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Yes...No...Yes! this is actually what I truly like and believe...

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Love /\. Applies to a lot of different things (correlies). I've been thinking/researching/watching a decent amount about the past couple months on - political correctness (PC), LGBTQ+ stuff and religion, etc. Is really good - developing critical thinking and helps one/me, at least, come to terms with things in my religion. Don't back down or be scared - exploring and questioning till you get things settled and firm in your mind. We're not robots.

I only heard about CRT recently and ponder if it only reaffirms race and racism /\ ?. I guess I do still believe in it? - I believe race along with many factors has effects upon people and their development as people (sociology). Racism is real and has deep historical roots that have shaped the globe, of course. But doesn't highlighting race and individual people's race or skin color and ethnicity, in effect, highlight race and therefore act to make it more of an issue than what it needs to be other than just going forward in time, and supporting people as fellow human beings?

I supported BLM (black lives matter) back in 2015-2016 back when it was smaller and there was seemingly more voice being given to native American people. It was standing against for example, the Dakota Access Pipeline. I don't like it when it gets politicized to such a high degree and becomes ostracizing. Take action and actions (go to court, support certain bills etc.).

I only have a problem with things like this when people start trying to use these organizations or things as tools and are thus creating disassociations through associations(!). This problem is happening so much in America right now. In social media, in society, etc.. It's so fracturing and judgemental upon a personal level that is judging based not off actions of an individual but beliefs that they may have been raised with and come to belief etc. SO it's like a circularity of judgment that creates division. Which doesn't help anything. That does downplay race for people who experience it though, yes. The only way to move past it in my opinion is to implement policies and rules that actually do help (which I think we have here in the U.S.) and to systematically get it out, through culture and education etc., which I think is happening - the newer generation of kids I don't even think they care about race or even sexual orientation and those things much, etc. So I don't know what else is supposed to be done much other than trying to create a better more fair world for all people and I think all life on the planet because we all live here and we all pass away. ? Anyway, it's crazy to me personally, if people go around with hearts and minds full of hate or anger towards other people like that, that they don't even personally know or anything...

Is like telling a black kid who knows nothing about race, that he is "black" instead of just letting him be (or gay, or even more extreme, that he/she might be in the wrong gender body - which is crazy). Take away these notions of race but still respect and love people of whatever background and color, and respect them for who they are and for the diversity of the world and culture that we have in the that's cool and good.

I'm just a millennial. I think a lot just has to do with socio-economic background and people are people, race is real and has effects as well sure but yeah...I'm from a lower socioeconomic rural background. Put a black person there (I can think of one great example, has a white wife and is more "country" than me now) see what happens, put a white person in the ghetto where the majority are black people, see what happens (all people are different of course, but as a proportional example) and see what/how they are like.

I feel like, as individuals in the U.S.A. if we want to change our lives we can, it's not so bad. I need to change my life - I have to take action and do it. I think there is more of a war against poor people period than it is about race but then so racism does exacerbate racial poverty sure. Hate and being unforgiving is not going to solve problems with yourself or with society. Obama being president didn't solve black people's problems and race in America, having a black female president isn't going to do anything, having a Mexican gay trans president isn't going to do anything, etc., etc. Is about policy, law, etc. but pushing people and telling them "it's because of your race" or it's because of your gender or sexuality (which I think is harmful pushing sexuality because of the message its sending and the things we are therefore valuing in society), etc. What does that do? Just creates more division and incites anger in the oppressed, which in turn, can influence cops or whoever to think negatively if in a situation, etc. Get what I'm saying/thinking?

I feel like, by highlighting, for example, Kamala Harris' race and gender as the Vice President, it undermines her as a person and her position and responsibilities in the present, of being Vice President of the United States. Of course, we/I have questions then, when she was the selected person to be Vice President, was she was chosen because of these qualities and trying to get votes in these demographics? What message does that send, to the African American person who voted for and likes Donald Trump? Is nothing about race it's just that they liked Trump better. I still don't even know who she (Kamala Harris) really is, or what she is really like, still to this day. - What are her thought patterns (logic) like? What are her original thoughts or creations that she has etc., she seems kind of stoic but then she seems happy to "fall in line" with whatever her party's position is, so what/who is she really? Is not just about societal accomplishments and political and topical positions. About the true character and essence of a person. On that same line about our politics and politicians, most of them, I don't think we know them very well at all and much of it is based on vote-getting and/or getting re-elected...That's why I have this blog. We have so little faith and trust in the political system and our politicians...and these systems.

