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Geopolitics (Live)

Bismillah - Ar-Rahman - Ar-Raheem - All praise and thanks be to Allah the Most High, Most Gracious Most Merciful.


----Videos this week (Sep. 17) - These are amazing...

PLEASE tell anybody OVER-65: Stay STRONG by doing THIS Dr. Suneel Dhand • 103K views I cannot overstate the importance of doing this simple thing... Dr Dhand Real Health Academy: Uncensored Awakened Community on Locals: https://drsuneeldhand.loca...

This was an alright talk in my view by Professor Wolf's with the too high of standards I set for him: Global Capitalism: A Resurging US Labor Movement [September 2023] Democracy At Work 40K views Global Capitalism Richard D. Wolff Wednesday, September 13, 2023 at 7:30 PM Premiere: d@w YouTube channel: Wed., September 13, 2023 @ 7:30 PM EST. This lecture will also be available...

I was started to work on adding this to my main website potentially and it works to put it here:

Geopolitics --- I believe in making peace with Russia and China and working towards a multi-polar world – A just (fair) economic order/world and a true “democratic” world

It doesn’t matter if that is truly the true intentions of Russia, China and BRICS (BRICS+) etc., but I am not a total or even, on the right political-economic spectrum of being a capitalist nor am I an imperialist. Nor am I a neoliberal / a proponent of corporate-capitalist globalism and exploitation (creating class hierarchies that are forever held in place by economic and/through political means of corruption that is advertised or pushed as (a) “free markets” and “democracy”). Nor would I define myself as a Marxist/Socialist or communist but that economic analysis and reasoning in my view, can be helpful in imagining or “seeing” and thinking differently in this very capitalist-dominated world and moment in time.

Is often easier to have examples and to dive into conversations on topics than it is to explain and talk about things from an empty or blank space so to speak so I would like to use videos etc. – conversations and that which also provide some more substantial evidence of “right” thinking so to speak or having the so-called, “right” way (in my view) of looking at the world and trying to see (or piece-together) the situation; thus then, one isn’t you know, “insane” in their political and secular line of reasoning, that is, in the hope that (hopefully) one is consistent throughout in moral matters dealing with the secular and their epistemology and/or line or reasoning and thinking on such matters.


US efforts to strangle China & reassert hegemony - Jeffrey Sachs, Alexander Mercouris & Glenn Diesen

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78,861 views Sep 16, 2023

not even a hidden agenda that's actually an explicit agenda of U.S government-backed agencies so this kind


of arrogance brings us to today now the final point I would make just as an


introduction is the United States is 4.1 percent of the world population that's


not very much actually we're 335 million people in a 8 billion World economy


there is no Monopoly of talent of scientific knowledge of technological


expertise at all and science and technology has now


spread throughout the world and what made the United States unique


in 1945 as undamaged domestically by the


war and indeed propelled by World War II to military


industrial and technological might doesn't apply any longer so during this


period there has been the spread of knowledge technology and remarkably


Innovation capacity itself

That’s right. Just yesterday…”Googled”/was looking at the Huawei Mate 60 after having watched this video from Cyrus Jansen…How China Destroyed US Sanctions and Changed Microchip Forever! Cyrus Janssen 273K views

Say what you want or whatever about it and the phone’s processor and chipset but in my opinion…it’s really quite impressive. You got 7nm manufacturing tech. You got what looks to be a very powerful multi-core chip in a smartphone that is going against the flagship smartphones of the world and it does pretty well. I mean, you can argue and talk all the trash you want but that’s the fact of the matter ultimately, when it comes down to it. You got a company that has made it’s own “gorilla glass”. That’s awesome. That is really cool. It has everything you’d expect from a top of the line smartphone basically and they did it all themselves? Whatever the case, in that case, that is impressive. - As for my opinion, it’s all dunya, it (dunya, that is this “lowly, worldy life” – the material, physical reality considerations only, not the unseen world and it’s considerations. The unseen world constituting what is in a person’s heart and mind – the goodness, or the “spirit” and moral constitutions and emotional types of feelings that people have and experience that may be illogical and irrational from a purely secular or more specifically “capitalistic”, or Darwinist perspectives) has this allure that is constantly pulling towards um, nationalism which could be bad if it goes overboard, consumerism and materialism which, in my opinion, we need to implement a sustainable economy – I would support a more modular and upgradeable long lasting smartphone than this “trap cycle” of the smartphone business which produces tons of waste and ultimately is unsustainable and economically unjust. Also aggravating at times (such as the slowing down in performance of one’s phone over time that is not because it has incapable hardware but because the software and the planned obsolence of the consumerist smartphone cycle in which these things can/could even cause people to have accidents in real life such as vehicle accidents and deaths from their phone’s malfunctions, inoperability and/or slowdowns). All this technological advancement and competition in military arms as well. I feel (and believe) Its nothing for us to be proud about as a human race especially when we take bad decisions and paths and act in such non-humane manners towards our own race and everything else on the planet. Is nothing to be proud of.

from China which really was a nation of villages by


uh the time of the founding of the People's Republic of China after a


century of uh of disasters for China now China is a superpower clearly and all of


this idea that the United States stands alone to stride the world


was always arrogant and naive but now it's just utterly and painfully


anachronistic but they don't get it in Washington they


don't get it in the think tanks funded by the military industrial complex they


don't get it in the universities where I teach in the east coast of the United


States where the idea of U.S hard and soft power


skill being dominant is the everyday discussion

Is a changing world. It seems like the so-called “elites” are in delusion themselves from what I hear through these channels. That is not good for our country in the same way that if you are running a corporation and don’t want to look at some of the bad conditions within and without. Doesn’t even matter if the rulers and the intentions are bad or good but if your blinded to the truth then you really don’t know what you are doing or where you are going. Seems to me that we have put some drivers in the seat who have some blind spots at the least and delusional a bit, possibly as the median (or something). Trying to hold on….or catch up, in the race after having made mistakes and then they end up making more mistakes and getting further behind and getting more mad (as in delusional). Or - like they think they can just keep changing the game, modifying it and keeping on, trying different things while the actual game does not change and the other people in the game are continuing happily on and getting farther and farther on. Well…the actual game…it’s actually all in God’s hands and the ultimate success is with Allah S.W.T. This life is just a test.

