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Deception - Willpower - Peace

"There are two main parties, is like a two party dictatorship in the world" (two choices): Nationalism ("Right-wing", "protectionist", "conservative") or Liberalism ("Left-wing", "secular" (globalist), "liberal").

Keywords on that day for that story: - "Exchange Fire. Exchange fire." Propagated throughout the whole world's mainstream news media.

Agree that we need (everyone looking to make a change in the world and for their followers) peaceful resistance. Actions (like rioting) and "exchanging fire" really only give the other side excuses for greater retaliation and disgraces (follow the Prophet S.A.W., (and even people like Ghandi and Martin Luther King)).

Islam is the truth.

"The truth is the most powerful weapon".

The whole world sees and knows what Israel is doing. What Saudi Arabia is doing. That America is corrupt and does so much bad unto the world. Etc.


Haven't watched yet:


We’re not in the middle of a a recession we’re in the middle of a robbery George Galloway 19K views "#Israel’s US hi-tech weapons kill defenceless children in #Gaza who have nowhere to go and nowhere to live Watch the full @moatsTV show at | @GeorgeGallowayOfficial"

The TRUTH in Ukraine just revealed in stunning leaked documents | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 119K views Newly leaked documents paint a dire situation in Ukraine as Zelensky releases prisoners to fight the war. Roger Waters blasts propaganda news CNN for pushing a war. Tom Wheelwright joins us...

Useful Idiots Monday Mourning with Katie Halper and Aaron Maté usefulidiots 27K views Become a Useful Idiots for extended interviews and bonus content at Katie Halper and Aaron Maté go over the worst moments of the Sunday morning news shows...

India is at a dangerous moment. The voices of Hindutva - Hindu supremacy - are ascending, spreading division and hate speech. It has worked its way through the body politic like a slow-acting...

The Inflation Reduction Act is, "unequivocally a misnomer", according to Michael Gayed, portfolio manager at Toroso Investments and publisher of The Lead-Lag Report. He tells our Daniela Cambone...


Sad :( :(

Why are Muslims following some celebrity when we have the Prophet Muhammad? S.A.W. That's pretty sad :( :(


"Healing comes from talking about your problems" "Moving on spiritually, from trauma, comes from acknowledging you have a problem" (loose transliation). - Sheikh Omar Baloch. It's okay. Don't go numb. Talk about your problem(s). Heal. "We have the upper hand, we have the truth". "We are weak yes, we are put in prison yes, but...we can defeat them intellectually".

"What is civil disobedience?"

"Block the system" "Block the roads". The tide will turn in your favor.

"We are ready to die". Do it for the sake of Allah" - You can not defeat a people who are willing to die (The power of Islam).

"Don't lose your MORAL courage". Stand up.

"You cannot win against a people, who have a certain level can say, have a feeling of humanism for. To kill someone, to oppress someone, you have to de-humanize them."

"And the role of the media can be great in creating this human aspect." - ("The human stories of people in Palestine").

"If we can't be powerful physically, then we can still be powerful intellectually. The truth is the most powerful weapon; And, become more powerful spiritually". ( :( :( )

They have no heart. No heart ( :( :( )

"Zionism is a defunk idea" - Zionism does not equal Judaism! IT IS not "anti-semitic" to speak or to stand up for truth and/or be sad about innocent people being murdered and people being oppressed and their land and houses being taken in the name of religion.

"Muslims in need to get ready to die. You have to understand, you are in a prison and they can kill you at any time (and they have no heart, no heart). They don't even see you as a human; and that is what you have to challenge..."

"Isreal is so divided, they have so many problems amongst themselves, have so many of their own problems" (sounds a lot like Americans and a lot of "the West").

"Muslims need to have an alliance with Christians in Palestine" - and other places, obviously, in and throughout the world...need to show the world that Muslims and Christians are together - on a lot of issues(!) - "the great reset / green agenda, economic problems (inflation), all these problems, all kinds of problems...really, (expanding upon that) we as this earth, our one earth (out in the vastness of space) one humanity...where are we going? how do we get there - technology, artificial intelligence, what kind of world do we want for our kids? etc., etc.




