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"For Justice"

Bismallah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem. Al Hamdu Lillah Rabbill Alameen.

"For liberty, for justice, for all" - How can there be liberty (freedom - and peace - ) if there is no justice?

For all? How can there be liberty (freedom and peace) if the world economic system has favors/positions/imbalances...

How can the U.N. and others - the W.H.O., the U.S., Europeans, etc., say we support freedom (and peace and "progress") when it takes actions that force other countries and leaders onto (and into - actions) their own worldviews (the "rules-based international order") while rejecting the security and sovereignty of others (Russia for example) and saying it supports democracy (eastern Ukraine Donbas region - shelled for 8 long years by their own government, foreign language banned - that is not democracy - that's genocide).


For liberty for justice for all...-> time. That's Allah - Subhannah Wal Taaalaa ﷾﷾﷾

Only God knows all things and is, therefore, The Only One qualified to give full justice and peace and "security". "Master of the day of...". Glorious and exalted He is (above all things). All the heavens and creation bow down and stand in amazement at/of Him - except Iblis - and man and jinn we're...arrogant. Haughty. Weak. Prone to talking back, defending self, etc. (ego). Made a slip. Adam Alayhi As-Salaam - sent down in this lowly worldly life for a time - to be tested - we will be brought back to Allah - so where(ever) are you going and running off to?


It is necessary but hard in this time and place to stand and speak out against all the bad - 'enjoining the good and forbidding evil'. It can be kind of stressful, especially if one is an introvert, to be quite different (and so, having to explain intelligently to the better of ones abilities in the moment) and call for action and change - to stand. A book am reading - "Collective Illusions" - actually goes into how not being accepted by society and our peers actually causes physiological stress reactions in the body that can then manifest in actual physical pain. Even our online interactions (social media) has/can have the same kind of social effects - being liked and also disliked - which makes sense given that collectively our society is more disconnected in terms of real physical social connections but people, especially the youth, are very, or can get, very addicted to online interactive services (apps), especially females; But what if one is on a different spiritual level and has very good mastery over themselves and their energy -



Made me mad - Why...(Putin...)...(Africa)...(indoctrination - ideologies of - the West...) why would one who calls themselves a scholar, still think/believe, America and the West have Africa's (and the Middle East's) best interests at heart? Why would one think that the elites of the world have a care about a poor person in Africa? These are killers - liars - they can't be trusted - deals made (international deals and agreements) and actions taken (on the world stage) that go beyond all limits and leading the world to possible bi-polaristic(...) and nuclear war and killing and slaughter and destruction (Ukraine). For what...?. This dunya (low worldly life)? C'mon now -

Africa - what does one think of when they hear the word Africa in one word? In my mind - exploitation. Two words? - exploitative subjugation.

Why would the 3rd and 2nd world countries of the world trust the West? Actually, I would say, that the 2nd world countries are now becoming the "leaders" of the world - to whom the 3rd world countries look to for examples and for help. - The West with America in the lead is only hurting itself at this point - look at the Ukraine war situation right now and the sanctions backfiring on Europe. America's moving towards (along with much of the West) economic militarisitc nationalism - I mean, we are supporting Nazi's in Ukraine - just trying to cut and kill some more Russians even though it's resulting in the destruction of Ukraine as any type of decent state and place to live and Ukrainians are being sent to their graves via their leaders and being led to extremist paths (possible, definitely - hell fire awaits terrorists).

- I see so many of the Ukrainian supporters on Twitter who have seemingly lost their minds and humanity and seemingly only want blood and support Ukraine no matter what, no matter the costs, losing all sense and reasoning - thinking ability. So much nonsense is fed to us via media and false news saying Russians are crazy low I.Q. - don't know how to fight, being slaughtered, losing so so much, when actually the hysteria is found in the West and the Ukraine supporters. Putin and the Russians are calm and going about business. It's a "special military operation" (SMO) and has been. They haven't declared all out war. They haven't just embarked on en-masse destruction - bombing of Kiev. They could if they wanted to. They could destroy Ukraine and all of the NATO bases around Ukraine, training and being used as logistical transport (military) hubs. They have hyper-sonic missiles. They are Russia. - 1.8 times the size of the United States. The U.S. military and all of NATO would have a hell of a war on their hands if we undertook conventional war against Russia trying to invade upon them in their territory. It's over. Bahkmut is lost - Russia is securing the East of Ukraine, nullifying the strongest defensive positions/lines. Ukraine is running low on men, running low on supplies, running low in moral - moral especially that is composed and steady - that's what is needed in a war - a battle situation ("sabr" - patience, steadfastness, forbearance) not just angry and foolhardiness kind of thinking that can get one and ones subordinates killed in a war.