but we've got to take


steps to make sure that that uh dominance sometimes called Full Spectrum


dominance meaning economic Financial technological and Military is maintained


it can't be maintained one has finally to learn to live together with others


and this is the great lesson of socialization that four and five-year-olds go through and that the


United States government's going to have to go through but it's a very painful


process it's like really saying to the child you know play together nicely with


Johnny don't uh insult Johnny at each time go make up to him uh share the


sandbox and this is really the stage that we're at sometimes I do find it uh


almost like watching five-year-olds and my wife tells me don't insult


five-year-olds they're better than this but this is almost what it's like right

almost like watching five-year-olds and my wife tells me don't insult


five-year-olds they're better than this but this is almost what it's like right


now and the US has not quite woken up to this and the Ukraine war is uh it is really a


watershed uh in this way because uh it is even though the United States has


repeatedly been uh defeated uh in Vietnam uh in in the debacles in Iraq in


Afghanistan uh in the complete mess created in Syria and Libya none of this


has worked but it's never been because of this very strong opponent that says no and


Russia saying no right now and the rest of the world is saying yeah you know


back off because we don't want a a U.S hegemonic World we want a multi-polar


world and so this really is a different kind of wake-up call in my view

For my blog (unsure of main website)

Right…blog pics. Conversation with Habibulah. “Look at this brother. This is a disgrace. My country is….uh…things are crazy right now” …

We have brains. Allah (S.W.T.) said: “I am going to place a Khalifah on the earth”. What does Khalifah mean? We have brains. We have agency. We chose this agency (to have free will, for good or for bad, we have it, we have a responsibility – with our lives. We have supports. With each other. We can help each other. Correct each other. Hold each other accountable. Learn from each other. Learn from the past. Learn from history. Learn at and in our schools. Learn about nature and the cosmos. Etc. You can call me an “environmental scientific socialist” politically in order to more easily understand with words and put a label on me but I am a muslim and am (also, just) a human (how much of an environmentalist etc. etc. am I or a socialist? You know, it’s whatever – much is just a lot of vain boasting and competition on the earth…). I have my beliefs and knowledges, understandings as does everyone, as does everyone…I love this quote:

We are not inert…quote by Rosa Luxemburg. One could also use the more American quote about democracy and freedom have to be fought for to be maintained.

just before we started this program I


was reading a speech that secretary blinkum has just given a John Hopkins University most interesting speech


because of course he says in some respects many of the same things that


you are saying though of course from a completely different perspective he says that we have this wonderful


period after the end of the Cold War when everything had become sorted out


the liberal order seemed secure everything was moving forward in a very


good way of course there were some you know problems we had a war in Yugoslavia


we had a financial crisis in 2008 but these are just wrinkles in in the


wonderful constituation that we were in and unfortunately sadly tragically now


it's no longer the case any longer we have this league of autocracies who are


working together to defy us and he made it very clear which of those countries


is the great adversary he actually stated China is the great challenge


because they can compete with us in politics economics in every field and of


course the very interesting thing is the rest of his speech is not about


coming to terms with that fact it is about the United States


working to re to push this challenge back to defeat it to


somehow restore that period of unchallenged dominance which it had just


lost and it's it's a it was both someone was a very pessimistic speech because he


understands that this unipolar moment has gone in fact he's all but saying it


but he's completely unreconciled to the fact if it's passing and is looking for


ways to reverse it and of course he singles out China China is now the great


adversary because the Russians are causing all kinds of problems but they are essentially an auxiliary to the


Chinese who are leading the autocracies around the world and he


complains that many countries are hedging that they're no longer lining up


with the wet some of them are hedging they're thinking about moving to the side of the autocracies and he talks


about corporations and ngos and other things other people other entities doing


the same thing so it's exactly in some ways he recognizes the change


that you're talking about but and this is the dangerous thing he wants to reverse it and he wants to


reverse it by essentially going after China it's of of course uh um very dangerous


and it could mean a war over Taiwan for example exactly provoked in the way that


the war in Ukraine was provoked I the U.S political class really believes


that pouring in arms to Taiwan somehow protects Taiwan rather than exactly


making it vulnerable to the Ukraine syndrome which is to get destroyed

because of a great power competition and of course the ukrainians have their own


responsibility in blundering horribly their way to this but this is a message


I also gave to Taiwan uh when I was visiting recently which is no amount of


arms flows from the United States could make you safe only the opposite they will make you completely endangered in


this fantasy of the US and I think it's actually very interesting to take even a


further conceptual step back because the rise of Britain in the 19th century uh


the dominance of Europe can be seen even in a longer historical


uh wave that I think is is just worth mentioning uh and that is that uh if you


go back to Adam Smith and my favorite passage of The Wealth of Nations written


in 1776. he has a paragraph that's uh remarkably uh Humane and remarkably uh


clever uh where he says the two most significant events in the history of


mankind were the discovery of the Americas and of the sea route from


Europe to Asia so the first Columbus's uh voyages and then Vasco de Gama's


Voyage is around the Cape of Good Hope and he says these have transformed the world they've interconnected the world


and then in this uh actually remarkable paragraph that people can find online


uh he uh says that a grave Misfortune fell to the native inhabitants of the


East and West Indies when these connections were first made because of the predominance of power of the


Europeans over the native inhabitants he doesn't actually recognize the uh the


Europeans also brought pathogens which wiped out most of the indigenous


population of the Americas but he says someday and by virtue of trade itself


and how it will teach and spread technology those native inhabitants will rise in


power until by their equality of force they will be able to create a new


Justice in the world and uh what's amazing for me looking back at this uh


Smith Road in 1776 he was talking about Voyages


of 1492 and 1498 and he said we're just at the beginning of this and eventually


there's going to be an evening out of economic power what we're seeing right now is not only


the end of the U.S uh self-proclaimed hegemony we're seeing the end of the


North Atlantic dominance of the world which grew uh


slowly after those first voyages with the overseas Empires and the 16th and


17th centuries then picked up speed uh especially with the early


industrialization and the the industrialization of the military in Britain in the 19th century then the


