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Updated: Mar 24

Kind of late to make this blog post but...the world is turning - moving - changing - and fast.

Lots of great videos, especially more towards the end (more secular videos near the end as well just fyi) - Great playlist here I made on Saturday - March 11 2023:

----- There is only one God (ilah) - (Allah S.W.T. Glorious and Exalted He is - forgiving and merciful. Muhammad is his servant and messenger - peace and blessings be upon him - ). Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem - -

---> Amazing video:

Convert Proves the Qur'an is from God in 45 Minutes

Elijah Kareem • 187K views 0:00 - Introduction 2:23 - About the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) 5:41 - About the Qur'an 10:11 - Miracle of Numerical Perfection 15:58 - Miracle of Water 18:40 - Miracle of Worker Bees 24:28 - Explanati...


This is really good (great) information. It is not crazy. It is reported even in mainstream news - dangers of black magic(k), wiccan (craft(s)) "witch recruiting", etc. Just normal young women for example who got into that kind of stuff and warning of its dangers:Powerful Ruqyah Method: Burning Clothes This Way Shiekh Omar Baloch • 4.1K views


Long one (video below) - there is much written on the end times - Allah knows best - learning -

I think Shiekh Imran is a good shiekh, I could see many thinking he is a bit harsh or mean etc. and that's not the way (see next video for example - and others) or the best way (especially if giving Dawah) the Quran warns of punishment it one doesn't speak or come with the truth and teach the truth, thus leading others astray though (and forbidding evil). When I think of the Shiekh's criticism of the West now, I think of the "liberal" world order in that (more so - "of being") which is put forward by Alexander Dugin in a metaphorical but also, literal (real) way - the putting forth, of capitalism and consumerism or materialism one can say - of the purpose of life and/or man. - It is or was, "winning" that is, "liberalism" or the "liberal world order", as the dominant ideology of the world with the United States as the lead role one can definitely say. And also, when I think of America I think of modern capitalism - America began, came into being, with modern industrial capitalism (the industrial revolution)and the "age of reason"/scientific revolutionary era - started with more of a "blank slate"...He puts this argument forth in the "Fourth Political Ideology" - that liberalism has won and we are living in post-liberalism/post-modernity - As Muslims, can just say, I think we are very near to the end times and this is what Shiekh Imran is also saying and making the case for, of course. -> it seems the U.S. unipolar moment is ending and things are changing rapidly now (can see the below videos and other videos throughout the blog) - Al Hamdu Lillah - truth and the Truth will always prevail in the end and those who do good and who do good work - "Wal Asr". Allah S.W.T. knows best of course though - I hope it's not the end - but is definitely near (lots and lots of signs).

The Origin and Destiny of Modern Western Civilisation - Glasgow Scotland Sheikh Imran Hosein 50K views An Islamic Eschatological Explanation of the Origin and Destiny of Modern Western Civilisation - Glasgow Scotland 26/2/23

My notes: Some thinking - could it be that the West (Gog and Magog) - The U.S. cities (East Coast, West Coast, Texas - that itself would basically destroy the U.S. by and large), London, etc. - the cities -destroyed in a nuclear war - fighting for "gold" -> money - gold, oil, commodities of the earth - Because America by and large is bringing (about) possible actual nuclear disaster -

Sheikh INH - I do think is a bit mean but it is the topic of the end of the world - focus on the acutal eschatology., facts and meanings. Know what I've posted myself about this denigrated modern society (values- actions), look at Covid 19, Ukraine war, coup de-tats, inaction on environment and climate, promotion of sex, etc. A. Dugin's kind of work about liberalism "postmodern" society - transhumanism. All the deaths the West has caused etc. - human suffering - colonialism, neo-colonialism, exploitation and debt burdens on the poor (the LDC's).

-- Surah An-Nahl (The Bee).


Great: Emotional Intelligence in Islam: with Shaykh Navaid Aziz

Blogging Theology 6.7K views Shaykh Navaid’s lecture series can be seen here Shaykh Mika’eel

Elon Musk Praises Islamic Ingenuity Smile 2 Jannah 221K views

Haven't watched yet: Egregore ALLATRA TV International • 665 views What is a single egregore? How is an egregore formed? What unites people? Is there an egregore among animals, insects, and protozoa? Who controls a pack of animals? What is the difference between...


