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Be. Love. Try and do good and be better. Constantly - Consistently.

Own Video:

9/11 : EXCERPT: 20 years on, ‘The Falling Man’ is still you and me


"If not me, then who?"


The Biggest Wastes Of Time We Regret When We Get Older

5 Habits of High Self-Esteem to Adopt If You Want to Be Happier

30 life lessons I learned before turning 30

A Change That Leads to Unconditional Self-Confidence


And this from "The Crown" - S9: E9.


Sit yourself down.

Jim threw the first punch.

Mnh-mnh. I understand injustice.

We're both exiles.

Both victims and I

understand your anger.

But on its current path,

the world will fill with anger

and soon will be destroyed.

So here, away from the madness,

we must build a new way.

A new school. A new philosophy.

A new ethos.

The world needs saviors.

A generation of remarkable young men

who have put fury behind them,

who embrace their pain

and their struggle.

All men must step into the unknown.

There, only there,

in the annihilation of hate and anger,

and ego, is our salvation.



Good knowledge:

"Don't Keep Calm - Go Change the World".


Update 9/12/21

Good vid /\. Maybe the people of Afghanistan reject the modern westernized version of feminism? There truth(s) is different. Is that a crime? And what is the reality in America and the world? Is lies. It's about power and money. Forein/world objectives and relations. Resources. Trade. Neoliberalism. If the U.S. and the western countries care so much about human life and happiness, then why....[insert a number of different topics and things such as covid-19 vaccine patent protections and/or working to truly tackle climate change on a global scale that holds everyone including the western countries accountable( -> a just economic system that makes sense].

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