Word of the day for Thursday 8/11/2022: "Raid"

--------- Uh oh, socialism! - they're scared: (God bless):

Maybe a little cursing, I didn't notice too much though:

Obviously...throughout all the news the story was about Trump being RAIDED by the FBI. Makes one think if "they" are trying to cover up this story (on the internet and Google for example (search engines), because they know about "keywords" and internet searches).


Al hamdu lillah. He found me (lost) and guided me.


Haven't watched all yet:

NATO expansion might have provoked the war in Ukraine, but surrounding Russia isn’t the organization’s only pursuit. NATO participated in the US “war on terror” in Afghanistan, NATO...

Sarah Bartlett Churchwell (born May 27, 1970) is a professor of American Literature and Public Understanding of the Humanities at the School of Advanced Study, University of London, UK. Her...


Oh geez:

Thoughts: Aren't the German people smarter than this? (people are going to revolt against stupid political actions/leaders etc. - often, yes, it is either more nationalist and fascist or liberal (in the modern west in the modern west, modern modern modern...(it's so great isn't it? "We're the best and most civilized and smartest")


Corruption....(sad). Good to watch and see people in such a diverse country (would be good for a lot of Americans to watch I believe) - Have always been attracted to Lebanon and feel sorry for it's state after learning about it a bit a few years back.



-----> Nice! :

The Courage to Face Covid-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex

Led me to some other interesting-looking books: -->



----> Good review (IMO)

June 9, 2022*Free copy given in exchange for an honest review* Warning, I am going to be very negative in this review. I am also going to spoil a lot of the main points in order to point out how absurd they are so if you want to read book than don’t read this review. I’m going to heartily say to not bother reading the book though. It was a waste of my time and it’s going to be a waste of your time. The basic premise of this book is that in order to save humanity from climate change and increase the quality of life for humanity what needs to be done is use more fossil fuels instead of less. And not just use less fossil fuels, remove almost all regulations from their use. I can see that the author is passionate about the subject but this book may actively go against his cause. I’m trying to be diplomatic in my review of this and oh boy is it dang near impossible. It’s been a long time since I’ve read worse logic and reasoning in a book. I didn’t know the arguments in here were ones that people actually use in real life. I thought they were fake arguments. Some of the gems are: - Who cares if global warming increases the planet’s temperature. Air conditioning exists and that totally cancels that out. - Global warming affects things more in the winter than summer and we all want it to be warmer in the winter am I right? - Rising global temperatures will mean that people will stop freezing to death and that’s a good thing. - Stronger storms aren’t a big deal just build sturdier buildings. - The infrastructure needed to support green energy is cost prohibitive to build. But drought isn’t a bad thing because we can totally afford to build a bunch of irrigation infrastructure to fix that. And aid can always be shipped in if we can’t that totally isn’t a burden on other countries. - Wildfires aren’t a big deal. Just increase logging! Wildfires can’t happen if you cut the trees down. - Increased CO2 in the air is a good thing because plants eat that so more CO2 equals more plants. - We don’t have to worry about runaway climate change because we definitely will invent new ways to deal with climate change in the future. Don’t know what ways but I’m sure it will happen trust me. - Green energy isn’t viable but if it was the system would oppose it. Okay I have no proof but I’m gonna say that it would be anyway trust me. -Oceans can be mastered even though we know almost nothing about them. But if it can’t be who cares the land is more important than the ocean. - If the climate gets too bad in one part of the world people can just move to a better part. Also climate refugees are barely going to be a thing. - Dangerous thunderstorms and hurricanes aren’t all that bad after all the setting can be very romantic. - Experts about climate change might be wrong because they were wrong about slavery being a good thing right? The author claims that we need to listen to experts in their fields for knowledge in subjects and then says that he will only accept that you are a climate expert if you agree with him. Dismisses the opinions of everyone that is worried about climate change and climate disaster as being biased but the people that are more moderate or agree with him are definitely correct and not biased in any way. If you support green energy in any way you can’t be trusted. Just about the only thing I agree with him on is that we need to find a way to increase the use of nuclear energy. Also this book is way too long. It would have been so much shorter if he didn’t repeat himself so often. I don’t need a chapter recap in the middle of a chapter. I just read it. You don’t need to summarize previous chapters multiple times. I started to feel like I was going to be quizzed at the end. I’m almost convinced that this is some kind of elaborate satire/troll that I’m just not getting. I refuse to believe that someone can be this stupid. I won’t believe that someone can be this stupid. Writing this right after finishing the book I may come back later to edit or add to make my point more clear. As of now I give this one star. Don’t read this. It’s not worth your time.