Yeah I don't like it - "Socialism/Communism for the rich and rugged individualism and slavery (neo-feudalism) for the poor".

6 days ago — Billionaire Marc Andreessen says we're headed to a world where a college degree costs $1 million and a flatscreen TV costs $100. Grace Kay. Billionaire Marc Andreessen says we're headed to a world ... Yahoo › news › billionaire-marc...


Russia and China are more upright and outstanding in their actions and conduct than the West. Greed (capitalists in the west) and authoritarianism (at the geo-political level (- trying to hold the world hostage and dictate what all countries can and can't do etc.) (but also, it could be soon, at the national level as well, if one can't question or speak out about and on issues such as war)- but also, ideologically there is much arrogance - BUT it's guised and dressed up with pretty words) and a lack of any kind of moral compass seemingly and a lack of care for human life and suffering.

Nice - Hopeful - hopeful humanity can put aside and work together (for goodness sake) in spite of our differences - "the earth is big enough for all but not big enough for everyone's greed" (or something like that, the quote goes):

Mmhmm: Putin called on the FSB to stop the activation of "all this scum" promoting separatism in Russia True inFo • 11K views Putin called on the FSB to stop the activation of "all this scum" promoting separatism in Russia

Top U.S. & World Headlines — March 6, 2023 Democracy Now! 192K views

Didn't watch all: Russian cauldrons, Bakhmut and Debáltsevo The Duran • 167K views



Voluntary Worship Helps Ensure Your Desires Don’t Overpower Your Soul’s Hearing The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities 4.8K views

ALLAH IS PERFECT TheProphetsPath 82K views #shorts #quran #noumanalikhan ► Become a member : ►Fund Our Videos:


---> Really good, the part about Imran Khan just confirms to me that he is an upright man and that China is and was not carrying out 'genocide' against the Muslim Uyghur population: Is America declining and the rise of Islam? With Muhammad Jalal Blogging Theology 40K views

Has some cursewords but is good: Why Everyone Is Converting To Islam Guneet • 21K views

Fiqh & Hadith ( Imam Abu Hanifah & Imam Bukhari ) Shiekh Omar Baloch • 1.6K views

Practical Tips to Prepare for and Enhance Ramadan | Dr. Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera ZamZamAcademy • 5.3K views


INTERVIEW: We’re seeing WW1-scale losses in UKRAINE George Galloway • 79K views

"INTERVIEW: Former US Marine #BrianBerletic provides unique battlefield insights into the Ukraine War and predicts that it won’t end

MAGA - but I'm definitely not a conservative capitalist or Israeli supporter but, that's okay, I was wrong about Trump - he's really not all that bad it seems: Trump: I will TOTALLY Obliterate The DEEP STATE The Dive with Jackson Hinkle 23K views - We'll see, I don't believe that much change will come about under Trump but he's not that bad either - he's a person. Am learning. He might be quite a decent person - I don't know. I think he is quite egotistical, is quite a bit nationalistic not that that's all bad either (MAGA). I believe a lot of things are being put into place by people in some high high places (maybe am wrong about Trump though) but Allah's plan is greater (of course). It'd be great if we did get rid of the deep state - I'm all for that (stop the endless wars and the hegemonic actions of the United States; State Department- CIA - Pentagon complex - we need to end corrupt moneyed politics! - ). - We need to end the Fed, do good for our planet, put in place new economic thinking similar to China's 'in-concept' - WIN-WIN kind of thinking that's fair for the whole world at a global level and good for the working people in our country AND fight against corporate takeover (monopolism) and neo-feudalism -> ->

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Woah - - -

A Deep Dive into "Deep Politics" with Whitney Webb (WiM274)

Robert Breedlove • 115K views Whitney Webb is a professional writer, researcher, journalist, and host of an independent podcast called Unlimited Hangout. We

no more small scale fishermen going out in their boat and buying you know catching stuff for their family or

0:05 anything like that anymore and Seychelles this is the more you look into it the more

