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I say/think that a lot of things in the video, point to a Divine and Super intelligent Creator. His consciousness upholds in a way, all of his creation and it is only through him that we experience reality (consciousness) and have free will.

Water is amazing. Waterworld! - Wouldn't want to live on any other planet, just wish we would do better unto it and each other.

I like Snowden. A true American hero (imo, him and Julian Assange).

Other cool vids:

Be nice to have a space elevator to launch some of our junk like nuclear waste etc. out into space. Maybe towards the sun so it'll just burn up, but would it break down into then? Now that's an interesting question. Would that constitute bad karma for us on planet earth?

Be careful about taking medicine, is best probably not too take much of anything IMO. Not talking about vaccines and conspiracy, just everything really is not always all it appears and is talked up to be.

News things:


Sweet motivational video:


Interviewed for a job as a water plant operator in a small town. I feel it isn't the greatest and up to my full capabilities (regrets in life) but I have messed up a lot and have to face reality (my financial situation, the world situation - money isn't everything). It's not all bad (sounds pretty decent actually and is an important job, love water), things could be worse nor is it the end.

Pretty decent video about money, which I'm very stubborn a bit on. - Seemingly "blackened" a bit by the wrongs in this world imprinting a negative view of people (and money) sometimes because of this world's obsession with it and how we/one can view money and work. Gotta gotta have it but at the same time, what is what...

I make a lot of excuses and also do have a bit of an old school mentality when it comes to making money and personal responsibility. I signed up for and paid $1400 for this online affiliate marketing role but have yet to really even now dive into it. I convinced myself to buy it and try it in the first place but had a feeling and still do that I don't want to be sitting at a computer trying to sell stuff to people SO I can make money. That this is not right. Though I'm don't have a problem with people who do that work and I don't know much about how hard it is to do or anything...I see that potential time pursuing that as selfish and not really doing much good for anyone and society. Now though, I sometimes have regrets that I didn't at least try it out some more but then, I think about all the things I have been doing and learning and it balances it out a bit.

I have some thoughts about making more YouTube videos or a podcast but I make excuses : I have a speech impediment, my voice sucks, etc. I'm not an expert at any particular thing. But I do like creating, a lot actually, and learning (constantly).

...Honestly the job doesn't sound bad at all. Is just not the highest paying or maybe not up to my full potential (or so I think and I am being honest with myself). I could go get a masters degree and I may yet pursue that. Is only 10 hr. days, 4 days a week. During the pandemic, working at FedEx, getting a fixed daily rate, I worked often times 13-14 hours plus having like a 40-45 minute drive. Starting out making $130/day. Worked 96 hrs. one week (often worked 80+ hours/week in Afghanistan if you count everything, but not much else to do anyway). All my stock investments crashed so hard yet if I would have held on (to them) or worked more while going to school (when I was bad and messing up) I wouldn't have been in that/this situation. Is a lot about...the situation and the nature of the work and how you respond and how you're treated or how you feel you are being treated.

...Honesty, people in Afghanistan have it WAY harder than we do. Honestly, we're so blessed and I'm so blessed and have a ton of new found knowledge and wisdom to try to implement every day.


Looking/downloaded a bunch of circular economy scientific articles yesterday. Cool/interesting idea I came up with:


Maybe make like an academic article proposing my ideas of integrating a new economic model, the Circular Economy, blockchain (social singularity ideas integrated/integration??). Etc.

Interesting article, but only have the abstract:



Circular economy


Social responsibility

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0, Cleaner Production and Circular Economy: An Agenda for Ethical Business Development

Edited by Sunil Luthra, Sachin Kumar Mangla, Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, Don Huisingh

Last update 26 March 2021

The Cleaner Production approach, as defined by the United Nations Environmental Program, is a business strategy, which aims to contribute to sustainable development by means of improved production efficiency, environmental management, and sustainable societal development. Additionally, CP encompasses improved product/service design, better process monitoring, improved worker health and safety, all of which are integral to the goals of sustainable societies. Thus, CP approaches are key to making progress toward more sustainable business models embedded in Circular Economies, based upon sustainable production and consumption. Industry 4.0, introduced by the German federal government in 2011, is understood as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, which focuses on industrial value creation and on providing positive steps toward enhanced corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Industry 4.0 is primarily driven by smart, internet supported concepts and approaches such as cloud computing, big data analytics, internet of things, robotics, smart networks, and distributed manufacturing. These approaches provide means to inter-connect equipment, networks, economics, environment, people and ethics to reduce waste and to improve production/operational efficiency. Industrial managers and scholars require results of rigorous research to show the benefits of adoption of Industry 4.0 concepts and approaches for helping them to be economically, ecologically and ethically responsible corporate players in the needed changes to achieve true sustainable societies locally,


Read some more of the "Social Singularity" - mostly about his take on education - and though I agree with some of it, I also disagree with quite a lot as well because I do believe more I guess/suppose in social development of the individual (kind of like in a previous blog post, the video about free speech and censorship). Also it leaves out the developmentally or behaviorally challenged kids (and/or "special education") and services for them and their development - his proposal doesn't really take that into account. My cousin is an occupational therapist who goes around to 5 different schools helping kids in a lot of different ways.

The State/Fed. government isn't all bad nor does it have to be bad or this way or that way. Propoganda! Develop your own ideas, and see what happens. It's pretty sweet. You get to learning a lot - making connections between ideas and things, building upon your creation (building blocks) and sometimes having to go back and change this thing or that to a degree (refining), or coming up with something else in light of new found knowledge/perspective. That's real learning.

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