----> Agree

mckensea47 reviews9 followersFollow May 15, 2022How this book was allowed to be published is beyond me. If I could get it a zero I would. Not only are the arguments against climate change and for fossil fuels old and tired, they have been dealt with over and over again. We are at a time where we need climate advocacy and for people to be given proper information on what's going on and still you allow THIS to be published? This is basically a conspiracy theory as so much of the "science" is cherry-picked and completely inaccurate. Whoever allowed this book to go to publication should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.

----> Don't be arrogant, don't be fooled, but it's understandable........

FLIPPING THE ENERGY DEBATE SCRIPT TO PRO-HUMAN If you’re like me, you’ve long tired of arguing about the data inconsistencies, hypocrisy, and insane push to eliminate fossil fuels from our lives. Yet there is no denying the dire consequences of today’s so-called green policies that are crashing economies for no apparent reason other than to justify an arbitrary, self-imposed deadline to transition into a new era of how and where we get our energy. Fortunately, Alex Epstein’s new book Fossil Future: Why Global Human Flourishing Requires More Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas – Not Less was just released, and not a moment too soon. Epstein continues his logical approach to the subject of fossil fuels from his first bestselling book and broadens it into a context-based moral framework, bringing new tools to warriors battling extreme climate policies and their backers, politicians, foundations, and non-governmental organizations. Rather than persisting in the losing tactic of yet more data or louder protestations, he instead places the debate squarely on what’s been missing from all the discussions: the net positive impact of humans’ reliance on this most cost-effective energy source in order to continue progress and innovation for already-developed countries, and to support undeveloped countries to reach their potential to thrive, too. In other words, Epstein checked the premise of the anti-fossil fuel movement and determined it is built solely on an immoral conviction that human impact, and thus human life, is catastrophic for the planet. Epstein decries that agenda as too one-sided to ignore, then redefines the battlefield with his unique perspective. His answer is our new weapon against cries of environmental activists. More of a critical thinking “how-to” work than anything else, Epstein first defines the entire knowledge system we rely on - experts, synthesizers, disseminators, and evaluators - and proceeds to show how easily they have become unethically biased, distorted, amplified, and finally revered. Most importantly, he demonstrates that the authorities that the media interviews time and again about energy are fixated on assessing negative human environmental impact as the primary moral goal, nothing more. As we learned too late during the COVID lockdowns, few policymakers or their “green” supporters have given much thought to the economic consequences of their incessant advocacy to eliminate fossil fuels. They simply desire to re-capture what has never existed - a peaceful earthly paradise. Leaning on his background as a philosopher and obviously influenced by Ayn Rand, Epstein presents a new moral imperative framework for future debates based on human flourishing, instead. He encourages weighing both the pros and the cons equally to determine whether fossil fuels (and humans) improve life or destroy it. Rather than deifying Mother Nature and pretending the natural world is a safe cocoon for all life as long as humans don’t muck it up with pollution and nuclear weapons, Epstein shrugs off this utopian dream and proves that humans have made the planet more livable, safer, cleaner, and more productive through the use of machinery, manufactured and powered by fossil fuels, to deliver ample food, breakthrough technology, life-saving medicines, clean water, and most importantly, the time to research new solutions for our future needs. Interestingly, Epstein embraces increased CO2 levels as a positive sign for life forms which require moderate temperatures to survive, as well as a challenge to identify and exploit future energy sources which have the potential to be even more cost-effective than fossil fuels. Until that time, however, he makes a compelling case for increasing our use of oil, coal, and natural gas, with his final chapter dedicated to give you the tools to make your own arguments, one-on-one, to disbelievers in your circle of contacts. This book is highly relevant today, and indispensable to those willing to wade through the wealth of proof and philosophical underpinnings of Epstein’s research and first-hand experiences debating the anti-fossil fuel crowd for many years. It’s long, thorough, yet without narrative stories to soothe or excess data to numb you. (For those seeking quick answers, I recommend Chapter 3 and Chapter 11.) Epstein makes his case completely and thoroughly, and his passion for the topic and the power of his solutions shine through.

