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God is Greater

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

"The truth reveals itself more and more with time"

Pretty good. A few things in it I question but then I think further upon it...:

Started reading Imam Al-Ghazali's magnum opus last night. Acquire knowledge. Spread light. Fight/jihad for goodness against oppressors and bad, evilness and falsehood -

Knowing is a gift...


Hopefully, her future vision is not the actual case, it's interesting (la illah ila Allah)...I could see it becoming real. Place trust in him, cast my worries good work(s). Share good knowledge (and light). Ayat: 5:7...

I don't agree with digital currencies or bitcoin nor ESG scores (who decides the scores and metrics? Should it be open? - Yes, but open for voting upon by all people even though all people aren't qualified to really make the judgement(s) about what the best system and metrics should be...?). Would it be all bad though? Probably not...I mean, if it's good for the future of all humanity and our planet that is good, right...but...details matter. Private property rights, media control and censorship, freedom (of mind, influence, ways of living, influences (socialization), food and health...can we, should we, put all our trust into corporations, the ruling class, whatever you want to call them...the powerful. - - Of course, there's not a lot of trust between normal people and the super-rich and powerful - -

Good video (Christian):

Some thoughts: What are the teachings of Jesus A.S.? God First. Man second. Worship no God but God and #2, Love thy neighbor. - Love isn't always easy. Sometimes is staying firm. #1 is greater - but knowing we are just men (& women) ourselves and life isn't easy...


There are so many good permaculture-type homesteading, home-building, sustainable living, whatever you want to call them, videos on Youtube. So much knowledge one can learn...takes a lot of money to buy a piece of Earth for a time...most people can't afford the taxes and don't have the time if they do have some land because they/we need to work so much to acquire...and maintain, It's nearly impossible...While the know. Allah/God knows though, it'll be okay.

Could you feed your plants without buying any fertilizer? This is how we feed a garden for free with fermented plant juice, AKA Dave's


Warning to Muslims - lots of nearly naked and some lewd images some in this video but a lot of Americans should watch these IMO.


Islam videos:

Started watching this for a while, it's pretty funny...good one. Provides some good de-programming and information for Americans (Muslim or not) and people who are ignorant of Muslims as well.

Be happy:



Open your mind. Keep your mind open. Question the system(s).

Allah Akbar (Allah is greater).

Islam is the best and the truth - peace and blessings. Other humans aren't our enemy(ies), but yes, we should seek the protection of God from Satan and the Shayteen and the dark forces and try to think about things and their effects a bit (or a lot, if for example, one is a politician obviously). I feel like collectively, we and maybe is just me, and men, have been programmed a bit to be weaker, a bit. We live in a society, so so different even just from 25 years ago with so much political correctness and people being so scared to offend anyone or say anything strong, etc...and health-wise (body wise) we're a lot weaker as well, obviously, our health industry is corrupt, it's influencing our sciences and the same time that we are quite weak mentally or emotionally, we (or some) have no problem watching you know, porn or graphic violence and all this, and then people get all offended for someone or at someone who might tell them to fear God, and that person might want to inflict violence on them and the person saying that will be scared of a violent reaction. I mean, I'm weak, but also being kind-hearted is good....but yeah, I know not all that is in my heart. I know there's a lot of strength there and within the mind. Environment matters a lot...a lot of it is just worry or "anxiety" or shyness or, whatever the case...

A lot of people have a lot of mental health issues and things and it never hurts to let go of things and calm down, refocus, know, anyway...

Nice video, makes me really want to eat healthier and fast more habitually.


The CIA...the scariest organization in the world (IMO).

Basically, everyone, at least to some extent it seems anyway, knows the U.S./our institutions are evil and have been for a while now yet what do we do about it...:

Potholer54 new video (sweet):


"Scapegoats" from Big Think (great video): - is similar to the term "projecting" or "projecting negativity". (I'm not the greatest, mind can think a lot of things, try to purify the heart for God knows what's in our heart and mind).

Bunch of stuff, nobody probably cares (I don't care for it much):

Maybe I should try meditation more (it seems good, a lot of people improve their lives via). I try a bit, and sometimes, but then becoming conscious of myself, can make me more conscious of myself...I think I have things to work on still, anyways...Need to practice and implement better - - "Live your Best Life".

