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Chill - Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Uncool news and stuff to make you mad and upset.

Kind of motivating to me anyway but pretty negative and sad:

Read some of "As a Man Thinketh". Thoughts impact emotions. So much upsetting stuff on twitter, or Facebook, in the news, whatever. Was feeling bad today, like I am tired but kind of depressed feeling. Need a job and stuff.

After reading some a bit, was just saying to myself -

"Everything every thing's gonna be all right. Every thing's gonna be ookay"

and it just got me feeling a lot better, thank goodness, and went out and did some stuff...self talk really is important. It's not like you have to lie to yourself or not accept uncomfortable thoughts and things, but just negative thoughts about self, too much, etc. is not healthy. Nor would just congratulating yourself or being hateful to others and angry and stuff be good either.


Is very interesting. Not even a Britney Spears fan or anything but #FreeBritney!. It's not right.


Stuff needs to stop. Would be nice anyway.

Have a good 4th of July!


Really cool and informative Islam video (imo). I try not to post much Islam. Separate religion and politics and political stuff as I think that's best (practices)(plus every one is different, different sects of religion and beliefs, practices etc.,...) Politics I think should be about trying to do what one thinks is right and good for people -> towards perfection, peace, justice, equality for all and advancement of society and the earth for a better and more peaceful earth for humans and I believe, that includes in itself, all of life on earth. Things can be kind of "mean" and unfair within that, requiring sacrifice, but yeah, that is why, because things are not perfect...

I-S-L-A-M. I shall love all mankind.

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