0:12 insane it sounds yeah this is all being backed by the UN as as the way to conserve the planet but ultimately what

0:18 it's about is about controlling where people go and what they can do they test the stuff in the developing world all

0:24 the time so like the digital ID stuff we talked about earlier they have been testing a lot of the ID 2020 people

0:31 which is a public-private partnership about digital ID um I have been testing that on stateless

0:36 people between the border of Burma and Thailand who have like literally nothing they don't even have like citizenship

0:43 anywhere and they're they're testing it on them and trying to like do all this biometric stuff on newborn babies all

0:51 the way up yeah and you know so they always test it out on people that don't know what's going on and don't really have a lot of agency or a lot of voice

0:58 in their own in their own government and their scale it globally for the rest of us there's a great book titled seeing

1:05 like a state and it talks about one of the main aims of statism is to increase the legibility

1:11 of taxpayers so you want to know who where everyone is what everyone's doing right you need

1:17 to know all the economic interconnections relationships inflow's outflow so you can tax all of it

- All this corporate-state capitalism and "public-private partnerships" IS "CAPITALIST AUTHORITORIANISM IN DRAG". Socialism and communism are not - that is misinformation - disinformation from capitalists, imperialists, "neo-feudalists". Those who want to rule the world and subjugate and oppress - but, socialism and communism can be authoritarian.

o yeah would you describe yourself as an

7:40 investigative journalist or what is this line of work that you how do you describe this line of work so

7:46 frankly in the past several years like the term journalist has been I don't want to necessarily say weaponized but

7:52 like you know it's been problematic for some people um and a lot of this obviously has to do with you know mainstream media and uh

8:00 how more often than not the act of appendages of power than people holding power to account right so um I guess you

8:08 know I would say um I mean most people describe me as an investigative journalist I tend to

8:14 describe myself as a writer and researcher because that's what I do so I tend to

8:19 um you know write a lot of people that write for example sort of just take like one big event or you know mainstream

8:26 media headline and make an article out of that that's not what I do I synthesize a lot of stuff often either

8:32 historical or current I look at a lot of um you know Source documents or policy

8:37 documents um in in series or you know in the case of the book it was looking at a lot of historical

8:43 um newspaper archives you know findings of of Senate committees and commissions

8:48 of yesteryear and all other sorts of um you know I guess historical documents of of that nature and sort of piecing

8:55 together what I uh think really happened you know and so what's complicated too about journalism just in general is that

9:02 I think a lot of people um sort of approach it as I'm going to

9:07 tell uh people what to think in a sense and I don't you know what I'm trying to do and one of the reasons my website is

9:13 is named the way it is is because I'm not trying you know if I come across information that doesn't necessarily

9:19 like make sense to me at the time or fit the narrative that I sort of see forming up when I write a story like I include

9:24 it anyway because it's up to the reader to take all this information uh follow the source links that I provide in

9:30 almost every sentence of every article I do for themselves and make their own conclusions with the information sort of

9:36 uh engage more with it because I think we have a problematic Paradigm and it's

9:42 true for Politics as it is also true for journalism as I see it where people sort of look for sort of celebrity they want

9:48 to celebratize or like convert people into celebrities you know so there's this idea in politics of like the

9:54 political savior um you know as long as we get the right person in the white house or in this position you know everything's going to

10:00 be fine and so sometimes in journalism you have like sort of the elevation of a celebrity a journalists and it's all

10:06 about them and everything you know they told this thing that was really great and revealing and seemingly truthful and

10:12 let's listen to what they say and they sort of get elevated in that same sort of way they become like a celebrity type

10:17 figure and social media I think is really aggravated uh that Paradigm and I think it would be a much better Paradigm

10:24 um to have people focused more on the information on the person delivering it right so I try and give people uh the

10:31 resources to be able to engage that way with the information so you know I don't know necessarily if most other people

10:37 that are described as or self-defined as investigative journalists necessarily do that

10:43 um but that's ultimately what I'm trying to do I write about stuff that I research and I provide the source links

10:48 and how I came to those conclusions um and I'm happy to you know have a vigorous debate about those conclusions

