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Watch Where You're Headed

Watch where you go...

Still believe the Western misinformative narratives about the War in Ukraine and the media (Pentagon/State approved) lies about all that is happening in regards to the war and the geopolitics etc. surrounding it?

It's a facade:

One can look at my blog posts from Feb (post titled "mad" specifically) til now. :


This! (is further expounded upon in Michael Hudson's book "Superimperialism"): Wall Street Probably HATES Michael Hudson...

-> Amazing: Michael Hudson: A New Bipolar World. US finance capitalism vs. China's mixed public/ private economy - Helle Panke


“The Patriots scared the Hell out of us,” (62 systems were deployed to Iraq) one F-16 pilot remarked. As Army missiles downed many allied planes. Fliers did their best to avoid the trigger-happy Patriot batteries—and in one case an Air Force pilot actually fired on a Patriot crew. U.S. Air Force pilots quickly lost patience with the Army missileers. One day after they shot down a British Tornado an F-16 pilot was flying over An Najaf in Iraq when a Patriot radar zeroed in on him. The flier fired a HARM anti-radar missile that destroyed the Patriot’s sensor dish but, luckily, did not harm the Army crew. In all, Patriots batteries shot down zero enemy planes while downing 9 US and British planes killing 5 pilots.

Let's clarify and this is directly from the US Army: Patriot systems require three MOS (military occupational specialties): MOS 14H Air Defense Enhanced Early Warning System Operator, 14T Patriot Launching Station Enhanced Operator/Maintainer, and 14E Patriot Fire Control Enhanced Operator/Maintainer. Patriot MOS 14E is a 20-week long AIT (Advanced Individual Training) course. Want to know why it's so long: Training for the ECS, phased array radar, antennae mast group (AMG) for communications, and the electric power plant (EPP). Here's the kicker. MOS 14E requires an ASVAB (IQ test) score of 104 compared with 100-110 for Spec Ops. You only need 31 for the Army and it's about an IQ of 86+ (any IQ below 86 is untrainable). The ASVAB is correlated 0.8 to IQ. In other words, IQ likely 120+. The average IQ of Ukraine is 97 which means about two standard deviations or about the 90% percentile or higher for IQ. As I've mentioned it's likely PMC (private military contractors) who will be operating and servicing the Patriots. Don't feel sorry, the going rate is $2000 USD/day and would be substantially higher for Patriot crew and technicians.

Another "game changer"

Ukraine troops will have plenty of time now to become proficient at the Patriot system. Everything will be fine; United States just approved another 45 billion dollars for Ukraine. For a moment I was worried the United States would stop pouring money into a bottomless pit of an endless war.

First! lol. Seriously though, this whole conflict could've been avoided but I'm glad it happened as this world needs to get from under the thumb of the Overlords.


Looks good have not watched:

Look good haven't watched:

--------- Hey. This is actually...(Exit the matrix. Exit the matrix (of the West). - Think for Yourself, Use Your Brain, Be Humble Do Good). (Hey this is actually, - professionals, smart and good people and men (maybe it does work differently there uh?), not just uh..."actors" or people being used because they fit the bill or whatever (politicians). - You know, most of the world doesn't have it so well off and aren't so liberal -> values, integrity, respect - nor are they religiously "morally degenerate" (have all the same values that the U.S. or the West would like them to have, thank goodness - of course, most of the populace of the world consists of good people just trying to make it and survive and we are taught and brought up, the society where we are brought up in) - we're all humans here...

Vladimir Putin Addresses the Russian Defense Ministry Board Dec 21, 2022 - English Subtitles Michael Rossi Poli Sci • 2.2K views Support me and my work on Patreon - Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu address the Russian Defense Ministry..

- A good article - Dmitry Trenin: Post-Soviet Russia is dead, but what will replace the West as the country's primary inspiration? Entering a new period of turbulence in 2022, Russia will change beyond recognition, but we have yet to know precisely how...

This CONFIRMS everything we thought Redacted 164K views Ukrainian President Zelensky's speech to the U.S. shows us exactly how much propaganda is needed to drag this war out. When he said that the war would continue until the bitter end, he received...


Didn't watch (too much, too much):

Redacted 156K views

The Washington Post is reporting that there is “no conclusive evidence” that “Russia was behind the Nord Stream attack.” But they're the same newspaper that suggested that Russian President...

