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Hey...this (guy) is a lot like me and my thoughts in many ways.../\

Other opinion pieces:

Yes. I'm not alone.

Truly motivating.

Yup, it's sad...$30 billion spent just to have the Olympics moving from place to place, kind of dumb if you ask me. Is a joke. It would be no less of an event, achievements and spectacle if it was held at the same place every time. Hold it in Athens Greece every year in my opinion, a ode to human history. I don't want to dislike things because of ethical and moral concerns when the athletes and the actual event at the core aren't at all bad but inspiring. Such is a lot of things in our society...

Started a new job this week. Just a short term factory/warehouse position fixing up some solar panel parts. Is super simple and repetitive work but its not easy at all times mentally. Well, my first day I was stressing a bit but the 2nd and 3rd day went pretty smooth. Is not easy in the pace of the work that's needed, got to bring it but be patient and chill. Smooth is fast, fast is smooth. Just chill and work...just a grind. Slight work but work work, go go go and keep going.

Hopefully my back gets better, I was wanting more of a standing job. Not much in the way of decent employment around where I'm at (wages , though this job still only gets one $118 a day) without you know, more experience or skills and whatnot. Is what it is. I just don't want to do that kind of stuff forever but is good to get out and be working again...should have just got a job earlier.

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