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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Been going through some things, having a hard time lately.

I wonder would it be even possible for an average, outsider type of person to hold more the Presidential office nowadays who was more of a peaceful "revolutionary" without nationalistic, super pro capitalist views? Even if they support democratic capitalism, seems far fetched a bit but I believe it could happen and possibly soon, I'm hopeful anyway.

I think it will be here someday but how long and how much damage will the planet take (climate change concerns) and would their/those policies cause more ecological damage by putting the American people (ourselves) above those of others in the world and cause more climate change because of poverty levels and quality of life, incomes etc., being risen, and if consumption goes up...but I do believe in having a society that honors life. Might be wrong about this but I do think if only some things are done without others being done, obviously that doesn't work. I don't know why climate change is a partisan issue still (basically in effect).

I feel like my stuff as a whole makes sense and is decently complete but I don't know. I know they (my site and words such as these) are trying to convey myself to others; what I believe and am about and like.

Tangent thoughts/musings on beliefs after I'm wrote: " I know they are trying to convey myself and what I believe and am about and like."

Beliefs: are like...personal ideas that one has, that aren't necessarily, the person and all that they are etc., but do say a good amount about a person. Their mind more so than their "essence" it seems seems like beliefs or things we say or are exposed to, especially repeatedly go down into a person in some way, if they accept that as true or incorporate it into themselves in a way. It's strange...I can change my view about a thing but its like, it might not align or take time to accept it and get aligned but it still might be hard to ever really change the essence and core and it just disrupts and comes out sometimes in negative ways possibly but we all kind of have temporal flow states. It can be really hard to accept some things and not self defend ourselves. To truly accept it. The real real truth's though stand the test of time. On experiences and beliefs: Especially experiences because those are true and lived for a person, that can have/play like a big part I imagine to a person. Reality trumps all and having peace within the self...

Youtube'd "Psychology of beliefs". Documentary below!

I've always had a problem conveying and bringing more of my true self through verbal communication in English because of my speech impediment I feel like and it still is holding me back I feel - from making YouTube videos and such and such, and who knows how things would be, especially if I/we solved all of our personal problems and things relating to things like that (basically working on personal problems and imperfections).

Amazing album.

Yep: Space is great it does inspire but I see the professors still working 14-15 hours on the daily. The people working for their babies while the companies making all the pay me praise me.

[EL-P] This is not my beautiful melting identity The thoughts that I can't manipulate for the safe line Is personal, one amongst many is the macro Made from the pain of the fragile (repeat 3x) [LIF] I still say fresh dope and things of that sort I don't shoot up, smoke crack, or take shorts Your thoughts are always welcome, I seldom Won't enter another's perspective, corrective lenses Are somethin' that I wear, so I can see the globe real clear Look, there's famine over there, plus the families in fear Of disease and distress that lingers in the air These are the words of a man in purgatory Words of a simpleton living in oblivion Is this the model for life you will envisionin Free as can be in a world of imprisonment? I dare you to check new territory American dream? Time for another story One where I don't choke to keep afloat I'm sick of livin' on false visions of hope With a knife to my own throat Stick of dynamite inside my overcoat Because I know the ropes Reality in this world is bought and sold A very limited scope of life is shown And I'm just one of the mold, fully controlled Left to erode in my humble abode You won't hear me because I got no loot You don't hear me because you don't compute I'm docile, psycho, have you heard of such? I'm invisible and impossible to touch

This looks awesome:


Bernie is not that important any more. But Bernie’s platform is. As for Steven Miller talking about socialist/communist philosophy. Hey bro I hate to break it to you. But Socialism becoming more and more popular even among young Republicans. You lose. Good day sir.

GaudyGabriev 1 week ago (edited) "His agenda has been adopted, really without alteration". That's a literal straight up lie. How the hell is this allowed?

Hide 3 replies #Action4Assange 1 week ago It's an "opinion", just like Maddow and red-baiting. Welcome to US corporate media!

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