This is how they will CONTROL all of us, new lockdowns announced | Redacted with Clayton Morris Redacted 707K views The WEF plan to take control over our cities and limit our movement is unfolding. The '15 Minute City' plan laid out by the Wolrd Economic Forum is launching in England under a new pilot program....

I'm not a Shia but I have hearing and a heart - some good advice I may needed to hear; "Lead with your heart, not your mind": Don't Look For Sympathy In Your Tyranny When You're Not Caring Now | Sufi Meditation Center The Muhammadan Way Sufi Realities • 2.8K views Don’t let the sacrifice of Imam Hussain (as) and the Holy Family in the events of Karbala be forgotten, share this reality! Talk Chapters : 00:00 The immensity of the reach If everyone shares...

Watched some: INTERVIEW: Organised crime, intel, government and media merged, resulting in the #JFK killing George Galloway • 8.5K views "INTERVIEW: It was an example of something that changed the world, says #Lionel, the assassination of #JFK. If hundreds of people had smartphones then would it have made any difference to the...

Prepper-type inciteful (stirring up emotions to cause a reaction - action) video:

Looks much the same as the full speech from the Michael Rossi Sci Translation video above but what is that about creating a group to fight Sweden and Finland - probably need to find out:

Moscow Will Create a new group of troops in the north west of Russia to fight Sweden and Finland True inFo • 14K views Moscow Will Create a new group of troops in the north west of Russia to fight Sweden and Finland

Massive UK Moderna partnership Dr. John Campbell 51K views UK cements 10-year-partnership with Moderna in major boost for vaccines and research



Why You Should Be A Socialist In 2023 Second Thought 21K views Happy New Year! You've probably heard a lot of talk about socialism becoming more popular over the past few years. There's a reason for that! The capitalist system has shown itself to be incapable...

Cool/good quotes:

"My name is JT and I make videos about politics and culture from a socialist perspective.

0:36 I don’t want this to sound like a politician’s speech so this video’s going to be pretty

0:41 direct.

0:42 Many of the biggest problems in your life are either caused or worsened by capitalism.]]

0:47 And the truth is there are ways to solve these problems.

0:50 Another world, not just radically different, but better, is actually possible.

0:55 We’ve only experienced capitalism for a few hundred years at most.

0:59 So it’s not utopian to think the world could change and become a better place, and it’s

1:04 not being bitter or ungrateful to critique it in its present state.

1:07 It’s normal.

Things are bad, we know why, and we can fix them.

1:13 Capitalism has had its time in the sun, and someday it will end.

1:16 And it should.

1:18 Just as humanity progressed from feudalism to capitalism, so too will we move on from

1:23 capitalism to socialism.

1:25 [[Our whole purpose, when you really boil it down, is to leave a better future for our

1:30 children - and handing them down a broken, rapidly imploding capitalism isn’t going

1:34 to achieve that.

1:35 So let’s take a quick look at what’s wrong with capitalism, and why it’s time to accept

1:39 that we should move on.]]



As Albert Einstein wrote in his essay “Why Socialism?”

4:06 capitalism is trapping us in the predatory phase of development, and preventing us from

4:10 transitioning into the collaborative phase of human progress.

4:13 While capitalism has certainly improved many aspects of human life compared to what it

4:17 used to be like under feudalism, it has done so on the terms of exploitation, coercion

4:22 by an unaccountable few, and the total destruction of our ecosystems.

4:28 Capitalism is an improvement, yes, for some, but a deeply contestable one.

4:33 And we desperately need to get out of it.

4:36 Because what Einstein could not imagine back when he wrote his case for socialism in 1949

4:41 is how much worse and even more predatory capitalism would become in the following 70

4:46 years.

4:47 Nowadays, 45% of all the new wealth created goes directly to the top 1% of the population.



[[Okay, for a lot of you that was probably pretty frustrating.

9:00 I can hear you saying “well yeah it sucks, but how else would a business function?

9:04 It’s just common sense that it has to be this way or the economy wouldn’t work.”

9:08 And that right there is the point - it’s not that the economy wouldn’t work, it’s

9:13 that a capitalist economy wouldn’t work.

9:16 So what about socialism?]]

9:19 Socialists have a different perspective on how to organize society.

9:22 To summarize, capitalists and capitalism’s advocates believe that society is best served

9:27 by a market-based economy, coupled with a society divided into two classes, one that

9:32 owns and controls the productive enterprises and seeks profit, and one that does not own

9:37 this form of property and therefore needs to sell its labor for a wage.