NOTE: I don't mean to attack her in any way and am only making assumptions based mostly on appearance and background, etc., that I personally have knowledge of. I do dislike how race and gender are used so much and I would like that to be a non-issue with thoughts about her and what she actually does and accomplishes, etc., and think actually she and a lot of other people who ran for President as a Democrat would have been better than Biden (that is, I personally liked them better and thought they had better arguments and seem more capable and fit for office, I especially liked Tom Steyer) but yeah...and but of course, it's way easier to criticize and talk than to do. I feel the critisism is valid though. Not much is happening. Like Bernie Sanders is saying on Facebook, why isn't action being taken if things are so bad and there are so many problems? The Democrats have control until 2022. It's just more of the same, not much is changing or going to change. Billions spent during the election cycles and all these things put on their site and pushed (said) that they are going to do but then what do they do really? Can you balance a budget while fighting and lessening climate change? Where is real legislation for real change? Europe is going to a Circular Economy, where are any measures such as that in the U.S. to guide the free market? What happens if another Covid-19 or economic recession hits? Is the answer always just "Well, let's spend a bunch of money to fix it". ???

Update: Nah, CRT is fine - is history and sociology, cultural and legacy effects of racism. Should it be taught or not in K-12 education? I don't really see a need or see that it matters much to kids (I don't see kids nowdays as being racist much at all at least in America and don't think they care about skin color and things like that and from I what I've observed, they, think it's kind of a silly idea). I just see it as history and reality. I was always taught "don't be racist" because people are racist against minorities (blacks, asians, whatever) and people with different skin color. Which is dumb. I like the video. Let them learn and come to conclusions on their own more, just direct and make people/students think is the best way of education, truly, IMO. They'll learn about social development when they take sociology. All just IMO (in my opinion).

Love /\ - this in combo with that. It is long and coming from an American Muslim (like me).

Pretty awesome vid here:


Update 6/05/2021:

Saw: (Some cursing in the videos)

Remember the story about Syria I posted a few weeks ago from relating to Correction: is this link.

Is true.


Alot of truth in this one (is all just criticism, but in my opinion, is good to hear arguments if they are true and legit from any angle or side).

I don't believe in a min. wage and stand by that. I believe in giving real leverage to people and think $15/hr is LOW and it would be fine and good to have more than that, $22 or whatever) BUT, that's why I don't like a min. wage because it's just top-down rules that don't make sense and shouldn't apply to all cases and people should be free to work for a wage that they agree to work for. Have a tax bracket that makes sense, balance a budget, try to fix healthcare costs, provide a UBI, pass a carbon tax, control inflation, reduce the deficit, improve education, etc., etc. Long-term over the short term (or simply >). There are many plans etc. in place that show how to do these things like in a previous blog post showing all these different organizations' plans on how to reduce the deficit. None of that is being pushed by these people in our politics that I see? Even though they support, or say they support, all these progressive policies that don't even care about balancing the budget and reducing the deficit? and yet they can't even really stick to their guns on "progressive" policies they say they are for. And yes, I say, I think it is dumb to try to lump in $15 min. wage and climate etc., in with other spending bills but that is just my opinion, it doesn't really matter, if that is the way Washington works now that is the way they work (shrug)(I humbly think that that is kind of stupid that that is the level of political action our country stoops to on such major issues - that is our system of politics - red v. blue, and to get things done we have to tack on this and that with this and tack on this with that! that's sad! IMO).

Watching his piece on this news now:

Kind of sad too that they are the same company who has been in the news about their pipeline getting hacked. Interesting the above news wasn't covered much at all in the media.

This is why I don't like BLM now:


And another one: (last one for this post, promise)

#DemocracyNotCommunism #LetThemVote #FreeSpeechNotCensorship #EndCorruptPolitics

I don't know, democracy is maybe not perfect either, but when all people can vote on all things, that's some high level democracy...

and all this wordly stuff makes one and me feel kind of in disgust and uneasy about the world; it's yucky, icky, etc. I would rather do away with all greed and hate and envy etc., and only would like to anyway, work towards the vision of

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