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04 Feb. 2021

Updated: May 16, 2021

Great Vid even though I disagree with The Bern on some things, mainly the $15/hr min wage which I think would be a disaster for small businesses and is a major hold up to actually passing Covid relief. I don't agree with the adding of money to people on unemployment. It's unfair to working struggling people, partially employed, homeless people, people who don't qualify, etc. We need to fix this country. Period. Starting with, in my opinion, fixing the tax bracket and corporate interference/involvement in politics, addressing the national deficit and our place in the global economy. A lot of this corporate, neoliberal bullcrap is why we're in this position as a country. Anti-Education, lying to the American people (Bernie's not lying, he fights for working people), subjecting other countries to these unfair trade deals and oppression, spending $740 billion on our military, and promoting violence and sex in media and throughout America. Its all bad, it all leads to spiraling down and down. Get right politicians. Get real. The people are suffering. The world is suffering. The climate emergency is upon the world. Stop the BS!!@! Funding on both sides, via corporations vying for power and control (agendas). Not considering all things. All these politicians in politics their whole lives. All this money being thrown away at advertising and all this crap. All these fake-ish easy jobs that don't produce much of anything while working people sacrifice and keep everything running. Without the working class, there is no "economy". Period.

Corruption rules. Lies. False promises. Agendas. Endless War. Endless oppression and racism and war against the poor. Take the power back ya'll.

There's so much fear in society. Fear of being locked up in jail cell with a bunch of crazies and strangers. Stress. Fear of social interaction. Self Control. Disagreements escalating not knowing what could trigger you or what the other person says. Anxiety and stress over sex and relations. Trauma. Self-hurt and mental pain from the past. Comparison, of not doing as good as you could have. Struggle for survival. Stress. Fear. Tired of it. The rich gobbling up more and more of the money and living in their mini-mansions. The strive for perfect grades and perfect you know, whatever. Performance (job or whatever). Loneliness. Isolation. Jealousy. Hate. Death.

In contrast: Forgiveness. Love. Today. Life. Living. Care. Sacrifice. Greater good. Self-esteem. Respect. Patience. Perseverance. Strength. Truth.

Obviously, I have some problems but I'm getting better. I believe I found the Truth and that which aligns with the truth of human nature.

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