9:41 Ultimately, fans of capitalism believe this leads to the greatest possible good because,

9:46 in their opinion, markets, even when they’re “imperfect,” are better at making decisions

9:51 than democracy is.

9:53 Socialists disagree.

9:54 We know that markets follow the money, not the collective good.

9:58 And it’s not hard to see how a society with such staggering inequality might interpret

10:02 that fact.

10:03 We know there’s no such thing as a perfect market, or a perfectly rational consumer.

10:08 We know that, given enough time, competition always means monopolies, and we know that

10:13 even if none of this were true, the whole capitalist system would still be built on

10:17 a small group of unelected people having more power than the vast majority of the population

10:22 and using it to enrich themselves.

10:25 [[So what do socialists propose instead?

10:28 Well first let me just take one second to clarify a few things we do not propose, because

10:33 I get these comments every week.

10:35 We do not call for a state-mandated all gray wardrobe, or for every person to have exactly

10:40 the same amount of stuff, that’s a very misguided notion of what socialism is about.

10:45 When we use words like “equality,” we’re not talking about forcing sameness in every

10:49 regard, we’re talking about making sure that everyone is afforded the same baseline

10:53 standard of living - that’s it.

10:55 It’s not a cap, it’s a basic guarantee.

10:59 Individuality, personal expression, the drive to do or become more - none of that will change,

11:04 that’s the best part of being human and socialists are all about it.

11:08 Now, let’s talk specifics.]]

11:10 A guaranteed standard of living.

11:13 What does that mean?

11:15 Universally free, or at the very least universally accessible, housing, education, food, water,

11:21 and healthcare for all.

11:22 The right to a life of dignity and basic security because those things are well within our means

11:28 by every measure available.

11:29 There’s too much food going to waste, too many empty houses, too much stuff being destroyed

11:35 to artificially inflate its cost, and too many people making a profit by hoarding our

11:40 basic needs.

11:42 Socialists are tired of people being pushed into grueling, punishing, or demeaning jobs

11:46 by being threatened with eviction, starvation, or death by disease.

11:50 [[Thanks to modern technology, humanity has greater material prosperity than ever before.

11:56 Why are we so intent on wasting it by keeping it locked away?

11:59 It’s not hard to imagine a world that works on positive incentives instead of negative

12:04 ones.



The knowledge that your livelihood is secure is a way better incentive to try new things

12:09 than the threat of losing everything.]]

12:11 The second thing socialists propose is democratic control over the means of production.

12:16 Large companies, factories, farms, whatever, basically an economy run democratically and

12:22 not in the search of profit.

12:24 This can take many forms, be it a centrally planned economy, a network of autonomous communes,

12:29 maybe a socialist market system even, it’s not clear what option or combination of options

12:34 will work best for different parts of the world.

12:37 What is clear is that they would all work better.

12:41 Workplaces would be run either without a boss or with one elected by the workers, and the

12:45 products of this economy would be geared towards satisfying the needs and wants of society

12:50 without having to be profitable to do so.

12:52 In other words, it’s an economy run without that artificial barrier imposed by a privileged

12:57 group taking a cut off the top.

12:59 [[If you’re having a hard time imagining what a democratic workplace would look like,

13:03 just think about your current job.

13:04 I’ll take retail as a common example.

13:07 I used to work at Best Buy as a camera expert.

13:09 My job, on paper, was to help customers pick out the camera that would best suit their

13:13 needs.

13:14 In reality, management just wanted me to upsell people on more expensive gear.]]

13:19 To make a long story short, the camera department is kind of detached from Best Buy proper - we

13:23 technically reported to the respective brands, and we didn’t have a brand manager there

13:27 most of the time.

13:29 When left to our own devices, the camera department had the lowest rate of product returns in

13:34 the store by far - because we decided amongst ourselves how best to meet the customer’s

13:39 needs.

13:40 When corporate started pressing us for higher profits and the GM started forcing us to upsell,

13:44 the return rate skyrocketed, actual profits shrank, and the department got all kinds of

13:50 negative reviews.

13:51 In this scenario, and countless others across the labor landscape, the workers know how

13:56 best to do their jobs, and meddling from an unelected manager only makes things worse.

14:02 Democracy in the workplace increases efficiency and morale and reduces waste.

14:07 It’s a no brainer.

14:08 [[Anyway, these are some basic propositions socialists have for how to change the world

14:12 for the better, but we’ll be the first to admit that they have their limitations.

