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Updated: May 18, 2021

So checking out and maybe I am wrong about Cryptocurrency and also a Universal Basic Income - though my proposals and ideas are not bad, this is better. Check it out - I wonder if cryptocurrency and hashing is truly the answer though (continual hashing for money creation). Could my idea of a currency tied to human development and progress but within the limited environment we live in be integrated into cryptocurrency into a new kind of system or way of thinking? I wonder - and also integrating his ideas in place of a UBI.

Imagining a truly free and environmentally, and financially sound world is best (imo). I share the dream of so many others. Just checking out and listened to the final episode of "Inherited", a podcast series about the climate and the youth. Check it out here or on streaming:

CBS News story about the Podcast:

Let's work and organize and fight for human rights - for fairness, justice, and equality and for a green world - it is the answer to climate change! A beautiful green world -- > Circular Economics (also the book "Doughnut Economics" and others I've heard are great).

Ellen MacAuthor Foundation (Circular Economy):

I like recently for political activism and organizing. However, people with "conservative" viewpoints might not.

There's a lot of action in the political arena and with Biden as President, many opportunities to create better paths forward, especially here in the United States. Maybe all this debt won't even matter if there is some type of "Great Reset" or similar event in the future. Crypto mining for money and its popularity and values rising so much also makes me think; Maybe there is not enough money in circulation globally to buy everything that's being produced right now? Is all just stuff and all belongs, I believe, to the Creator, and ultimately, everything ends. Everything, including the Universe, is in flux and has a beginning and end. What's needed is a switch to a circular economy to better take care of the Earth's global environment and to better and more efficiently take care of and recover materials (working with nature instead of against it). To treat each other well - all people on the planet and all life with respect.

Can join us here:

In the meantime, I need to get a good job hopefully and get to doing hopefully good work. Peace!

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