United States in the 20th century that now has spread to the world so what


Adam Smith uh forecast uh 250 years ago


which is that there will become an equality of force around the world this


is what we're seeing right now uh we're seeing actually a a world moving from a


european-led world or a North atlantic-led world to a uh a true


multi-polarity and that is not understood by Lincoln or understood by


these neocons are understood by the very shallow political class in Washington I


think it is pretty much understood actually in Delhi it's understood in


Beijing it's understood in Moscow it's uh understood in Brasilia and it's


increasingly understood now in Addis Ababa home to the African in Union I


though Africa was the most victimized continent on the planet and the one that


is farthest behind Africa's also now seeing a rise of


technological capacity a a Unity that's coming consciously by recognizing we're


the same size as India and China and we need to start following that model of


development as well uh as uh China and


India have forged and so this multi-polar world is really what's taking shape


and every day we hear about the global South and so forth

If one doesn’t feel in their heart anything for the people of Africa and doesn’t question what this U.S.-led dominance in the world since the United States became the world’s most dominant power since at least from the end of World War II produces in the world and you don’t question why is the world, so many nation-states in such bad and deplorable conditions still while we support oppressive regimes and tyranny around the world so much such as in Israel, such as with our friendly (historically) relations with Saudi Arabia etc? Why if the economic order and rules were set up to be just and good and fair are so many nations on the earth still are in such a horrible condition after 70+ years of the United States being in the driver's seat than I don’t know what to tell you. After all the wars the United States itself has waged that have such poor outcomes and results in the world wherever we intervene, but especially apparent is our recent interventions in the Middle East and our meddling in Ukraine, but also our political meddling in Central and South America, especially via our Central Intelligence Agency. Through all the years of non-action on the climate and now the push, mostly via our corporate “overlords” who buy off our (so-called) democracy, buy off our politicians, and are increasingly turning to more and more authoritarian measures – wanting to control and surveil every cent in circulation via Central Bank Digital Currencies…the list goes on and on. But people don’t question the order and rules of the day and the direction we are going in? The work we put in every day, if you are a working person, you know you are getting an unfair deal – that your labor is producing an excess amount of value for the company you are working for lest you will be or would be terminated in most cases anyway, unless you have one of those so-called “BS” jobs because you know, we live in the West which has become hyper-financialized and where the most money to be made is through non-productive means of not working for one’s own livelihood and contributing to society meaningfully through one’s hard work and true labor but through financial means of owning a lot of wealth and being able to make the right decisions and have the right information (of going through the stock market) or taking advantage of laws and trying to squeeze out as much profit as one can via tax evasion and “legal criminalities” etc. …

Also reminds me of what Karl Marx predicted a bit in that this monopoly capitalism does ultimately result in revolution and rebellion which brings about an “evolution” of human societal progress with the understanding that his approach is only just looking at things through the historic-material and/or economic lens.

I had a lot more thoughts as the video went on and I went for a walk but I can’t remember them all now. Watch the video and see if you agree or not.

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My comments:

~13:00 (around 13 minutes) : I think we have an apology to issue. To Russia. To the world. To 400,000 dead Ukranians (and counting). To mother earth. ☹.

- We need democratic uprising in the U.S. and around the world. We need good people to start taking some responsibility for our global human civilization in my opinion. We can’t let this charade just continue indefinitely.

~ 21:30 – With confirmed American bio-labs. Funnily and crazily enough (kind of like a joke. A slap in the face).

---/Okay (I guess I'll include it, maybe?.../okay). Watched this video as well…I actually thought of adding Africa and some other nation-state or block of countries to the G20 in a previous blog post some months ago funnily or crazily enough…:

Democracy Now! 87K views We get an update on the G20 summit, which welcomed the African Union as a permanent member and took place for the first time in India as the country faces criticism for bulldozing slums near...

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~6:00 Yeah – we have to learn to live in harmony (or atleast in more harmony) with nature – again. We’ve changed the face of the earth, we’ve changed so much of the natural environments, ecology, natural processes, etc. of the earth…- We do change the earth where we live and work etc. Permaculture principles – a circular economy is seemingly quite very good, in my view and knowledge, understandings of how and what it is to live in harmony with nature (that is the goal anyway) – not work against it. It is through learning and understanding of science, of real experimentation, of growing, living, etc. It can be done and a lot can be done to better take care of our earth but AND it does take work, it does take experience and knowledge and learning.

Our capitalistic consumption-based, throw-away economy of infinite growth is not based on a sound and realistic reality of what is our human situation of living here upon our little planet; and it is also not very conducive to peace between nations on our planet neither - if that is the way you plan and think and organize the system then what results do we expect to get? A very competitive, race, for wealth, and riches etc. But ask the billionaires etc and these people if they are ever satisfied and can ever satiate themselves with fleeting happiness and material wealth etc. etc.?

~End of video: May Allah bless - ☹.


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Global South countries making up 80% of the world population called to transform the "unfair international economic order" at the G77+China summit in Cuba. Topics 0:00 Introduction 1:19 G77...


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Love these videos:


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Good to understand (maybe include this – not sure yet): Obsolete Notions of Capitalism and Socialism | Richard D. Wolff


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Understand what is going on – “follow the money…” : Judge, Jury and Executioner YouTube Demonetizes Russell Brand Over Unverified Allegations



At the recent G20 summit in India, a representative of the group’s Financial Stability Board announced that a global digital currency, as well as digital IDs, would soon be coming, much...



Dr. John Vervaeke, Gregg Henriques, and Jordan Hall delve into the complexities of human language, spirituality, and the future of artificial intelligence. Vervaeke introduces the show by touching...

*My videos I made a bit 9/21/2023*

We need democracy – I believe we already have the superstructure (Nation, States, Counties) in place of a good democracy but I would like to make the argument, obviously, given the above information as well, that at the top levels (and at city levels as well as the economist Michael Hudson points out in various interviews, the power of real-estate that is real-estate holders and those with the most money) the whole notion or corruption of democracy I would call it, this idea of “money as power” and money and businesses (including PACS, SuperPACs etc), and "corporations as people” with the implications that this entails for our societies, our cities, our culture, our civilization and the way we relate to each other and the world. I also challenge and reject the whole "corrupted capitalist" notion or (economic) precept that money and economy need always increase and this equals “progress”:

I like the notions of democracy and power being spread down and out, not consolidated or “monopolized” so to speak always (going) towards the top. This is dangerous and divisive and has various effects, on the populace (and our institutions, just look at higher education and what our universities are becoming - more like businesses than about learning, teaching, and the advancement of the human civilization) especially the mental health and outlooks (lack of hope, anger and dismay, apathy towards life (- "who cares? who cares about anything? it's all in vain/vanity")) I would say, on the lower classes of society.