14:16 For example, some amount of inequality will still exist in this society, almost inevitably,

14:21 be it in the political, social, or the economic sphere.]]

14:25 Things can always be more egalitarian, and there’s no doubt that with the proper institutions

14:30 and societal commitment to egalitarianism, socialism will tend towards that goal.

14:34 But it won’t ever be ideal, only consistently improving.

14:39 Some people will be more popular, find self-serving exploits, or may still make 5 times as much

14:44 as someone else.

14:45 But, not only will this be more strongly resisted by a society that is democratic through and

14:50 through, instead of democratic in politics and hierarchical in the economy, a 5 times

14:55 difference in compensation is hardly anything compared to the 350 times higher income of

15:00 an average CEO or the million times higher income of the world’s multi-billionaires

15:05 we have today.

15:06 Equality will undoubtedly make massive strides under a socialist system.

15:11 [[And this does not come at the cost of freedom.

15:14 A century of red-scare rhetoric has welded the word socialism to the idea of unfreedom

15:18 in most people's minds, but that is not a feature of socialist thought or practice.

15:23 Socialists only care to abolish one freedom that exists in our current society which is

15:27 the freedom to exploit others, or in other words, the freedom to take it away from someone

15:32 else.]]

15:34 Everything else, all the freedoms that make life worth living, those aren’t going anywhere.

15:39 On the contrary, with the boot of capitalism off your neck, you will be more able to enjoy

15:44 freedom in every sense of the word - personal, spiritual, economic, everything.


To quote Eugene Debs, one of the most famous American socialists,

“Socialism is merely

15:55 an extension of the ideal of democracy into the economic field” and “Socialism is

16:00 not so much a cut-and-dried program as it is a method by which industry is to be operated.

16:05 It does not say what it will do or what you shall do, but only that the people, the workers

16:11 and producers, shall be master of themselves.”

16:14 [[And you know what?

16:16 Things won’t be perfect.

16:17 They never are.

16:19 Socialism will come with new problems, many of which we’ve probably never even thought

16:22 of, but it will also come with a better way to solve them.]]

16:26 Today when we face a problem, something important like climate change for example, our solutions

16:32 not only need to be filtered by what will either be most profitable or, at best, hurt

16:37 profits the least, but also the actual decisions over what solutions we do adopt are ultimately

16:42 made by industries kept out of democratic control.

16:46 Under capitalism, no government, no scientific board, no body of citizens really has the

16:51 power to step to the fossil fuel industry.

16:54 Under socialism, under a democratic economy, a climate-change-level decision may still

16:59 be incredibly hard to make, but most people care more about still having a planet to live

17:04 on than making the numbers on the screen go up every year, and this way, they’ll actually

17:09 have the power to make that decision a reality.

17:12 That is what socialists offer.

17:13 A more dignified life and the democratization of power.

17:17 And the only thing it will cost us is giving up on the outdated idea that there is always

17:22 a profit-driven solution to our problems.

17:24 There isn’t, and we can do better.


Unstoppable Rise of Islam in Unexpected Places The CJ Werleman Show • 117K views Please help me counter injustices in Muslim world by supporting my journalism and CJWS on Patreon here: or via YouTube here:


- EU sanctions on Russia have reached their limit – commissioner

The energy embargo was the main punitive option that Brussels had, says Virginijus Sinkevicius


May Allah Azzawajaze forgive us as we forgive others. Have a happy holidays :).

You have to understand, the reality of "one only has the power to control themselves". Thank God :) .

"You are rich, when you are content and happy with what you have." Al Hamdu lillah - I have so much. God bless ~


12.24.2022: Just uh, wanting I guess to look for words and comments from people calling for sanity and peace in regards to the Ukraine War and in general, for U.S. imperialism to step down it's aggressiveness towards China, Russia. - Probably coming from my own weakness and self-doubt about my own ability to talk etc. and negative attacks etc. on myself from others. On the inside, I know it would be cool to stand, but I also know or think (maybe its an excuse) that I need to get better, deeper, more knowledgeable and developed about my own economic point of view (Capitalism, Islamic Economics, Marxism) (or simply put, economic knowledge, because I obviously am not - or at a level to express myself well and to even know in my mind firmly...(one can kind of come to their own conclusions forthwith about this from that point onward...).

Doubt. Worry. -> The self etc. - Not good.

Action needs to be taken. That's the truth (the truth about the Ukraine war and this situation (past and present) in/of America and the world). People need to stand. --- Peace!