10:54 if people want to but you know um it doesn't really happen that often

10:59 that's great that's I mean I I would consider that to be journalistic

11:05 Integrity right you're just showing the the sources of information that you gathered your findings from and then

11:12 obviously rendering an opinion on top of it but referring people to the source so they can investigate for themselves

11:20 um I like this idea so this idea of cell I think you call it celebration celebration I don't know if there's an

11:27 actual term for it this is how I like think of it in my hair I see it a lot more in the political sphere this what I

11:32 call the political savior yeah um Paradigm but I think it gets applied to lots of stuff because you know

11:38 especially in the US there's like the celebrity culture stuff particularly around Hollywood but you see elements of

11:44 it all over the place yes yeah there's some kind of a media like a tribal Instinct

11:50 almost to want to look to an individual to lead us guide us Inspire us something

11:56 like that right I think there's a problem in the U.S with like taking and it's not exclusive to the US by any

12:02 means but uh with taking personal responsibility uh for where things are

12:07 going you know a lot of people are willing to sort of Outsource that right um to other people and I think it's it's

12:14 a lot of the problems we find ourselves in right now uh could be reversed or at least ameliorated if people started to

12:20 take you know have a little more agency

- That is the "socialism" I am talking about and am for. - We need Government "for the people" and increasing democracy and government that is uncorrupt and sovereign - not corrupted and influenced by money (that is "standing above" corporate and financial powers - not beholden to).

absolutely be looking to all these external people to you know fix things

12:28 yeah absolutely want to believe and stuff that's something we are very um we

12:33 advocate for heavily in kind of Bitcoin circles this idea of taking as much personal responsibility as possible

12:38 rather than trying to Outsource your thinking to others right

- "Think for yourself" -

um we all have to do it a little bit we

12:45 can't be experts in every domain but you should at least understand that there's not going to be an individual that has

12:51 all the answers right everyone's got their limited perspectives and biases Etc

12:57 um and it does seem more useful to focus on the ideas rather than the the individuals because

- "Focus on ideas, not individuals" - Islam is the right way in my honest opinion - We will be judged - is it right and what is (what will) going to happen, that another individual can stand in for the sin of another? How right would that be?

13:02 when you have an individual espousing certain ideas and they say one thing that is perhaps wrong

13:08 there's this uh inclination to want to throw the baby out with the bath water right like oh well this guy said this

13:13 thing that's wrong so everything he he or she has ever said is wrong and that's dangerous too right because then you

13:19 just end up with with not a lot it happens a lot the more like politically polarized or just more polarized in

13:25 general things are so you know for example you know

- Reject the notions and ideologies of "identity politics" - Get real. Atleast, I do, - it seems quite obvious a lot of these things are ways to divide and conquer and modern problems - "postliberalism", "postmodernity". - I'm just a person and just living within the society as well, but we and I/we can learn, can change.

I've done a lot of work for example on the Jeffrey Epstein case

13:31 and so obviously well-known Associates friends whatnot of Epstein that most

13:36 people know about right are two former presidents one being Trump and the other being Bill Clinton so you know you talk

13:42 about you know one and people be like oh yeah okay and then you talk about the other one it's like I can't believe

13:48 anything this lady says anymore because she's saying negative things about the guy that I like right

13:54 um so you know it can it can again I mean there's a lot of different uh issues right now with a modern political

14:01 discourse um that are really setting us up for a disaster I think in some significant

14:08 ways but I mean I think there's also been some progress to an extent but at the same time there are also people

14:15 um that in well so intelligence agencies developed a tactic that they refer to as

14:21 a limited hangout back several decades ago and the idea was that it was a media

14:26 asset that would reveal a very significant truth but be hiding the bigger story behind that and people

14:32 would be so taken with this new like nugget of information that had previously been hidden they want to even

14:39 think that there was anything behind that or beyond that and would just stop there so essentially when the CIA for

14:45 example knew they couldn't stop something from coming out they would control how it came out and would find

14:50 what would be shocking to the American public but the least damaging for them that particular facet they would allow

14:56 that to come out but keep the rest Under Wraps essentially

- So crazy - makes sense though...

not exactly I mean I've never written a book before so you know it took me a while to sort of find a title that I thought was engaging But ultimately the

