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Be Humble Do Good 2

I think you're making a mistake here, and quoting Peterson and others out of context to make a point that they were not making. I think that the threshold between good and evil can be identified. The problem lies in our biases, limitations and incomplete knowledge to identify it, which is what we have to be mindful of (thus be careful with our judgment) but that's not an argument for the relativism that there's no such thing as good and evil, and therefore no threshold between them. I think this video conveys the wrong message by trivializing evil as being an intrinsic and necessary counterbalance to good, or just a point of view. The fact that we have the capacity for evil doesn't justify it. One important aspect in the definition of evil is consciousness and intention. A lion that kills a prey is following its nature and its intrinsic survival instinct. A person who commits murder, who's conscious of that fact, who pursued it, and who even derived pleasure in doing so, is perverted and evil. He inflicted pain, suffering and destruction for no higher purpose. So I'd start there. We tend to forgive animals and children for their actions, however destructive or painful, because they didn't know any better. I like your videos, but this one I think completely missed the mark. Darkness is the absence of light. Evil is the absence of good. Cheers. Edit: maybe a better definition is that evil is rather the rejection of good. Show less Celeste Palm 4 days ago

Thank you for clarifying what is so necessary for people to understand.Moral relativism laughs cynically at the human conscience. It is a very hollow way to live life.

While I generally enjoy these videos, this is a warped message. It contains a lot of truth, but the sophomoric argument that good and evil exist only relative to each other is just plain wrong. To find the truth, one only has to ask onesself, "Is there a behavior or situation that is categorically good or evil?" In my opinion, inflicting pain and humiliation on another, solely for one's own amusement, is evil. Self-sacrifice, self-denial, and tolerance in furtherance of another's welfare is good. Pain can be constructive, love can be tough; we can't all be saints, but let's not bumble down this path of moral relativism

To quote Ayn Rand from Galt’s Speech, For the New Intellectual:A moral code (Slave Altruism requiring self-sacrifice) impossible to practice, a code that demands imperfection or death, has taught you to dissolve all ideas in fog, to permit no firm definitions, to regard any concept as approximate and any rule of conduct as elastic, to hedge on any principle, to compromise on any value, to take the middle of any road. By extorting your acceptance of supernatural absolutes, it has forced you to reject the absolute of nature.

Reality is an absolute, existence is an absolute, a speck of dust is an absolute and so is a human life. Whether you live or die is an absolute. Whether you have a piece of bread or not, is an absolute. Whether you eat your bread or see it vanish into a looter’s stomach, is an absolute.

“There are no absolutes,” they chatter, blanking out the fact that they are uttering an absolute.


Sheikh Imran always has a very interesting view in my opinion and he's not afraid of expressing it - being humble and that even if wrong, it is just his interpretation and in sharing his knowledge, it opens up minds, especially important in these times, and blessing us with his knowledge learned from many years ago.


Sadhguru has nice motivating videos:

I have my beliefs and they have very similar things within them, but this can help anybody, I believe anyway. It helps me.


This, now this, is when and where you have to start drawing the line. This is a big big line I would say. It makes me upset. Regretful I even voted for this man. This is wrong. I don't care about political identity or any excuses - especially political and geopolitical! It's disgusting and shameful. Goes against everything decent and good. Don't need to watch it all - all the commentary, it doesn't matter. I don't care.

Maybe and I know it hits home closer to me, because I've been to and was in Afghanistan for 9 months and interacted even just a little with some locals...but yeah...


Journaling thoughts: "Need to take care of (your) personal internal affairs". - Am stubborn and full of myself (yes, definitely can have some wrong thinking).

"Slow down" - yes I get restless on off-days and by myself.

Listen, it's not easy all the time. Being wrong and accepting that, or struggling against oneself...

----------------- Friday Khutbah

"Die not except as being in a state of a Muslim".

"Every Prophet was chosen and sent as a Mercy" -

~8:15: Yes, I need to do better.

-Don't waver - be clear w/intentions - Be Humble Do Good.


I appreciate their take but I think they do go a bit soft on him. The President of the U.S. should be grounded and have good words, he and the Dems are really screwing up. Can't even sell themselves anymore. They have "nothing"! - no, but it is very minimal.

It almost does seem like he's not even a real human. Same with Kamala - and nobody, regardless of race, religion, sex or "orientation(s)", etc. should be held up as someone who is infallible and/or not to be questioned.

Freedom of speech - let adults and the world, etc. work themselves out (others). The issue or thing, eventually, we'll see who's right or more right and who's wrong or more wrong.

- How does Biden go so strongly on one issue - vaccine mandates, that is hugely unpopular and questionable even to some on the "far-left" and yet is so middling and meddling on such hugely important geopolitical issues. And all the campaign lies and affronts - like caring about the climate (yet, what are the actions and what's being done and not being done).

They are setting up the GOP and Fox News to disparage the so-called "left" and/or Dems and Biden.

Setting up Dems (many in Congress who are good decent people and politicians and try to introduce and pass some good legislation) to lose seats and power and pave the way for Trump to become President again (which all the MSM news and media will love - they basically helped him win in 2016) (Makes me question if there is a deep state or shadow government). Which I think will hurt the majority of Americans in the long run with more inflationary pressure, debt, while the rich and corporations get richer (Trump does do a good job on some issues domestically and in foreign relations though IMO). Delaying the work that needs done (for change and the future) AND changes to take place. For America. To be fiscally (responsible) and energy independent (knowing that we have to move away from fossil fuels), Fiscally responsible to be able to deal with climate impacts (disasters). To have sovereignty against corporate power over our lives (everyday Americans) (they (the large corporations) themselves being dependent upon the global economy and all the current power systems in place).

- Should have seen Fox News on Thursday night. I agreed with much of what they were saying (but not all, and they inflate fears and try to keep a person glued to the set and stoke the flames of division).

- "The party" needs to end. Deal with reality. We're destroying ourselves and our planet.

- Stop playing with fire and do what is right and good.

- Throw your political labels and all these things etc. into that fire - and use it to fuel warmth and compassion and understanding. Energy and Independence, real freedom. - They will never be able to censor and control the mind. Our founding fathers had a good (really good) understanding of things - look at them, question things and power systems and human development and what is the best way and think for yourself. I'm just me...

"Violence is not the answer"

"Don't get angry"

"Is easy to criticize..."

Forced coercion is not democracy or a means to peace and lasting stability...(duh).

To think that another 4 years of Trump is going to do anything really great or change anything is wishful thinking IMO. He had 4 years already, just a different side of the same coin. We need like two or three more VIABLE political parties, especially given the state and status of our State in the world IMO. ---...

- I don't know what the U.N. is doing on the Afghanistan issue either. Makes me angry and sad. - Peace and may the mercy of Allah SWT be upon the world.

Update Just After Posting (ties in well):

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