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Narcissism - Apathy. Change.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Will take and affect everyone honestly. Real, big sweeping changes to society...

Is good:

Some good videos:


This is pretty interesting:

I agree with a lot of what he has to say but do believe in climate change as the biggest issue humanity has ever faced and the sharing economy - that is, the circular economy as the way forward. That though yes, climate change is a huge issue, it's related to nature and the environment. It all works together. Is one big system. We need a myriad of actions that help the environment period. It is, in my opinion, a bit too right-wing conspiracy theorist not wrong in that the WAYS in which democracy and the world go forward, is hugely important. I'm not against really owning nothing and being happy - that is, if I can truly be happy. I don't think people will be happy sitting around doing nothing and not having much of any freedom or opportunities - of course that breeds a sick addiction society. But nor are the current ways very good - for the planet and even just for the lower class normal American (or lower) in the current society.

-> a Great Reset/Revolution is probably needed and would be good.

We definitely can't keep polluting the planet. Technology can help. Starting to learn Python...need to build my future and try to do good. Just keep trying and working...I don't know all though, can only hope it turns out good and to do good in my life...

It is a very interesting point in human history and to be alive at this point in time, that's for sure. When I was born, hardly anyone had a is really crazy the amount of change that's happened and the "collective conscious" or knowledge base and knowledge we have in the world today; and I really don't like the globalization and a lot of the effects of it on people and culture and society. Though honestly, and but, also feel like we need the collective intelligence to be very high, so high really these days, because of the pace that capitalism has worked at and changed and/or polluted I should say really on this particular effect that capitalism has had that I am addressing at the moment...the world...causing such climate change and emissions as it's had, and everything that has come with that (destruction of forests, pollution of the ocean, etc., etc.). What is there to do, or what better way to deal with it than human ingenious and work? And computers can be very helpful...there basically just dumb processors - number crunchers that are very good and useful at what they do, with perfect memory/storage.



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