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Cancel Culture - Cancel That

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

There should be riots - over this culture and censorship. Real effects of limiting freedom can mean actual suffering and loss of truth, loss of life, impediments to the sciences and therefore implementations for the betterment of society and health of people. Period. No amount of money or power gain should stand against honesty and genuine curiosity/questioning (of direction, effects, the narrative(s), etc.).

What happens honestly? Is pushback - radicalization, or feelings of hopelessness and a loss of hope in life. Maybe a bad untrusting attitude towards other people. Escapism...excuses, etc.

This is nasty - I agree with the editor:

Government monitoring, A.I., all this violence and wars for power...things don't look good for the U.S. either - lots of fears of a huge recession coming and hyperinflation. Man-made viruses...what is the world coming to...

Cancel culture : The same principle applies to vaccine mandates. It is wrong and inhumane. Imposing. Authoritarian. Watched a video on economic collapse (?) - what happens when vaccines are mandatory for all nurses, police officers, etc. and they refuse at the national rate of about 40%? And if the price of food and goods goes up a lot, and the stock market falls, etc. and people are homeless but there's hardly any police? Serious...

The same video also talks about a mileage tax in-lieu of the gas tax. Okay, maybe eventually a bit but wouldn't trying to solve climate change on a global scale actually make more sense and implementing an actual sharing economy (circular economy) based on actual real world products, and waste, etc. and having a money backed by actual real metrics...and maybe just towards a world where there is no increase or decrease in values but just a set limit and a sharing world for all based on sustainability, advancement, arts, etc...



Ignorance. SWT is the most merciful, the most compassionate. The truth. Justice. Love.

Amazing talk about Abraham/Ibrahim (AS) in Islam, fundamentals we as muslims have to work on developing - character - "Do as I say" - strive hard to better ourselves and our character and actions and person and doing unto others even in the face of adversity or even going against yourself, be honest!:


Some cursing in the below "I QUIT" video...

Society is Causing Your Trauma & Addiction: Here is How to Overcome it - Russell Brand

The Cannabis Question I Full Episode I PBS Eons

- I don't believe cannabis is good but it's not the worst thing. It is I believe, definitely a gateway drug, it is, not good for anyone under 18 or even 40 or any age really if one doesn't need it. I think it definitely hurts the brain and one's memory. It is a temporary and costly way of making life more enjoyable, yeah, but the negatives outweigh the positives. It's escapism or enhances escapism, it's a trapping of the world and keeps people down.

- It is sad when people on Twitter, for instance, say, "drugs are good, cops are bad". Where are we heading? Is that leftist politics or is that just stupidity? (mercy! I know)- it seems like, some things on the very left, are leading to a more authoritarian state where the State wants people to be asleep at the wheel. It's okay to censor this and this. It's okay to put in kids' heads ideas of all these things (a sexxed up society, but really, it's not all Hollywood and alcohol and you'll be rich and glamorous - is lies! honestly) and this is what will make you happy. Here, don't worry, do what you want, nothing matters, you don't matter, so can take these drugs" -- end up homeless or something...not good. We all have problems and are all different. Be nice, encourage true goodness and character. Social media is making a lot of people sick (especially mentally).

Straight, gay, in a previous video, never before has there been teens killing themselves over peer pressures and the society/culture before (that I've ever known in history). Never were we so lonely and disconnected from nature and each other (vitamin D! possibly the defense against covid, and helps much against depression). "We live in the loneliest society in human history" - probably true.

- Was researching the effectiveness of the D.A.R.E. program a bit - It's evolved but the effectiveness is still questionable.

I would still support this bill:

I think it sounds good, I came to the same conclusion and thinking...I think Marijuana should be decriminalized federally but still illegal on federal property, for federal employees, etc. I think we should spend more within the "war on drugs", on prevention and rehabilitation but I have worries about rehab being as a totally free service as I think that would give people less worry about going back to doing drugs, thus creating just a continuous cycle of getting on and off drugs. That is a negative, glass-half-empty viewpoint though and it could be good if done the right way and constantly improved so people truly can get off drugs or alcohol for good. I think a better prescription for that truly is the society and life and individual beliefs, such as religion being also to greatly help I imagine. I agree with a Twitter post and my own research (some news stories/articles mostly) saying or summing up that I don't think we have the infrastructure (in America or just within a state) to decriminalize drugs. Nor is it right or fair for other countries such as all the countries South of us and how our (America's) drug consumption ends up hurting so many people and putting money into the hands of criminals (drug lords and cartels). That's reality and people literally questioning our Government employees who are just people doing their jobs as well (and often, putting their lives on the line). Is like on the brink of total breakdown.

Corruption...spreading from the top-down, infecting the whole society and all systems therein..."profit over people".

- The U.S. actually does have a good judicial system though and overall good laws etc. and good ways of spreading/disseminating government power. It's just corruption and lies etc. are starting to "corrode away" and "poison" the body. New thinking and questioning are needed IMO, original thinking, do away with false pretenses and labels. Think for yourself (and take responsibility as well - most people just want the Gov. out of their lives so much and not to take so much money from their paychecks - just working, good people in many instances).


Some more good videos:

What! Is this what our taxpayer's money is going towards? (talk about the war on drugs...which is a legitimate concern, yes, some of our laws are unjust, no doubt about it...and our for profit prison system is unjust and not the best system either. But...yeah...)


Some really good and powerful knowledge:

Exercise! Just get moving. Stretch (mobility), health (mental and physical):


Tribulation and ease (Sheikh Hamzu Yusuf):

What is this world? in Islam, is called the Dunya. (there is so much knowledge in those two videos together, if one just really thinks about it).

Success to me is only :

Haven't watched yet: Justice, Equality & Feminism: the Quranic View with Surkheel Abu Aaliyah


I was looking into Tulsi Gabbard (I like her) and saw..."Gabbard supports a two-tier universal health care plan that she calls "Single Payer Plus"

Researching that more...

I think actually the best and most efficient system, I think (and I'm not an expert but I just like what I like through logic and feeling, etc.) that I think the U.S. should adopt a kind of system of a mix between Japan and France. Maybe Norway as well.

I think it should be studied on and agreed on (voted for, obviously) to adopt (over some time period) a really efficient and better healthcare system taking into account, many different things (such as training and how to pay for those costs, how many nurses and doctors ideally and how to get to that point, the impacts on scientific and societal advancement in/on the subject of human health and well-being) and also the variables (individual costs, how to adapt from a point (from our current system) to the endpoint (to the improved system).


Wake up - We're all being played! - One planet, we're all humans...

The same speaker also talks about being balanced (Muslim people) and how within a society if there are too many restrictions (or trying to impose too "pure" of a society) that it can also then more easily flip the other way - getting too misogynistic, or spiritual (hard-headed religiosity) - the Prophet Muhammed PBUH said, "don't be(come) a radical". Love and mercy are top priorities. Using our brains and being humane to all people and encouraging goodness to others. Islam is really huge, I'm just a newbie. It can be a bit hard and confusing at times. "Easy is hard, hard is easy" (or simple is hard (to apply), complex is easy (easier)) and "with hardship comes ease, with ease comes difficulty".

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