price of

14:52 Royal in the U.S low there's even some

14:56 murmurings denied by U.S officials to

14:59 Reuters that LNG exports might be

15:03 restricted as well Energy prices are

15:05 rising in the U.S too

15:08 um if that happens I mean Europe is

15:11 stuffed frankly I mean I I mean if if

15:14 they can't import oil that LNG from you

15:17 from the US well what have they got left

15:20 but I will repeat again what we've said

15:23 many times on many programs the

15:26 Democrats are focused on power in the

15:29 United States if it's important to them

15:33 to try to keep the economy in the U.S

15:36 running in a way that prevents a

15:39 complete wipeout in the midterms

15:41 or a further political crisis beyond the

15:44 midterms and if that requires

15:46 restricting oil and LNG exports they

15:51 will do it regardless of what Europe

15:54 says or thinks and of course if that

15:57 happens the Democrats are now absolutely

16:01 confident that even if somebody like

16:03 Robert Harbeck complains as he's just

16:06 done right away about astronomical costs

16:09 prices for us LNG it's not going to

16:12 change anything because the poodles of

16:15 brothels will continue to dance to the

16:18 American Tune however bad in Europe it

16:21 gets


Gravitas Plus: Ukraine war: Rising fear of a nuclear escalation

WION 592K views

Nkazimulo Ndlovu 1 day ago

My opinion is, the United States, Russia, North Korea and other countries that poseses this kind of technology shouldn't have destroyed these weapons. South Africa got rid of nuclear weapons voluntarily, but other countries kept these destructive weapons and that where the problem is. No country should poses such weapons on earth truth be told.

Bojangles 1 day ago All nations should condemn the use of nuclear weapons by anyone for any reason. There should be a unilateral agreement to rid all nuclear arsenals from all nations. When a nuclear bomb is detonated everyone in the world loses. Take into consideration Chernobyl an area uninhabitable for 3000 years due to the nuclear disaster and that was an accident imagine what would happen if nuclear bombs started exploding on purpose. 160 :up:

david hodge 1 day ago I sure hope not. It seems like all of our governments are crazy. 180 :up:

DLH 7805 1 day ago peace is so elusive to this world, but would be so much easier on everyone…& I have to believe it’s what 99.9% of people want…let’s not let the 0.1% destroy our world - we need take a stand - collectively! 222 :up: (- Thumbs ups!)

Lee Doucette 1 day ago I SERIOUSLY can't believe that Anyone would ever think of using NUCLEAR weapons after the devastation of Japan 182

Raymond Rothstein 1 day ago (edited) I can't be the only one sitting here asking myself this one question...How did we elect leaders that have a cold war mentality and something to prove? Surely if the world wants to evolve, you would vote people that will develop their countries, not destroy them in a long lost grudge and mentality. 106