I don't understand the support of Israel from Christians and Jewish people in the West. The Bible says "Do not kill". Do not steal. Do not envy thy neighbor. Love thy neighbor. Fear God The Most High. - Don't ruin your soul. Don't ruin your heart. Don't hold/harbor so much hatred inside. Heal up. Repent. Plant good. Trust in God though. - So who are God's people on this Earth right now? May God forgive us and may the world go to a better state - a more peaceful and sane state of affairs than this and these situations.

Okay video...interesting:

Hold to truth, do good work, be humble, have patience.

Who would want war with Russia and China and over what? For what? (hint, hint: - Michael Hudson - "Super Imperialism"). Who would want to go and be sent to and have to kill - even North Koreans? Over what? Think I care enough to risk and lay down own's life and killing (killing in the name of) people because of....? - "Now you do what they tell ya" (Rage Against the Machine - lyrics). No...why is it America's job and the blood of the working people, their lives, their families' hardships, to lay down life and limb for these people in Washington or Milan or London or



Amazing speech by George Galloway - what a great man. He should be the P.M. of Britain in my humble opinion. Peace be upon him and his family.


honorable gentleman Gallant officers of

0:13 the military

0:16 there's an awful lot of fighters in here

0:18 have you noticed they're all ready to

0:19 fight

0:22 I would have opposed this Motion in

0:24 1933. for the reasons Adam bretted by my

0:28 colleagues and their opening speeches

0:32 in fact I would have been the first in

0:34 the queue of the recruiting office

0:37 had I been alive to fight fascism indeed

0:41 I would have been agitating

0:43 to fight fascism in Spain three years

0:46 before the second World War

0:50 in 1936 both of my grandfathers

0:54 fought fascism

0:55 under Montgomery

0:57 all the way from El Alamein to Monte

1:00 Casino

1:05 Lance Bond foreign

1:09 battery 2 Army Cadet Force I'm a former

1:13 Cadet in the Royal Marines

1:16 a pool endorse it

1:18 I'm not a pacifist

1:21 in fact I'll go five rounds with Tobias

1:23 Elwood

1:25 after the debate if he's up for it

1:29 and I'm twice his age

1:30 [Applause]

1:34 [Music]

1:35 but the people on the other side arguing

1:37 against this motion have already damned

1:41 most of the wars that I came here to

1:45 oppose you you even opposed the first

1:48 World War

1:49 and the Afghan War and the Iraq War

1:55 Tobias Elwood tells us he opposed the

1:59 Iraq War

2:00 I missed up

2:03 when I was leading the fight against it

2:05 but I'm delighted

2:07 that nowadays you cannot find anyone

2:11 who will support

2:13 these wars the our politicians gave us

2:18 in this 21st century

2:21 you are quite wrong yes

2:32 no I don't agree with the intervention

2:36 in either of those those cases a better

2:38 case could have been made for the

2:41 Falklands

2:42 an intervention I did support put that

2:46 in your pipe and smoke it because that

2:49 was a direct attack

2:53 on British people

2:55 British citizens

2:57 and I supported it but the examples you

3:00 give are not good ones I'm sorry I gave

3:03 way to you

3:04 I'm not going to dwell on the king

3:09 it's just as well he's got a divine

3:10 right to be king because nobody would

3:13 ever have picked him

3:14 least of all his own family on this day

3:19 in

3:20 1649 on this day the ramp Parliament a

3:25 better Parliament than we have today

3:27 passed the following motion

3:30 the office of a king

3:34 in this land

3:36 is unnecessary

3:39 burdensome and dangerous to the life and

3:43 Liberty

3:44 and public interest of the people of

3:48 this nation

3:49 I wish the parliament would pass that

3:51 motion today

3:54 I'm not going to dwell on the king for

3:56 it would be an absurdity as has been

3:59 acknowledged here

4:01 that because King Charles tells you

4:03 you've got to go and fight and die in a

4:06 war you're going to do it

4:09 utterly absurd so let's turn to Country

4:13 who is the country what is the country

4:16 who are you going to fight for Rishi

4:20 sunak

4:23 you you are bridged the lack of height

4:27 of my colleague have you seen Rishi

4:31 sunak

4:35 in fact

4:37 [Music]