17:00 theme of the book is about um uh how blackmail has been used to corrupt our institutions long before

17:06 Jeffrey Epstein what I'm striving to show is that Jeffrey Epstein contrary to the mainstream media narrative about him

17:12 uh was hardly an anomaly um particularly when it came to what he was doing with young women uh and in

17:19 terms of you know sex blackmail allegations and and things like that uh but also that uh Epstein was allowed to

17:26 operate because he uh entered into a very particular network with uh you know

17:31 actors who were able to evade scrutiny or accountability for their actions and

17:37 the underlying theme through all of that is is financial crime so you have

17:43 throughout history and following this particular um Network who of course evolve over

17:48 time because I'm tracing them uh through quite a bit of of history but it's a lot of financial crime but there's also a

17:54 lot of blackmail and a lot of that blackmail um is sexual in nature like as we saw with the Epstein case but not all of it

18:01 is like there's efforts that talk about in the book through you know people that were interested in attempting to acquire

18:06 BCCI and groups like that that wanted to financially blackmail us congressmen by

18:12 taking ownership of banks where a large amount of congressmen had open accounts

18:17 and then could be able to track their finances and blackmail them that way and things like that so there's been you

18:23 know a lot of powerful actors throughout history who have sought to corrupt our

18:28 uh democracy particularly elected officials and and have them be easily

18:34 controlled and I argue in the book that one of the main uh I guess entities

18:40 responsible for that um uh that's responsible for those

18:46 efforts is essentially a symbiosis between elements of organized crime in

18:51 the United States and intelligence agencies which teamed up formally in the World War II era and then in the

18:58 post-war era sort of expanded and deepened that uh collaboration and you even have people like famous gangsters

19:04 like Sam giancana I think is how you pronounce his name uh saying that the CIA and you know my organization are two

19:11 sides of the same coin essentially you know it's not um you know these are both entities that work in covert worlds and

19:19 um we think we don't necessarily see them as being two sides of the same coin because we're tall the you know the CIA

- Makes sense - because, just look at the level of information the "security" services of the United States collects (even) on its own citizens, yet, there's no feds stopping crime - as in stopping mass shootings, there's no stopping illegal drug activities and drug use (though there is a lot of drug use, mental health issues, and homelessness) and there's still child sex trafficking. - We want to condemn Iran and it's morality police = dictate to the world what's allowable and not allowable, even if and though, they have an entirely different history, culture, and religious views and beliefs (same with Russia, same with China, same with ____ and ____) - we say we want good for Afghanistan yet withhold its rightful property (money) and unto other countries of the world - we place sanctions on them etc. etc. Actually, we are worlds hegemonic power that exploits and terrorizes and is the reason for de-stabilization and nations not being self-sufficient and constantly poor - even food poor. Sad.

19:24 and other agencies like it are national security agencies so they're not motivated by money right but I don't

19:31 think that's true

you know you know they're both business businesses ultimately at the end yes and if you look at how the CIA what it came

19:43 out of you know uh how it was created its precursor the office of strategic services and the people that sort of

19:49 began to construct what is now the U.S national security State um Extreme Connections to Wall Street

19:55 the biggest banks and the biggest oligarchs in American history so you could really argue that that organization is sort of like their

20:02 secret police like the secret police of American oligarchy in a sense and if you

20:07 look at a lot of their early coups um that they promoted abroad for example probably a well-known example would be

20:15 United Fruit having a major role in prompting the cia's illegal overthrow or

20:21 coup d'etat against the democratically elected government of Guatemala because

20:26 that are I can't remember first name his last name is arbins was trying to nationalize the banana

20:32 industry and so you know this is an example of the early CIA going and overthrowing a government not because of

20:38 U.S national security necessarily uh but because of their connections to Capital right and

20:45 um then over time United fruits an interesting example because actually um Leslie wexner's mentors end up taking

20:51 it over at some point but it has a very odd uh connection you know it sort of has one for that company historically

20:57 has had one foot in the corporate world and one foot in the intelligence World they had they were allegedly involved in

21:03 efforts uh by the CIA to like the Bay of Pigs invasion that failed and things like that lending ships to intelligence