- Sometimes I like having a clear more empty mind and going on intuition and feelings and just focusing on the world more, is good. Sometimes I like to think (too much maybe, a lot of times it doesn't lead much of anywhere and causes negativity and confusion to enter (remember Allah!) and it's better to write), sometimes is like, good to think before speaking and acting, sometimes I feel its good to go against the grain and keep duty to Allah and not care what everyone else thinks but a lot of that is egotistic and people take it as combative because they have beliefs already and I'm not the best communicator as I'm not trying to offend or attack anyone personally, it's just sharing knowledge, etc. and your point of view but a lot of people see Islam and God as something so negative...Fearing Allah/God alone and not anything else, is easier said than done...grace and kindness (approaches - energies) are key (Follow the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. - not an easy thing to do either! of course, and follow Ibrahim A.S. and Jesus A.S. and Yusuf A.S. and the list goes on :) ). I do think in today's society and world...learning, searching for and holding on to truth, are the two big easier to be nice than to speak truth. You could lose friends, etc. etc., there's a good to stay humble...need to work on my communication more - I've never been a very good talker....sometimes that's a blessing, sometimes it can be not so good. I've always preferred actions anyways.

When you're alone is no problem, everybody is a "king/queen" ("keyboard warriors"), etc. Thinking we know a lot etc.. We've been programmed a bit or a lot or some through celebrities and pop culture and really talented people and people who are practiced and trained and masters of speaking for example. We can be hard on ourselves and then the next instant be all big-headed. It's easy in today's world, it's like that...(negative self-righteousness. but in Islam, there is also "don't cut yourself down" and don't hurt yourself (one can think kind of negative or "meanly" towards oneself without damaging one's heart in my opinion but there are limits - knowing that we make mistakes, one learns that in life, every day is anew, thank God and thank God for humor and forgetfulness as well!), and overall, trying to manifest the best version of you and not having greed of others, etc. peace. The Prophet SAW and the Prophets went through all kinds of tests and affairs and stayed strong; the Prophet SAW was cast out by his people and everyone was against him and making fun of him and even trying to kill him and he forgave all and befriended people like Umar R.A. who was set to kill him one day...Bilal was tortured and didn't curse (we've been conditioned in our society...but try not to, or at least I do) and just was holding on to Qul hu wal lahu Ahad (Say, Allah, He is One).

*Vibrate Higher*

Let's Go.

Trust in Allah.

Here's a video about the personal shadow (C. Jung): -

- I don't know, I don't feel a need at the moment anyway to delve into Jung and Ego stuff (again) (I have Islam, Allah is enough for me, but maybe I'll watch the video still). Trust the self and feelings, etc., and try to communicate truthfully, simply, nicely, well, listen well...

- "The Greater Jihad" - (forget about that - is purifying yourself, the ego, the mind, "being humble and doing good", fighting against oneself, fighting negativity, fighting against ego maybe in one's thoughts about what everyone else is going to think about them but at the same time, following Prophet Muhammed and being wise and of course, an upright but also nice human towards others)...

Saw a FB post from someone, saying something akin to what happened to the older times when people helped each other out and picked each other up? Agreed. I'm not the greatest.

The Shadow - Carl Jung's Warning to The World 2,161,247 views Oct 1, 2021

Carl Jung warns us against the dangers of the shadow (the unknown dark side of our personality). We must acknowledge our shadow and enter into long and difficult negotiations with it through shadow work. Only then can we become conscious of the collective shadow (the unknown dark side of mankind) and not fall prey to it. Exploring our shadow allows us to rescue the good qualities that lie dormant within us, which improves our lives and the lives of those around us. We can then face the collective shadow and take responsibility to address the denial of important issues and a lack of individual and collective initiative.

Telling the truth is the most desirable way to deal with a difficult past, rather than dismissing the atrocities and having the shadow grow blacker until it can no grow no more, and thus history repeats itself.

----------- I watched the video, it is really good but at the same time, overthinking can be problematic. Sometimes you just need your fitrah and remembering how you we're (at least me) as a kid and just believing in self and one's own wisdom, goodness, brains, experience, etc. But to face the truth about oneself and one's fears - is mostly relating to the ego, fears about the dunya part of the world (for a lot of people, normal people who like our comfort, our anonymity, yet with man - our perceived strength and coolness within our circle(s) (or whatever we've built up, could be a perceived niceness).

Watched that new Bill Burr standup on Netflix "Live at Red Rocks" - man that guy curses a lot but it is some real pretty true, is pretty funny.

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