4:39 if you if you push the landscape on

4:42 sunak's shoulders you still wouldn't

4:44 even get a Napoleon these are small men

4:49 are you really going to follow give them

4:51 a blank check yes I'll fight for you

4:54 Rishi sunak

4:57 you only have to roll the name

5:00 or his predecessor

5:03 what was our name

5:05 Liz truss are you telling me they have

5:08 less trusts said you had to go to war

5:11 and die you do it because she was the

5:15 Prime Minister

5:16 Tony Blair

5:19 Tony Blair yes I knew you were an I knew

5:23 you were an idiot from the sunglasses

5:25 that you are wearing

5:29 Tony Blair anyone

5:33 Tony Blair anyone

5:35 who caused the death of a million people

5:40 and Counting who cascaded fanatic

5:44 islamist extremism around the world you

5:48 call them spores the murder Cult of Isis

5:52 Al-Qaeda

5:54 the head chopping throat Cutters The

5:57 Million Dead Iraqis and you want to do

6:00 all again

6:02 by signing a blank check to Tobias

6:05 Elwood

6:07 he told you did you notice the word that

6:09 he the caveat that he slipped in for you

6:12 there's no conscription

6:15 yet he said did you notice it

6:19 he was on television less than two weeks

6:23 ago calling for martial law to be

6:27 introduced in this country



and if we had martial law we wouldn't be

6:42 having this debate

6:44 and that might not be long before you

6:47 can take off your farha and put on a ten

6:50 one

6:51 and go off the fight and die

6:55 on the question of whether copiansk

6:59 is on one side of a line

7:02 when it's been in four different

7:04 countries in the last hundred years you

7:06 ready to die for that

7:08 because I'm not

7:10 and I'm not ready for sure

7:13 to give a blank check to politicians

7:16 to command my loyalty

7:19 my loyalty is to God to my religion I

7:22 believe in Saint Thomas aquinas's

7:26 concept of the just War I'll fight in a

7:30 just War if somebody attacks us I'll

7:33 fight them

7:35 getting on in years as I am

7:39 I'll tell my son to go and fight them

7:41 all of my sons all of my daughters for a

7:45 just cause

7:47 but you're not fighting for a just cause

7:50 if you sign up to the concept that you

7:54 will fight for king and country

7:58 because that's an unqualified

8:01 commitment that you are making


I would fight for Russia in their just war and in their economic ideological cause for a just and fair multi-polar world.


care after combat looking

9:09 after people that have been abandoned by

9:13 the politicians that Gailey sent them

9:16 into war where is Tommy Atkins he's on

9:20 the streets with the homeless people

9:22 where is Tommy Atkins

9:25 he's in the mental health hospital

9:27 damaged and abundant by those that sent

9:30 him into war where is Tommy Atkins he's

9:34 disproportionately in the prison system

9:37 and not as a Warder where is Tommy

9:40 Atkins

9:41 he's disproportionately hooked on drugs

9:45 he's in Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester

9:48 I've picked him up myself

9:51 hooked on Fentanyl

9:53 and all these new opioids that's what

9:57 Tommy Atkins

9:59 ends up doing

10:01 in Tori Britain they send these men off

10:05 to war filled with their fake patriotism

10:09 King and Country straw hats and trumpets

10:13 and when they come back they have no use

10:15 for them they leave them to rot on the

10:19 streets without houses jobs Futures hope

10:24 so don't come here and wave your flags

10:28 at me don't come here

10:31 and sound the tinny brass trumpet of

10:35 your patriotism yes we will fight

10:40 for the working people of this country

10:42 yes we will fight for the good things

10:45 about our way of life by the way when

10:47 did you fall out of love with using

10:50 Armed Force to take territory

10:53 we we control 25

10:56 of the entire world's surface and ruled

11:00 one third of the people of the world

11:03 under our flag all of it taken by armed

11:07 Conquest all of those people held in

11:11 subjugation by the British Empire and

11:14 now they want to parade as if they were

11:16 Boy Scouts the oppose the acquisition of

11:20 other people's territory by force these

11:23 hypocrites

11:25 Robert Burns my national poet put it

11:29 this way in an ode on the occasion of a

11:33 national Thanksgiving

11:35 ye Hypocrites are these your pranks

11:40 to Murder Men and give God thanks

11:44 halt! desist! go nay farther!

