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Journey - Madness

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Regarding my last post: My mom after the 2020 journal post told me I should edit and delete out a lot of things in the post. I don't agree, but definitely can see her point (regarding politics and jobs in this country). Here is some of my thinking why: I don't believe much in deceit and lies. Much corruption and imperfection in our government stems from corruption and lies and it flows downhill into our systems. My story in K-12 school was just but an example of this (started not caring, negative thinking, but is in reality, just selfish and bad for one's self). Corruption or much imperfection and neglect - in our education system - In our capitalist system - In health and especially mental health - In our agricultural system.

It shows the character of my person (of not trying to deceive) a bit I believe. Yes, I am definitely not perfect. Nobody is. I forgive myself and others and just try to learn and move on from past mistakes (well, maybe not always so much in the past, but truly am trying harder now). I am strong, I am decently smart but don't always have perfect thinking, and maybe a bit stubborn and definitely not the most patient of people and self perceiving (maybe better than some, worse than others, I don't know, all is relative anyway).

I tell you what though, I would not lie in the faces to the American people. I don't believe in trying to deceive people in any way to get votes. It makes me mad even just hearing about how Hilary Clinton for example, was targeting black people/minorities in southern States in the 2016 Primaries against Bernie Sanders. I'm not sure how people fall for it. Believe in your self and your policies period. Don't try to change etc. just to get people's votes. Stand on firm footing. People can see through lies and inauthentic behavior. I know I couldn't bring myself to vote for her even against President Trump.

Full transparency is what I believe in and if you say something, you should at least try to adhere to your own values and principles. Right now, we have a outgoing president who lies straight in the faces of the American people (Covid-19 is a great example and his responses, when you and everyone knows the Federal government and especially the President of the United States receives the best of the best information, or at least he should). The incoming President (President Biden) saying on national T.V. (in the last debate) that he thinks that, especially cocaine, (why cocaine? because maybe your rich and have rich donors who like doing cocaine or something?! - When the cocaine trade and the cartel(s) result in so much death and destruction throughout the world) should have lower penalties. Think about that and the rich and all the millions and the support he gets (follow the money). All the allegations of receiving millions in gifts and all the years spent in government but only now caring about the climate and environment and all those trendy things. When, as a government elected official, he should be well researched on these huge types of issues 30 years ago. At least, maybe caring a bit more about these issues (climate change, black lives matter, economic inequality, healthcare, education, etc. but talking about climate specifically here) say in, 2010 or so. It appears sometimes he has early onset Alzheimer's disease though honestly and is getting help from a whole host of people on forming and developing his policies and plans as well. All my life, I'm only able to truly help myself (as with most common people in the United States). I mean come on, Mr. Biden, our incoming President, had numerous debates with possibly the worst president in the history of the United States and lost them all and almost lost the election. THIS IS THE BEST WE, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, still, the leader of the world and leader of the western world, have to offer? Seriously?

I'm tired of all the deception and lies. The slowness of change implemented at the Federal level. The spending on band-aids that don't fix the underlying problems in our society. Every one smart knows the laws, or "terms of agreement", or "the fine print" are truly what creates or underlines all spending and objectives, etc.

All this headline news of ours and hardly mention of for instance, the Asia Pacific Trade Deal. Or for example, the details in the $740 billion defense bill. The analysis of proposed budgets and tax brackets and ramifications of things. We're spending $740 billion on defense and only 13 senators voted against it, higher than the combined total of the next top 10 highest spending countries in the world, when the U.S. is over $25 trillion dollars in debt.

It is what it is. That's why I've made this page. Fed up with the system(s). I don't know if I'll ever run for an elected federal position anyway. I don't even know if I would want to interact with some such people in elected positions at the moment. They make me sick.

I'm not perfect, and definitely have made many mistakes. As I said I "found God (swt)". Islam specifically. It's teachings I feel are very helpful and has given me new insight. Things do matter - right and wrong. Taking care of your self and your mind (no drinking or drugs). Doing good for yourself and building up your self esteem (having rules and guidelines and actually following through on things) so you can better help others and your family and the greater world. I see no contradictions in it. It is perfect and non-contradictory. A help and a guide for us little humans in this life. The Most High (swt) knows all, and the Truth will always prevail, sooner or later. Forgiveness, love, and goodness can prevail and overcome. We must use our minds and learn and try to be more perfect. What world do we want to live in? What is the end goal of capitalism/humanity? Does it not include spiritual as well as technological or scientific enlightenment and advancement? How would aliens observing our planet and species look at us? The violence and oppression within our own race and the domination and pillaging of our own planet?

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