14K views5 months ago

In this thought-provoking episode, John Vervaeke and Jordan Hall explore the future of governance, diving into various domains ...

Haven’t watched but look’s great. “Scientific socialism” (to me) means believing in using the “good science” well in policy and making sound and intelligent decisions in government meaning it includes the soft and the hard sciences but I also believe, as a Muslim in other values and beliefs that supersede these as well that give an individual “a superior set of moral principles” if you will that differentiates us from mere physical and mental earthly “scientism” if you will or know what I mean ("principles with the meta-physical" -> having a different way of looking and seeing). That if we use our moral understandings that we, as individuals looking within ourselves can see or imagine, feel and know, and having learned through life experiences hold ourselves to and adhere to higher moral principles that, this is the way in my view and opinion. I believe, looking strictly at any singular thing or way of thinking (etc.) such as Marxism or socialism or having any idols is not the way towards enlightenment, the honest and good way(s) of living in reality, etc. for example the topic of transgenderism and transhumanism for instance. The requirements and value of achievement(s) and hard work (etc.). The wisdom of class hierarchy or “inequality” but also the wisdom of the alms tax (yearly 2.5% giving of ones wealth if having wealth over a certain amount). I do believe Islam is the way, the best way for all of mankind to live happily and well on our planet but anyway…:

This seems good and nice, didn't watch, but it is talking about and getting close to what I am touching upon...:

Bridging Behavioral Science & Government Policies for a Meaningful Work Experience | Voices

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2,862 views Jun 14, 2023 Voices with Vervaeke

In this episode, behavioral science advisor Carla Groom shares her insights into integrating behavioral science into UK government strategies. Groom explains how her work focuses on leveraging the four types of knowledge to improve government thinking and assist people with health conditions to return to work. The conversation delves into the significance of various psychological perspectives, the replication crisis, and the impact of expansive cognitive science frameworks on Groom's work. Groom and Dr. Vervaeke explore the concept of person-centered job design and its impact on organizational culture, highlighting the necessity of aligning personal and work lives for greater job satisfaction. They also discuss Groom's innovative practices to accommodate neurodivergent individuals in recruitment and their valuable contribution to problem-solving situations. Finally, Groom underlines the importance of holistic understanding within complex organizational systems.

Dr. Vervaeke is teaching a 8 week course, entitled "Beyond Nihilism" in partnership with Halkyon Academy. This course will examine philosophical elucidations of and responses to the problem of nihilism. Nihilism represents the philosophical articulation of the meaning crisis. The meaning crisis is the loss of connection to oneself, others, and reality. This connection is realized in a coherent and transformative manner that makes life worth living in the face of all of its frustrations, futility, and failures. Signup here:

--------------------------------------------------------Some news, quite a lot of news: - Seems true, I don't know though...I still think it could have been independent Russian actors whether they have Russian government or military ties or not. Maybe it was Putin but I lean towards that it wasn't.


Really interesting, just to see from the perspective of an American Democrat and Democrats right now including looking at some of the comments:


At the Group of 20 (G20) meeting today in New Delhi, leaders announced plans for a new rail and shipping corridor that will connect India and Europe through the Middle East. This ambitious plan is part of Biden’s larger vision of creating high-quality infrastructure projects and the development of economic corridors that together should promote sustainable growth in low- and middle-income countries. The theory is that enhanced global trade should reduce economic gaps among countries, expand access to electricity and telecommunication, and promote clean energy.

They also agreed to continue developing the Lobito Corridor, a rail line linking the port of Lobito, Angola, on Africa’s Atlantic coast, with the city of Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in Africa’s interior mining region. The White House and U.S. allies in this project say they are hoping that an injection of money to build infrastructure will support a transparent and developed critical minerals sector that will advance global supply chains for those minerals while benefiting local economies in Angola, Zambia, and DRC.

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of the history of Africa has reason to be skeptical of this plan, although Japan and India don’t carry the same colonial baggage European countries do in Africa. G20 leaders are trying to combat the legacy of colonialism by expanding the table of leadership to those countries previously excluded. In New Delhi the G20 admitted the African Union as a permanent member. The African Union was formed in 2001, and its 55 member states cover more than 12 million square miles and have a total population of more than 1.3 billion people. The G20 is now effectively the Group of 21.

Funding for the projects will come through the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGI), the Group of Seven’s answer to China’s Belt and Road Initiative. The G7 is a political bloc of advanced economies that share values of liberal democracy.

In a joint statement, the leaders of India, Brazil, South Africa, and the United States said they met on the margins of the G20 “to reaffirm our shared commitment to the G20 as the premier forum for international economic cooperation to deliver solutions for our shared world.” Aside from the U.S., the three countries making that statement are all members of BRICS, the economic bloc that includes China.

Their statement, along with the fact that each of those countries will hold the presidency of the G20 for the next four years, indicates G20 pressure on China. So does the fact that the president of the World Bank, nominated by Biden, is former MasterCard chief executive officer Ajay Banga, an American citizen who was born in India. Banga is both familiar with financial services and deeply concerned about inclusive and sustainable growth.

The economic news coming out of New Delhi shows the global side of Biden’s political vision. Led by the U.S., the G20’s call for massive investment in developing the infrastructure and economies of other countries echoes the post–World War II Economic Recovery Act of 1948, better known as the Marshall Plan. Under this plan, the U.S. spent more than $13 billion to help Europe rebuild its infrastructure and economy. This rebuilding stabilized European governments and provided the U.S. with reliable trading partners.

“One Earth, One Family, One Future,” Biden told a meeting of the PGI. He called for “building sustainable, resilient infrastructure; making quality infrastructure investments; and creating a better future [that] represents greater opportunity, dignity, and prosperity for everyone.”

The idea that public investment in infrastructure serves democratic goals fell out of favor in the U.S. in the 1980s. Leaders insisted that private investment reacted more efficiently to market forces whereas government investment both distorted markets and tied up money that private investment could use more effectively. In fact, the dramatic scaling back of public investment since then has not led to more efficient development so much as it has led to crumbling infrastructure and its exploitation by private individuals.