11:48 God'll no accept your thanks for

11:51 murder

I move



"I think if anyone has

0:31 to apologize right now it's me as an American who uh you know my taxpayer dollars are being used to

0:37 wage a proxy world war against Russia well Jackson thank you so much at the same time you know I have

0:44 to say that on the personal level I love America I spend a lot of years working in the United States

0:50 and have no problem with people of America the only problems they do have with politicians of

0:55 the United States that are not willing to tell the truth and they're not willing to face the

1:01 reality and nowadays when they're supporting Nazi regime and their line to the face of the American

1:08 people that's uh that's very disappointing but how do you see it all from the United States because

1:15 you saw your president in Ukraine on the present days and in Poland but not in the United States

1:23 where there are a lot of problems and a lot of places where people are waiting for the president

1:31 you're exactly right I mean the American people feel just you know left out to dry

1:36 essentially we've got President's Day underway in the U.S right now and Joe Biden is having a

1:42 little tour through Ukraine and through Poland as he promises to send hundreds of millions more

1:48 dollars in military supports weapons munition uh to Ukraine as they continue to escalate this proxy

1:56 war against the Russian people okay and as you pointed out we've got a lot of problems here we've

2:01 got probably 500 to 600 000 homeless Americans that are wondering where they're going to get

2:07 their next meal each and every day and just as we're recording this in East Palestine Ohio which

2:15 is Middle America it's part of the you know it's part of the region of our country that built what

2:20 America is today there are many people suffering right now with no help no Aid no assistance from

2:28 the federal government or the Biden Administration and as they are suffering from the health impacts

2:33 of a trained derailment in a controlled burn of chemicals that are being released into the

2:39 atmosphere into the Waterway right now so a lot of people are wondering why is Joe Biden

2:44 muddling around in Ukraine if he's the president of America you know it's a question I think we all

2:50 know the answer to it's a rhetorical one but it's a it's a question and the answer that is to be

2:55 provided is that simply he stands with Ukraine more than he stands with the American people



but what's the point what's the point of all this American activity in Europe what's the

3:10 real purpose of all this well the American people understand full and well that Russia

3:17 and China are two major Commodities producing Nations they are Russia and particular as a

3:23 nation that upholds you know traditional Family Values Russia is a nation that is not trying to

3:29 sexualize children or anything of the sort and America specifically Joe Biden the Democratic

3:35 party neo-conservative members of the Republican Party understand that that is a threat to what

3:43 they want to instill upon the American populace okay Russia becoming strong represents hope

3:48 for so many across the world that have fallen victim uh to the United States as imperialism

3:54 and you know the London's imperialism for many many decades now and Russia is not bending the

4:01 knee it's not rolling over and you know admitting defeat and Russia understands that if they did do

4:07 that they would end up like the nations of of Syria or Libya or the former Yugoslavia not to

4:13 say that they rolled over and accepted defeat but they would be Russia would be Rubble so I as an

4:19 American as an American Patriot as an American Patriot even more specifically whose ancestors

4:26 sailed to this country on the Mayflower wrote the Mayflower Compact fought in the American

4:30 Revolution I'm very happy to see what the Russians and the Russian people and your allies are doing

4:37 but how come that Russia that for so many years loved America and loved the American

4:43 people and were all there for the United States and now we ended up as the number

4:49 one threat for the United States although we never made a step against the United States

4:54 when the tragedy of 9 11 happened our present was the first one to place a call and we actually

5:03 we did whatever we could even that was a mistake right now to understand helping in Afghanistan

5:09 but when it all went wrong and how come that America lost Russia and probably for good

5:19 I think America has lost Russia for good assuming that the leadership class in America does not

5:26 change and the reason for this is because as we kind of just discussed Russia refused to

5:32 bend the knee Russia says that we are a sovereign country sure we can reflect we