21:10 and all those sorts of other intersections over the years so there's a lot of companies that end up swimming

21:17 around in that same web so then you end up adding to this organized crime intelligence Nexus you end up having

21:23 sort of like the corporate world in there too but ultimately what unites them is a desire to engage in business

21:29 business that's technically illegal but very lucrative

- We place labels on Islamic extremists, but why are there extremists in the first place and Muslims etc. and people, who hate America abroad, can you blame them? Yes, but, you can expect it as well if your government/country is internationally terroristic in its actions. - Could go to a bigger philosophical argument about morality in religion vs. without and also about, the right to criticize (when is it right, vs. when is it wrong) other nation-state's behaviours and actions. -- Beliefs --

- Is not about "I" and "vs." is about arriving - and respect...

28:26 um which would you know basically be you'd have to have a state issued ID whether a driver's license or a state issued ID card and that would be

28:32 connected to your government access this ideology this idea or policy has been folded into a lot of the digital ID

28:39 white papers of the world economic forum and related organizations who of course you know for example or developing

28:45 digital ID infrastructure in Canada and the Netherlands right so it's not like this isn't having real world

28:51 um impact and in those white papers the idea is to have you know not just your internet access tied to your digital ID

28:57 uh but your ability to travel your vaccination history so like the whole vaccine passport thing your ability to

29:04 access any uh government service your ability to access your tele

29:09 communication Network through your phone um your social media handles all of in your you know what you surf on the web

29:16 right all of that would be tied your digital ID and really what it is is um you know a recipe for extreme and

29:22 extremely invasive surveillance yeah to say the very least and there's been an interest in doing that for a very long

29:28 time and it does tie in with blackmail uh well at least some of the stuff I wrote about in the book so

29:34 um so what I referenced earlier about financial blackmail that was an effort that ultimately failed by a man named

29:40 Armand Hammer who is the head of Occidental Petroleum but has a lot of really weird intelligence connections

29:45 like his father was a Soviet spy he was allegedly affiliated with

29:51 um you know different intelligencies including in the in the Soviet uh sphere uh but was allegedly more closely

29:58 enmeshed with uh you know the Rockefellers and group the groups that are trying have been trying historically

30:03 to implement Global governance whatever that means so he was particularly

30:09 interested in acquiring um a bank that was later used to bring BCCI into the U.S financial system

30:14 because a lot of congressmen had accounts there and he wanted access to that for the purposes of financial blackmail so

30:22 um you know there was an attempt to do that there but subsequently there was a scandal in the 80s called The Promise

30:27 software scandal and this was Israeli intelligence and U.S intelligence working together and Robert Maxwell

30:34 actually Elaine Maxwell's father played a major role in that Scandal um which we can come to later but essentially there

30:40 were two different versions of This Promise software that were bugged with back doors and so one was bugged by

30:46 Israel and one was bugged by the CIA and the one bugged by Israel was sold to national security agencies around the

30:53 world intelligence agencies so Israel had a back door into basically everything they were looking at in real

30:58 time it was basically an intelligence coup for the state of Israel during this particular period and the person who did

31:04 most of the sales selling it to those intelligence agencies around the world uh was Robert Maxwell who was on the

31:10 payroll of Israeli intelligence at the time but on the flip side of that you have the CIA version and instead of

31:16 being marketed mostly to national security agencies this one was marketed to Banks and one of the main companies

31:23 that it utilized was uh systematics and some of these um some banking software

31:29 companies and systematics was very much tied up with the Clinton power Nexus in Arkansas as sort of the political King

31:35 maker of Clinton's early career was a guy named Jackson Stevens who owns systematics in the Rose Law Firm where

31:41 Hillary Clinton worked and people like Vince Foster and Webster Hubble worked uh you know systematics they were the

31:46 legal team you know for systematics and uh I think also like Foster and Hubble

31:52 even had a stake in systematics at some point But ultimately this and this software marketed by systematics and

31:59 other uh you know interrelated subsidiaries uh gets you know is running on banks like all over the world

32:04 including the World Bank at some point and is able to trace Financial transactions and this goes back to you

32:10 know a very particular group that was using this for the purposes of