In late July the New York Times noted that since 2019, billionaire businessman Elon Musk has steadily taken over the field of satellite internet, infrastructure that is hugely important for national security. In just four years Musk has launched into space more than 4,500 satellites—more than 50% of all active satellites. This means that Musk’s Starlink is often the only way for people in places hit by disasters or in war zones to communicate.

On Thursday, excerpts from a forthcoming biography of Elon Musk by historian Walter Isaacson revealed that Musk “secretly told his engineers to turn off [Starlink] coverage within 100 kilometers of the Crimean coast” after learning that the Ukrainian military was sending six small drone submarines packed with explosives at the Russian naval fleet based in Crimea. After talking to Russian leaders, who said they would respond with nuclear weapons—later events suggest this was a bluff—Musk shut off Starlink, the drone submarines lost the connectivity they needed to find their targets, and the weapons simply washed ashore.

According to Isaacson, Ukrainian officials begged Musk to turn the coverage back on, but he refused, saying that Ukraine “is now going too far and inviting strategic defeat.” He told U.S. and Russian officials that he wanted Starlink to be used only for defense. Then he offered a “peace plan” that required Ukraine to give up territory to Russia and reject plans to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Later, he again disabled Starlink coverage in the midst of a Ukrainian advance.

Isaacson portrays Musk as frustrated by being dragged into a war. “Starlink was not meant to be involved in wars,” Musk told Isaacson. “It was so people can watch Netflix and chill and get online for school and do good peaceful things, not drone strikes.” Since the story broke, Musk has defended his unwillingness to be in the middle of a war.

But Mykhailo Podolyak, a top advisor to Ukraine president Volodymyr Zelensky, pointed out on Musk’s own social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter, that the same Russian fleet Musk protected went on to fire missiles at Ukrainian cities, killing civilians, including children. Russia is also attacking Ukraine’s infrastructure for exporting grain, which threatens the price and availability of food in Africa.

The privatization of the functions of government in the U.S. has given a single man the power to affect global affairs, working, in this case, against the stated objectives of our own government. Republican leaders eager to push that privatization have made their case by turning voters against taxes, although the tax cuts put in place since 1981 overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy and corporations, permitting a few individuals to amass fortunes: Forbes, for example, estimates Musk’s net worth at $251.3 billion.

On Friday the Internal Revenue Service announced that increased federal funding under the Inflation Reduction Act and the help of artificial intelligence will enable a new push to go after 1,600 millionaires who owe at least $250,000 and 75 large businesses with assets of about $10 billion apiece that owe hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes.

Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), chair of the Senate Finance Committee, said the plan “goes to the heart of Democrats’ effort to ensure the wealthiest are paying their fair share.” It also goes to the heart of the idea that billionaires must not be able to impose their will on the rest of us by virtue of their monopolization of key aspects of our infrastructure. Still, Republicans continue to argue for private investment according to market forces. Opposing taxes and the government programs they fund, they have clawed back as much of the new funding for the IRS as they have been able, and they continue to call for more cuts.

This week, as a fight over funding the government by the end of the month looms, the implications of the parties’ different visions of government could not be clearer.



EU greenlights seizure of personal phones and cars from Russians

- Devices and vehicles from the country cannot be brought into the bloc, even for tourism, the European Commission has said

Comments I like:

Citizenfitz So they've sunk to stealing cars now.29 m Reply +10 +


The E.U. wants to treat Russians the way Hitler treated Jews before he moved on to killing them. The only sensible resposne to kill, kill, kill the perps.

- Okay that is a bit much but so is the seizing of personal property...

Chysquare These guys are really going cray cray. It's better Russians don't bother travelling there at all.26 m Reply +3 +

KetchStrait1 Sanctions as a weaponised tool on civilians and their freedoms s a crime against humanity26 m Reply +4 +

Jenniffer This is the definition of total lunacy... The lunatics are now running the asylum.25 m Reply +2 +


These politicians are three years old. But the people around them are one year old and stupid besides. They should be defending the basic human rights of these Russian visitors because one day they may need to have the same rights defended for them. I am surprised the authorities have not seized toothpaste and toothbrushes. They are afraid of Russian toilet paper, how ridiculous if true! The western media is the major culprit for these abuses. They have to be held accountable, as well as the journalists, the managers and the owners. They are the criminal enablers of this conflict and these abuses. They have shaped the public image of Russia and the Russian people in a very negative manner.

-- Love that comment /\, that's a really good one.


Look at the facts: Russia just built its own oil tankers, they have their own insurance to cover them, they have increased oil and gas exports, they have diversified to other markets, their GDP has increased, the ruble is now backed by gold and oil, the BRICS continue to expand, six other countries will become members next year, BRICS already will issue the BRIX CURRENCY, Russia still holding the frontlines, pushing in the direction of Krasny Liman Kupyansk, the US and NATO are getting hammered and humiliated like never before.. so, they have to take it on Russian citizens..

- /\ Interesting, wow, yeah. - Really, it is the Russphobe mania brought about by the media...Is really crazy though is very childish...

Anger Management Collective punishment is not part of the modern western legal tradition. This is tribalism.25 m

Reply +3 elijah01RT The EU reveals how weak and feeble it is. Strong people do not act behave like this. 32 m Reply +5

----------I don't think that behaviour is representative of the normal working type of people in the real world, the real "society" so to speak...but yeah...still, the Russiaphobia is quite strong, yeah...


Does this sound like Russian propaganda or just a news outlet that is actually doing their job of reporting on big stories from around the world along with some good op-ed's? - I've been alive long enough to know a bit and develop some litmus tests for information and generally know what I am looking at and up to and a person's personal or pro-type viewpoint on an issue after reading a bit from a person. Everyone is different and unique and generally has good things to offer along with weaknesses or ignorances...

Although the media rarely mentions it, the public servants on Capitol Hill – half of whom are millionaires – are in the perfect position to enrich themselves due to their access to inside information. The 2020 congressional insider trading scandal provided a perfect example of this. On January 24, 2020, the Senate held a closed meeting to brief lawmakers about the Covid-19 outbreak and how it would affect the United States. Following the meeting, a number of Senate members immediately began to ditch their shares in companies that would eventually suffer severe financial losses in the wake of the pandemic.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein (currently 90 years old), sold stock worth upwards of $6 million in Allogene Therapeutics; Richard Burr, the former chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, sold stocks with an estimated value between $628,033 and $1.72 million; Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, then 86, sold stocks that amounted to about $400,000. Perhaps the most shocking finding as far as insider trading goes involved Senator Kelly Loeffler, who, together her husband Jeffrey Sprecher, the chairman of the New York Stock Exchange, made twenty-seven transactions to sell stock worth between $1,275,000 and $3,100,000. They also purchased shares in Citrix Systems, which saw an earnings increase following the Covid-19 outbreak. Despite these transactions being a clear violation of the STOCK Act, no charges were brought against these public servants and all investigations into the matter were quietly swept under the congressional carpet with no explanation.