Some notes from my notebook: From the book "Occidentalism: The West in the eyes of its enemies" Ch. 3 around 23 to 30 minutes. - That faith understanding, quite good, Quite helpful. Prioritizes (in thought - philosphy) putting the human will above being rational - trying to weigh pros and cons etc.

"Prudent" which = mediocrity. "Cowardly West". "Reasonableness is the epitomy of the non-heroic mind. Excuriated not just by Russiaphiles like Keuweeyaskee (sp? spelling? - tried to look him up - it may be that it's actually Kerensky ->) but by many anti-liberal thinkers".

"Stability as dullness and foresight as seeking an uninspiring sheltered life" (27:49) Saw Aristotle's golden rule as seeking the avg. which is another rule...(26:40) -"Reasonableness says ____ is nothing but the striving for the better within the circle of the commonplace. Reasonableness is timid prudence, an appeal for intense mediocracy based on trite conventional wisdom; the opposite of true wisdom. It is the fear of being original less one is perceived as being an extremeist, the worst thing one can be in the cowardly West. Reasonableness is the epitomy of the non-heroic mind..."



----- Kerensky seems like a good guy - socialist, political leader, overthrown by the Bolsheviks, fled to the U.S. - Political spectrums (socialism, capitalism, complex complex)

Interesting disccussion in the comments (of coujrse it doesn't exceed AFG or Vietnam): - yes, I was surprised as well about Sach's role in the "shock therapy" doctrines towards Russia as well - explains things about his knowledge - Good guy -

> -------- >

Henry L. Stimson Lectures on World Affairs. John J. Mearsheimer, R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science and the co-director of the Program on International...

West opposes rest of world in UN votes for fairer economic system, equality, sustainable development Multipolarista • 10K views The West opposed the rest of a planet in United Nations General Assembly votes that called for a new international economic order based on sovereign equality, sustainable development, and biologica...

My guest today is Prof Dave Pruett, former NASA researcher; award-winning computational scientist; emeritus professor of applied mathematics at James Madison University (JMU); the originator...



when we begin

0:58 by reminding

1:00 the truth

1:02 cannot be secular

1:05 truth cannot be relative

1:09 truth has to be absolute

1:11 truth has to be Universal

1:15 truth was there in the world before

1:17 we were born before the United States

1:20 was born before Britain was born

1:24 and truth will continue to remain in the

1:26 world long after the sun has set for the

1:30 United States and Britain



see the truth for us is in the Quran

1:37 for you it may be Elsewhere for us it's

1:40 in the Quran

1:42 but absolute truth must explain reality

1:47 absolute truth must explain the reality

1:51 of the world today as well as yesterday

1:54 and allow us to anticipate tomorrow that

1:58 is if you have truth with you


The holy Quran:

On the Day their tongues, their hands and their legs will testify against them of what they used to do. - 24:24. The Day on which their own tongues, hands and feet will speak against them and will testify against their crimes, they will be punished precisely according to the crimes they had committed.



i got this in a email...

its got ayahs telling us how parts of our body will beat witness againist us

"That Day shall We set a seal on their mouths. But their hands will speak to us, and their feet bear witness, to all that they did.

[Surah Yaseen v65]

"On the Day when their tongues, their hands, and their feet will bear witness against them as to their actions."

[Surah Nur v24]

"On the Day that the enemies of Allah will be gathered together to the Fire, they will be marched in ranks.

At length, when they reach the (Fire), their hearing, their sight, and their skins will bear witness against them, as to (all) their deeds.

They will say to their skins: "Why bear ye witness against us?" They will say: "(Allah) hath given us speech,- (He) Who giveth speech to everything: He created you for the first time, and unto Him were ye to return.

"Ye did not seek to hide yourselves, lest your hearing, your sight, and your skins should bear witness against you! But ye did think that Allah knew not many of the things that ye used to do!

"But this thought of yours which ye did entertain concerning your Lord, hath brought you to destruction, and (now) have ye become of those utterly lost!"

[Surah Fussilat]

"On the Day when every soul will be confronted with all the good it has done, and all the evil it has done, it will wish there were a great distance between it and its evil. But Allah cautions you (To remember) Himself. And Allah is full of kindness to those that serve Him."

[Surah Al Imraan v31]

"And the Earth will shine with the Glory of its Lord: the Record (of Deeds) will be placed (open); the prophets and the witnesses will be brought forward and a just decision pronounced between them; and they will not be wronged (in the least)."

[Az Zumar v69]

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