5:37 can respect the fact that maybe America wants to try and maintain this unipolarity this hegemony

5:42 across the globe and Putin even said this as such I believe in 2016 when he was talking to

5:48 Oliver Stone in those famous documentaries he said you know if the West if the United

5:54 States wants to try and maintain This Global Supremacy they can try to do that so long as

5:59 they don't meddle in The Sovereign Affairs of Russia which obviously they've done in your

6:05 media in your uh you're trying to infiltrate your labor unions trying to infiltrate corporations

6:10 trying to infiltrate government you know running these proxy candidates that are sellouts to the

6:16 American CIA to infiltrate your government and all of the that has failed up until this point

6:21 thanks in large part due to the leadership of Vladimir Putin so now the United States has

6:26 taken the gloves off and is waging an all-out war against Russian civilization and it didn't

6:32 work when Napoleon tried this it didn't work when Hitler tried this I don't think it's going

6:37 to work now but they're giving it everything they've got and I think matters are worse than

6:41 they've ever been between the United States and Russia even in the Cold War the United

6:47 States and the Soviet Union still had lines of communication open we don't have that now and

6:53 as a result of all the treaties and agreements that the West has broken refuse to implement and

6:59 frankly torn up over the past several decades Russia now today as we saw in Putin's amazing

7:04 Illuminating speech in the uh before the federal assembly said that you know Russia was going to

7:09 be suspending its participation and the start agreement so I don't think things are added in

7:16 the right direction it's not because of Russia it's because of the United States




21 principles in the path of aloneness

0:06 by Miyamoto Musashi

0:10 number one

0:11 accept everything just the way it is

0:16 rather than wish for a life without

0:18 suffering look for the strength to

0:21 Suffer Well and overcome it in the end

0:25 number two

0:27 do not seek pleasure for its own sake

0:29 reject Pleasures which only bring

0:32 short-term gratification suffer today

0:35 and live tomorrow as a king among men

0:39 number three

0:41 do not under any circumstances depend on

0:45 a partial feeling

0:47 take your time to consider an important

0:49 decision

0:50 weigh its merits with unclouded judgment

0:52 and you will make the right choice when

0:54 the time comes

0:57 number four

0:58 think lightly of yourself and deeply of

1:02 the world

1:03 if you only focus on yourself you will

1:06 miss the Wonder and knowledge that the

1:08 world has to offer




Chris Hedges speaks at Rage Against the War Machine

People's Podcast • 3.9K views



0:03 is the Primal sin

0:05 from which all other sins derive

0:08 idols

0:10 tempt us to become God

0:13 they demand the sacrifice of others

0:17 in the Mad quest for wealth

0:20 Fame

0:21 and Power

0:23 but the idol always ends by requiring

0:26 self-sacrifice

0:29 leaving us to perish on the blood-soaked

0:32 altars we erected for others

0:36 for Empires are not murdered

0:39 they commit suicide at the feet of the

0:43 idols that entrance them

0:46 we are here today

0:48 to denounce

0:50 the unelected

0:52 unaccountable

0:54 High Priests of Empire who funnel the

0:58 bodies of millions of victims along with

1:01 trillions

1:03 of dollars of our national wealth into

1:06 the bowels of our own version of the

1:09 Canaanite Idol Malik

1:13 [Applause]

1:14 thank you

1:16 the political class

1:19 the media

1:21 the entertainment industry the

1:23 financiers and even religious

1:25 institutions

1:27 Bay like wolves

1:30 for the blood of Muslims

1:33 or Russians

1:35 or Chinese

1:37 or whoever the idol has demonized as

1:40 Unworthy of life

1:43 there were no rational objectives in the

1:46 wars in Iraq Afghanistan Syria Libya and

1:52 Somalia and there are none in Ukraine

1:58 permanent War

2:00 an industrial Slaughter are their owny

2:03 justification


3:05 these pimps of War do not see the

3:08 corpses of their victims

3:11 I did

3:12 including children

3:15 every lifeless body

3:17 I stood over as a reporter

3:20 in Guatemala

3:22 El Salvador Nicaragua Palestine Iraq

3:27 Sudan Yemen Bosnia and Kosovo month

3:32 after month

3:34 year after year

3:36 exposed their moral bankruptcy