That is criminal activity.



From a historical perspective, it’s interesting to note that among the 46 men who have served as US president since George Washington’s election on April 30, 1789, it wasn’t until Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was elected on January 20, 1953, that America had its first 70-year-old leader in the Oval Office – and just barely. Eisenhower, who was first elected when he was 62 years old, left office when he was 70 years, 98 days old. With Joe Biden, 80, and Donald Trump, 77, America has its first and second oldest leaders, respectively (one could argue that people today simply live longer; to counter that, there’s John Adams, America’s second president, who lived to 90; Thomas Jefferson, the third US president, who lived to 83; James Madison, the fourth president, who lived to 85).

In a new survey by The Wall Street Journal, conducted between Aug. 24 and 30, 60% of 1,500 respondents said they do not believe Joe Biden is mentally up to the job of president, and 73% said he is too old for the position.

So this begs the question: why are so many politicians determined to stay in office long after the average retirement age? What makes these public servants want to continue working deep into their seventies, eighties and even nineties, as was the case with Senator Strom Thurmond? Is public service really that appealing? After all, many US legislators can take advantage of the infamous revolving door that exists between Capitol Hill and K Street, a highly questionable partnership that shuffles lawmakers into lucrative positions in the corporate world as lobbyists, consultants and strategists upon their retirement. Or maybe the unwillingness to retire from the halls of Congress is simply due to the desire for even more money than what the corporate world can offer?




Rules, limits are not the solutions. Some old people (not so many) have brights minds. But, increasing common sense would help us all to avoid any problem. The ones who are not up to any task would naturally disappear... if most of us would have a true sensitive common sense ! In schools, we're all taught a lot things, but aren't we missing the most useful one : common sense ? You don't believe in Karma ? That's all right ! But any action brings consequence. That's a basic law, and not only in physics ! If we're doing sh*t ? What can we expect ? Lately, in some coutries, Russia among them, people have again common sense. In the West, if we ever had any, it's rapidly decreasing. But the game is not yet over, even for us. We have to wake up, rapidly ! And accept that we're not "best", because anyway the "best" of any kind only last a few years, until another one comes, to be "the best", for a few years again... and so on. And we have all to work together and not to dupe ourselves with this "best" notion, as we're almost all alike, in many ways. And mostly human ! Get rid of neo-something (nazi, cons, whatever) everywhere will certainly help all of us to go in the right direction : take care of ourselves and our human fellows !

Rebecca Howell

People cling to familiarity in times of uncertainty. Term limits would mean candidates would face more scrutiny and could actually help with party cohesiveness and political awareness generall. The people are lulled into a false sense of security and stop paying attention to known players. The congressional clubhouse mentality allows the insider trading and corruption to perpetuate, while justifying the expenditures on military intervention as necessary for our security even if tbreate ing same. Corporate lobbying should be banned and congress members should report their holdings so that any legislative conflicts of interest that primarily benefit some stock portfolios can be weeded out. As for age limits, there should be some upper age limit and fitness evaluation for the start of any federal term, to be determined.

---- Right, obviously it's insane to run any country that allows the democracy to be bought off by the rich and powerful and/or then being led by the most corrupt and morally repugnant/low of the world. As for age limits, people can be still good for a long time and the older people you often see are the ones who have a lot of wisdom and knowledge and are unafraid of speaking truth and of the transitory passing judgments of others. Which is good, is better than liars, at least you know what you are getting even if a person is imperfect. Obviously old people can start to lose a bit of their prior mental prowess and in some cases, develop some real problems. A mental fitness evaluation would be a good thing to have for all public servants in my view. I think term limits are good to actually because of the nature of the human ego and the situational environment it possible for a person to do good and be good truly? Yeah, I think so...

-------------------------------------------- RT news I found interesting and noteworthy 9/21/2023:

Ukraine suspends death-threat transgender military spokesperson

Sarah Ashton-Cirillo’s promise to “hunt down” Russian “propagandists” caused outrage among US conservatives

Tara Reade: Russell Brand rape allegations are the return of the MeToo political zombie

If crimes were committed, they must be investigated and brought before court – but not the biased court of establishment media

West has ‘no honest arguments’ on Ukraine – Lavrov

NATO countries prefer “slogans” over substantive dialogue, the Russian foreign minister said

Global debt hits all-time high – report

The figure is 50% higher than a decade ago, according to a leading trade body

The latest revelation in the ‘spy balloon’ story exposes the absurdity of US-China relations

Months after the fact, it has been confirmed that there was no espionage going on – but the damage has already been done


But then there were a few more facts that show that this entire media spectacle was overhyped. A meteorologist on Twitter created a model of the likely trajectory of the object and it appeared to first fly over Alaska two days before being spotted in Montana, meaning the US military already knew of its existence but waited for an announcement until it was over the main 48. And they also must have known immediately that it was a weather balloon given its janky course.

So the entire spying narrative that came out of this was probably a complete hoax. And it was designed by the media to scare Americans, to make them think that China will simply spy on them in their homes or wherever they are. This is part and parcel with the whole US grand strategy of manufacturing consent for conflict with China.

What’s remarkable is that the government and the media have apparently learned nothing from what Milley said and what the intelligence community knew all along. Legacy media has mostly ignored Milley’s remarks but they have made rounds on social media. The newspaper of record, the New York Times, for example, quoted anonymous US officials in a report just a few days before the general’s comments, saying that China had apparently stopped its spy balloon program altogether. But, again, it’s not even clear if there was a spy balloon incident to begin with. Why has this assumption been taken for granted?


