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Updated: Mar 17, 2021

I believe it's not others right's to impose such beliefs on people - especially children, just because they may not act or be a certain way. We shouldn't "try" to enforce gender and stereotypes on anyone in my opinion. This focus on sex...especially imposed on children, is what is unhealthy in my opinion. The lack of perspective. "I'm right, you're wrong" attitude - for example, the schools in Palestine from some videos I watched and my sister's husband who is from there, there is segregation in schools between boys and girls and this, from what I understand, seems to result in a better education with less focus on popularity, competition for popularity (and looks - being pretty etc.), less jealousy, etc. and more solidarity. Also respect for teachers and elders, more freedom for teachers, more discipline - though it's a whole different communitty as a whole where teachers have a pretty high role in society and are very, you know, "public"/figureheads.

I don't know why so many people go to college and why we have college programs on the issue when the basic introduction to sociology class takes on the issue and does a good job in my opinion, leaving it at that...

Respect. Respect others, respect yourself, good. Let us not hate others but help them. No doubt LGBTQA+ people have high rates of suicide and problems, compassion and respect to them. Respect. But at the same time it seems that, our society, in general, is very conformist - even within "unconformist" groups - if you don't believe or behave in a certain way, your likely to not be accepted. Period. That's not very nice and/or accepting at all either. It's easy to give in to low desires and it can lead to bad paths. That is the truth. I believe anyway and i think it is pretty easy to see as well. How many people who party too hard etc. end up on the street, in jail, dead, or what have you? How many lives need be lost before truth prevails? We see it on the news and with celebrities all the time, stories come out, etc. People getting divorce's, losing the status and credentials, etc. etc. rendering their work bad or in spite of much good they did or achieved. "Be like water" - is not so good when thinking about not giving in to low desires etc. (like alcohol, etc.). It's a hard climb up out of the hole and easy to fall...

Yes, I know, I'm projecting my beliefs (and imposing my beliefs upon myself as well) onto you. It's impossible not to because that is who we are. When I go out into the world, I am me and you are you, we each have our beliefs and we project ourselves out in the world. Unbeliefs are beliefs as well. Freedom or religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the mind - the most important freedoms we have. This is Undisputable. Is the truth, is reality. "We create and recreate ourselves, and our culture" - is one of the definitions of culture. Unless we all ceased to exist or have our minds/brains replaced with something other than us, we are us. Putting a question of sexual misrepresentation then into someone else's mind and brain is thus - dangerous and disrespectful. Calling other's "gay" is a form of violence - even labels in a way are a form of violence and mind conformities because of the images the brain forms of what "gay" and that image that is formed in our brains via society and the media connotates is.

Trying to change this image or outlook and/or forcing it- onto society - even on LGBTQA+ people has its own effects. Maybe it is natural evolution of capitalism and a free society (as I've said before about other topics) going more and more away from religion. it's a bit much though yes? I think anyway. Why can't we just respect people as people?

Especially respect and care for our children/youth! There are differences between sexes. It's okay. There are difference in skin color. It's okay. Putting labels on things often hurts (limiting thinking, because us as humans want to be accepted and liked by others). Thomas Sewell's thoughts on this kind of issue (such as Black Lives Matter, and Racism, can see blog post here) I definitely see a lot of truth in but also recognize reality : Environment. Sociology. Education. Culture. Trauma. Parenting/Family. Informal education/secondary socialization (the media, social media, friends, peers, etc., etc.).

(I myself am unsure of some of my ideas such as the Universal Basic Income being best or needed yet at this time (maybe in the near future) but I think it's a good idea (I'm not perfect, nor do I know that much about economics but am learning) and would create a better United States which in turn, is good for the World as a whole).

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