6 likes 1 comment

Socrates Finch2 reviews1 followerFollow May 31, 2022(the following is excerpted from my full review, which you can read here: https://socratesintrospections.substa...) This book might just become the most important book of this decade. As Alex Epstein goes into in Fossil Future, for over half a decade our cultural and educational institutions have been promoting climate change as a drastic solution and going *green* (solar and wind energy) as not just the rational answer, but the moral answer. Thus, to counteract climate hysteria and—as he describes it, the “anti-impact framework”—we need to respond with a solution that is moral in nature. Although a rational argument for fossil fuels, and in general energy that is not *green,* is very crucial—and Alex Epstein does present the rational argument for fossil fuels also and does it very well—the moral argument for fossil fuels is just as important, if not more so. Thankfully, a huge portion of the book covers this angle. Fossil Future is a masterpiece of freedom-centric literature.

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I would just like to say, that yes, we live in a carbon world... that doesn't mean that its good for our planet for CO2 levels to rise as they have. BUT...yes, I don't think any sane person wants a Great Reset (owner-slave system) nor do we want a really hot and insufferable world (etc...).

Prove (really) all the science and scientists wrong if one can.


Looking at exercise information and videos (I have tight hips and some problems, some shoulder pain/immobility, some forward head do a lot of people, good info) :

The 5 Best At Home Exercises for Low Back Pain (DON'T STRETCH!) Precision Movement 32K views Relieve low back pain with these easy-to-follow at-home exercises. Plus, they don’t require any equipment. If your back hurts right now, don’t start static stretches. That can further... Stretching WON’T Fix Forward Head Posture [But THESE exercises will!] Precision Movement 2M views Fixing forward head posture corrects more than aesthetics. Medical studies find that FHP leads to wear and tear on your spine, which can turn into neck pain, shoulder pain, and headaches. Yikes!... 3 Keys to Rehab a Rotator Cuff Tear & AVOID Surgery [UNIQUE EXERCISES] Precision Movement 443K views Rehab your rotator cuff pain at home with Dr. B’s 3 easy steps. Coach E and Dr. B demonstrate safe exercises that won’t do further damage to your shoulder and most people find long-term... SHOULDER IMPINGEMENT: 8 Exercises and Strategies to Treat it For Good Precision Movement 563K views Don’t let that nagging pinch continue on. This shoulder impingement rehab guide will teach you 8 effective exercises and strategies to treat it for good. Liked this video? Give it a thumbs...

----- "Get Outside, Every Day" ------ This guy is always shirtless in his vid's and stuff but he does have a lot of good information and videos and advice (guy is very in-shape (beast), so I bet following him and his teachings wouldn't or couldn't be too bad of an idea or thing...) :

Is this MORE important than DIET & Exercise? Strength Side 266K views What could be more important to our health than diet & exercise......? Full Body Strength & Mobility Program ► My Free Program ► https://www.strength...


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