- Previous post here: ...well, some pictures about it anyway :)

Other news coming out today;

Russia issues warning over NATO war games -The Western alliance is preparing for “a confrontation” with Moscow, a senior diplomat has said

Pretty important: Israel clears nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia – WSJ - Riyadh wants a civilian atomic program but would also consider a military path, should Iran choose to take that route, the newspaper reports

- I feel like Saudi Arabia should and should be able to, have it's own nuclear power plants especially if the newer type of plants developed by China are the real deal as reported by Cyrus Jansen. As far as nuclear weapons go, I don't think anybody needs to have nuclear weapons and the world would be safer and better off without them. Anyway...

Saudi Crown Prince reveals nuclear red line - - Getting nukes would be “a bad move,” but Riyadh might have no other choice, Mohammed bin Salman says

EU to back members against Ukraine – FT - Kiev has filed a WTO case against Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia over their ban on Ukrainian grain imports

US using Ukraine playbook in Chinese-Russian neighbor – MP - Washington has been very active in Mongolia lately, trying to pit it against Russia and China, a top Russian lawmaker has warned


Washington is apparently preparing a Ukraine-style scenario for Mongolia, seeking to turn it against its immediate neighbors, Russia and China, the vice-speaker of the State Duma, the lower chamber of the country’s parliament, Sholban Kara-ool, has warned.

The US embassy and other non-government organizations have been very active in the country, the MP wrote on his Telegram channel on Wednesday, sharing observations made during his recent visit to Mongolia.

“The Mongolian authorities greeted us with brotherly warmth, but on the streets of the Mongolian capital, I did not see a single sign in Russian, which had previously been present there for decades and were considered integral elements of the city as a sign of friendship between peoples,” Kara-ool stated, adding that the trip gave him an “uneasy feeling.”

“It is no secret that the same US organizations that have been investing in Ukraine since 2014 are operating in Mongolia. Therefore, their goals are clear,” he claimed, without naming any precise bodies that might be involved.

Foreign embassies have been acting very “aggressively” in the country, and Russia must not lag behind in that line of work, the MP believes.

“It is necessary to strengthen inter-parliamentary cooperation, strengthen cultural and humanitarian ties and friendship of our peoples. Our relations have always been friendly and good-neighborly. We can’t lose this,” he argued.



US government and media lying about Ukrainian counteroffensive – Seymour Hersh - A source has told the veteran reporter that Kiev and Washington are deceiving the public about the situation on the ground


Writing on Substack on Thursday, the veteran reporter cited an unnamed source, who “spent the early years of his career working against Soviet aggression and spying” as rejecting the Ukrainian narrative about slow but steady progress in its counteroffensive.

“‘It’s all lies,’” the source said, according to Hersh. “‘The war is over. Russia has won. There is no Ukrainian offensive anymore, but the White House and the American media have to keep the lie going.’”

This sentiment is shared by many figures in the US intelligence community, and the CIA in particular has been skeptical of Kiev’s claims of a continued push forward, unlike the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), he explained.

Trent Maul, the director of analysis for the DIA, touted Ukraine’s success to The Economist earlier this month and claimed Kiev’s forces had a “realistic” chance to break through Russian defense lines this year. The British outlet contrasted the assessment with that of an unnamed senior US intelligence official, who said the battlefield “could look broadly similar” in five years.

The source cited by Hersh blasted the leadership in both Moscow and Washington for acting “stupid” during the crisis. Russian President Vladimir Putin got “provoked [into] violating the UN charter” with a poorly-prepared military campaign, he argued. US President Joe Biden retaliated with a proxy war and has had to rely on the vilification of Putin by the media “in order to justify our mistake.”

“The truth is if the Ukrainian army is ordered to continue the offensive, the army would mutiny. The soldiers aren’t willing to die any more, but this doesn’t fit the B.S. that is being authored by the Biden White House,” the source concluded.

Moscow has denied the US claim that the operation against Ukraine was an act of “unprovoked aggression,” insisting that the people of Donbass had the right of self-determination under the UN Charter and acted accordingly when they broke away from Ukraine after the 2014 armed coup in Kiev.

The Russian government has maintained that it acted lawfully when it recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Luganks People’s Republics in February 2022. Days later, after Kiev refused to stop attacks on Donbass and pull out its troops, Moscow launched its offensive.

" ...Right...


Fyodor Lukyanov: UN feedback shows that while the West is hostile to Russia, the world isn’t - The US and its allies are beating a drum that isn’t finding receptive ears. Most states have other priorities


Note to Readers, on a Town Hall Proposal: "What Happened to American Liberalism?" - Matt Taibbi - SEP 22, 2023

-----------------------------Other videos

The 'slow motion execution' of Julian Assange w/Craig Murray | The Chris Hedges Report The Real News Network 90K views As Julian Assange continues to fight extradition to the United States to face prosecution under the Espionage Act, a growing chorus of voices is rising to demand an end to his persecution....

Emil Cosman • 33K views

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Sep. 18----

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Riyad as-Salihin: The Gardens of The Righteous (1) Masjid Muhammad of Atlantic City, Inc. • 164 views Support these classes at:, CashApp:$MasjidMuhammadAC, or Website: FB:

Was pretty good, I think this was it: Scattered Thoughts, 9/13/2023 Masjid Muhammad of Atlantic City, Inc. • 190 views Imam Amin reflects on some important aspects of the book, "A Blessed Valley".

Watched about 9 minutes and I thought, what? why are Africans seemingly looking to follow or be like the United States? Why are Africans caring about Lauren Boebert and why do they know who she is? That is a sign that this world we live in is colonized right there. It's strange.

Cyclicity ALLATRA TV International • 642 views What are the cycles of development of a human civilization during the 12-thousand-year period? What can the human world be like in the near future, taking into account the increasing climatic...

Short - she makes some good points as per usual: How Trump Made The Republican Party BETTER

Kim Iversen 20K views

Didn't watch: ESPN Forced To Announce Unvaccinated Novak Djokovic's "Championship Shot Brought To You By Moderna" Kim Iversen 52K views Novak Djokovic wins US Open with winning shot sponsored by Moderna. You can't make this stuff up.

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This is a great one as well: Should We Be Afraid of Shariah Law?

Blogging Theology 20K views Support Blogging Theology on Patreon: My Paypal Link:

Watched a tad: Britain Is No Longer a Christian Country, Say Frontline Clergy Blogging Theology 121K views Britain is no longer a Christian country, say frontline clergy Support...

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Wednesday Sep 20. -----

"Allah is enough for me and He is the best disposer of affairs". Benefits of Hasbunallahu Wa Ni'mal Wakeel | Dr. Omar Suleiman #omarsuleiman

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This is something else!:

Max Blumenthal: Ukraine to become 'Big Israel'? The Grayzone • 44K views The Grayzone's Max Blumenthal addresses the Ron Paul Institute's 2023 Washington DC conference on the disturbing plans in Kiev and Washington to convert Ukraine into a "Big Israel," and what...

"La Illaha ill-Allahu - Muhammad ar-Rassullah" (There is no God but Allah. Muhammad (Sallahu Alaihi-Wallasallam) is the messenger of Allah.)->

1,227,903 views  Sep 8, 2023  #miyamotomusashi #selfdiscipline #personalgrowth

There is no doubt that Miyamoto Musashi is one of the greatest samurais in history. His unparalleled achievements in swordsmanship weren't just a result of natural talent but a testament to his unwavering discipline.

According to his own writings, it was this very discipline that carved his path to greatness.

Musashi saw self-discipline as more than a tool for achievement; it was a shield against suffering. When we're disciplined, we're better equipped to handle life's challenges and surprises. So with that in mind, in this video, we'll explore Musashi's teachings to build exceptional self-discipline and how we can apply it in our daily lives.

Miyamoto Musashi didn't have


the luxury to dwell on regret he had to


focus on the present moment and the


actions that would keep him alive that's


why he emphasized the importance of a


clear mind for Effective decision making


something that regret can severely


compromise to maintain discipline it's


crucial to keep our minds free from


distractions regret is one such


distraction whether you've blown your


savings on a risky investment or pulled


an all-nighter playing video games and


missed an important class or work


meeting regret won't help you fix any of


these situations instead of getting


stuck in a cycle of regret which often


leads to feelings of helplessness we


should focus on taking proactive steps


to remedy the situation it's okay to


make mistakes and learn from them what's


not okay is to let those mistakes turn


into a pit of regret we should aim to


learn improve and move forward


be indifferent to where you live


for Musashi the location was secondary


to the discipline and mindset he carried


within himself whether he was in a


peaceful Temple or a chaotic Battlefield


his inner State remained unshaken many


of us might believe that a simple change


of location will magically solve all our


problems leading to a happily ever after


scenario but Musashi is challenging this


common notion and urging us to


understand that the key to contentment


isn't tied to a specific location it's


more about our mindset and how you


engage with life happiness at its core


is an internal State of Mind sure a new


place might offer a temporary boost in


mood but if you're not fundamentally


content or aligned with your life's


purpose that initial happiness will


likely fade eventually you'll find


yourself back at square one this Echoes


the words of Confucius who said no


matter where you go there you are


Musashi also prepares us for life's


unpredictability if we're on a path of


self-improvement or seeking Mastery in


any field we might end up in places we


never saw coming maybe we'll find


ourselves in a different country


adjusting to a new way of life or even


learning to navigate unfamiliar cultures


these changes go beyond just our


physical location their tests of our


mental and emotional strength so instead


of focusing on where we are Musashi


proposes that we should consider how we


are are we adaptable resilient and


committed to our goals these are the


qualities that will help us Thrive no


matter where life takes us

this can be illustrated by the


resilience we gain by learning how to be


adaptable in anything we do it's the


ability to learn how to learn if you


know how to study for one exam you'll


know how to study for the rest or if you


know how to adapt in the workplace


you'll be able to handle any task you're


assigned to but it all starts with


learning One Way first so that you can


later know a thousand


never let yourself be saddened by a


separation considering that Musashi was


a samurai a warrior who've always faced


life or death situations this principle


likely held significant weight in his


own life separations are a natural and


unavoidable part of Being Human whether


it's the loss of a loved one moving to a


new place or simply taking different


paths in life these moments of


Separation Will Come For example imagine


you have to move to a different city to


chase a career opportunity or to follow


a dream in this case you'll be leaving


behind friends and family which is tough


but according to Musashi the discipline


lies in managing those emotions


acknowledging the sadness but not


letting it deter you from your path the


concept of Separation also extends to


material possessions let's say you're


attached to your car or your smartphone


if these items were taken away would you


lose your sense of self Musashi warns


against such attachments suggesting that


they can become a form of emotional


bondage the discipline here is in the


Detachment in understanding that while


you can enjoy things they should


shouldn't own you emotionally


never be jealous


you might be thinking what's the


connection between jealousy and


discipline well Musashi's teachings


often Target the barriers that prevent


us from being disciplined and jealousy


is definitely one of them let's say (...)

--- So much in commen with, so many connections to the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Peace and Blessings of Allah Most High be upon him.


How legitimate or true is this, I don't know. Sorry for the near cursing or for any cursing that may be in the videoor videos...: Oh SH*T, the deep state plan for Africa is happening | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted

This is that crazy transgender person (I'm not saying that all transgenders are crazy or bad people! No...haha) threatening journalists and journalism in Kiev: American psycho threatens journalists from official Kiev post The Grayzone

What type of technology and wireless data transfer technology is there in the world that would allow a weather/helium balloon to capture any meaningful data via technology (sesnors, radars and computing) and then send it to another part of the world from wireless, that is satellite specifically internet communications anyway? - that is what I was getting at in my blog post in the timeline when the incident was being blown up by the mass/mainstream media....I understand not everybody is educated on how the internet and computers and wireless technology etc. (- the electro-magnetic field/spectrum) work very well but yeah... I am educated on such matters, atleast to a decent degree - and yes, I don't understand why or why mainstream media would be so dumb to agree to put out or that is "push" such stories when people educated in computers, the internet and those technologies (information technology workers and experts for example) are so prevalent and would know and understand be able to debunk so easily such propagonda but I guess we are not supposed to be allowed to think or to question anything (I guess) (if one knows, you also have the fact that sattelites that are able to zoom in on a persons driver's license and read it have existed for decades now so what is the deal with helium balloons for "spying" or gathering geospatial information and not like I know everything or going to pretend that I do but anyway): Chinese balloon was NOT spying, US gov't admits months after fake crisis Geopolitical Economy Report

8-Step ATG Longevity Workout The Kneesovertoesguy

Don't believe I watched actually but: Allah is the Almighty (Al-Aziz) United Muslim Masjid

George Galloway

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